Eucerin Hyaluron-Filler Range Review


Eucerin has recently launched their latest product – the Hyaluron-Filler Overnight Treatment, a 2-in-1 daily peeling and anti-wrinkle treatment for on-the-go, time-starved individuals like myself. They very kindly sent me a kit of the whole Hyaluron-Filler Range, and I have been trying these products out for over three weeks to give you all an authentic review. So read on to find out my thoughts on Eucerin and their products (:


The Hyaluron Filler Overnight Treatment is actually made out of two components – the AHA concentrate, and the Hyaluron Serum.


On the left is the AHA concentrate is a combination of AHA and PHA that gently removes dead skin cells, brightening dull skin and promoting skin renewal while you sleep through the night so that you can wake up to brighter, smoother skin!

On the right is the Hyaluron Serum is a filling gel serum that targets wrinkles and provides intense moisture for anti-aging purposes.


Since getting an office job and sleeping with air-con every night, my skin has become rather dry and sensitive. I find that certain products that used to work for me now cause my skin to break out and get really oily. Hence, I have been switching up my skincare a bit, and I was really excited to try these new products!

After washing my face with my usual cleanser, I have been diligently applying this overnight treatment every night before layering it up with my Hyaluron-filler night cream. All of their products have a light, neutral scent that’s not overpowering or heavy, so I really like it. And don’t worry, all products are non-comedogenic, so your skin can soak up all the moisture without getting your pores clogged!

Clogged pores is one of my major concerns, because I already put on a full face of makeup every day, and I don’t need my skincare to clog my pores up even more. So I am really pleased that the treatment really makes my skin smooth and I’m happy to report that my pores seem pretty happy too.

Typically, when I get my period I ALWAYS break out like crazy in my chin area, and get weird random spots here and there as well. However, with Eucerin which I have been using for nearly a month, I did not develop any major breakouts before and during my period. I still have a few zits because I’m totally honest here, but those big angry ones are gone so I am really really happy about that.

Not only does it seem effective in preventing my hormonal acne, when I wake up, my face is still moist the next morning! I wake up feeling my face nice and soft, and that’s really great because I don’t have to worry about my air conditioner drying my skin out!

A thing that I have to say here is that when I first tried these new products, my skin felt a tiny sting, and there was some redness. However, I think that it is mostly because my skin was more sensitive, and does not take well when reacting to new products. Since I wasn’t sure whether it was because of the products that was causing this or was it my skin, job stress, lack of sleep, my junk food binge aka normal millennial problems, I continued using the products. After about three days, the sting and redness faded when I applied the product. Now, I have been using them for more than three weeks, and my skin is feeling and looking healthier than ever, so I’m glad I gave these dermatologist-recommended products a real chance!

I’ve just applied the day cream as I am writing this (;


The treatment has become a staple in my daily night time skincare routine.


After a month, my skin definitely looks a lot brighter and smoother, thanks to Eucerin!


Thank you Eucerin for introducing new staples into my skincare routine!


Note: Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.

Hair By La Source – Luscious, Designer Hair

Hi lovelies!

La source hair salon

Today I’m going to be talking a bit about my wonderful hair experience with La Source Spa! My fabulous hair stylist Angie invited me for a hair makeover and managed to do yet another hair masterpiece on me again! I’m so pleased with the results and that’s why I’m sharing more with you guys here.

LASOURCE (1 of 1)

Hair by La Source prides themselves on providing customers with luxurious, healthy hair without any harsh chemicals! They’re also committed to creating customised master class hair treatments that nourish your hair from within, resulting in luscious locks and happy customers.

Hair by La Source is managed by La Source Spa, a well known award-winning luxury boutique spa in Singapore. La Source Spa offers a 360 degree concept to beauty and wellbeing, from various exclusive beauty to hair treatments.

LASOURCE (2 of 1)
LASOURCE (4 of 1)
LASOURCE (3 of 1)

Upon stepping in to the salon, the pretty and tranquil interior totally just uplifted my mood!


The receptionist was also quick to serve me a complimentary drink and fresh fruits!


I made my way down on a Sunday, and was served by Angie attentively. Also I’m really glad that they have four outlets at each seat so it’s easy for customers to charge their phones while waiting to get their hair done 🙂

I got my hair re-coloured in a gorgeous ash grey lavender balayage that is not only office appropriate but also satisfies the wild, creative side in me!

hair before

Dyed back in January, my hair had grown to become a dull brown that was in desperate need of a makeover. The ends were getting a bit frizzy and also needed trimming of the dead ends.


hair after 2

I have always opted for lighter hair colours because I didn’t really see myself with darker hair colours but Angie as usual surprised me with her work! I really think the balayage suits me nicely.

balayage la source

A close-up of the pretty lavender colour blending in nicely with the ash grey! My hair was expertly prelightened by Angie using a sombré technique, before doing a root retouch and colour melt to achieve this final look.

la source balayageLa source hair

I love the fact that in natural lighting, my hair appears more warm and soft while under indoor lighting, it’s darker and more cool!

La source hair and spa

I also love the fact that it looks both trendy yet subtle enough to wear to office!

hair after

Taken right outside the salon ~

My hair is naturally wavy, and I have worked hard over the last couple of years to try and maintain its natural waviness by adopting a wavy/curly hair routine. This is how my hair looks like when I roll out of bed after washing my hair the prior night. I usually sneakily walk out of the house and avoiding combing my hair because it will only make my hair poof out in a half-straight, half-curly way that just does my hair no justice.  I find that a lot of stylists don’t really understand how to deal with wavy/curly hair and simply write my hair off as dry, damaged and beyond frizzy. They expect my hair to have the same texture as dead straight hair, and that’s just not going to happen. It’s hard to find a good stylist! That’s why I’m sticking to my stylist Angie. She’s done my hair over the last three years and I find that not only does she know what she’s doing, she can also appreciate my hair LOL.

So that’s why I’m recommending La Source and Angie to you guys!

They’re currently having several promotions for June:


Hair colouring is now at $88 and they’ve just come up with a GSS promo consisting of treatment + bayalage highlightsat only $188! Definitely don’t miss out on this great offer!

La Source Spa
15 Scotts Road, #01-03/04 Thong Teck Building

+65 6732 1318
Facebook| Instagram | Website 


*Post sponsored by Hair by La Source. 

12.03.18 – Our ROM

ROM GM (1 of 6)

So, I got myself a husband.

As you can see from the photos, the nerd & I are now husband and wife.

We opted for a simple, fuss-free solemnisation ceremony at the ROM itself. Because we are in the process of getting our own house at the same time, not to mention me still job-hunting, I didn’t want to splurge on a private ceremony that would cost more and create more organising headaches.

I wanted to have it during the March holidays so the nerd could be relatively free from work, and have enough time to prepare. So we had to find a date that was ‘auspicious for marriage’ according to the Chinese calendar during that particular week. Thankfully, we managed to find it, 12 March 2018.

We then proceeded to book a ceremony slot online on ROM’s website about 3 months in advance and managed to get a good timing at 10.50 am as we planned to have a nice lunch with just both of our families.

After that, we had to go down on a prior date in order to sign some documents and basically legally confirm we are indeed getting married – we had to hold up our right hand and read some oath. The guy who briefed us during the signing turned out to be our solemnizer during our ceremony on the day itself. The time slot given to us was 9.30 – 10.30, so I think you can arrive any time within the slot given as the procedure was very quick and we got it settled within five minutes.


Queue number


Waiting for our number call to go in


Selfie while we were waiting (the wait was seriously a few minutes long only, they sure move fast!)


Sitting at the desk waiting for the papers to be ready. You have to bring copies of your ICs as well as those of your two witnesses and be prepared to sign quite a few documents.


This is the only photo I have of the ceremony courtesy of my mom’s old ass phone (my brother was busy filming). Had to slap on a b&w filter because it looked too grainy and horrendous otherwise. We brought our baby bunny and baby thumper to be our ring bearers; simply tied them together with an old lace ribbon and their ears held the rings in place.  They have a plate for your flowers so you don’t need to worry about holding it or passing it to someone else.

ROM GM (2 of 6)

ROM GM (5 of 6)

After the ceremony, we took photos with our families at the ROM office and wandered to the park area to snap some quick photos with a nicer background!


Married selfie 🙂

ROM GM (3 of 6)ROM GM (4 of 6)

Photos taken while we were waiting for our hotel buffet lunch at the Carlton Hotel. (There was a 4-for-3 buffet lunch credit card promotion, so we took the bait) Also, can you tell I was having one of THE worst periods ever, and that day I was feeling super bloated and crampy ):

My dress is from Intoxiquette, my shoes are from Aldo (ordered from Zalora),  my hair haphazardly twisted and pinned and makeup done by myself. My pearl necklace was given to me at the last minute by my cutie grandma and I wore it because it kind of completed the whole look!

Dress -$50
Shoes – $90

ROM GM (1 of 1)

Our wedding rings – We had them custom made. Since we didn’t have a photographer that day to take candid shots or closeups of inanimate objects, this photo was taken during our hot air balloon ride in Melbourne! We placed our order for our rings about a month before, and collected them a week before. My ring is a thin rose gold band and the bunny’s gem is a pink sapphire we ordered online. I initially wanted the band to be silver but I was advised that rose gold would suit the pink sapphire better, so I went ahead with that instead. I got the inspiration for my design from a picture online, and I thought it fit me perfectly. And yes, the nerd’s ring is also a rose gold band.


I went to get my nails done as well. I’ve never been one to do my nails, so it was quite an experience getting a gel mani for the first time. I requested for something pink and glittery to match my shoes! Other beauty treatments I went for included a facial at DRx clinic and eyelash extensions at Milly’s. Would recommend the facial but not the eyelash extensions. I booked almost all of these one-time treatments using Fave because your girl is broke af.

Nails – $19
Facial – $68
Eyelash – $98


My $90 flowers – I got a custom bouquet from my friend who runs The Bloom Edit, an online florist. They do very beautiful and affordable bouquets so do check them out! The service and experience was great, because she asked me what kind of look and feel I was looking, what my budget was etc and even informed me of the kind of flowers she used!  We picked the flowers up the evening before the ceremony and had to keep them in a vase in an air conditioned room as I had the hand bouquet instead of the regular wrapped ones.

ROM GM (6 of 6)

So glad to be married to this nerd. Love you forever.

I will also be updating stuff about my new house, and any wedding planning things along the way when I have the time.


L’Oréal X Balmain Color Riche Lipsticks Review

Loreal x Balmain 2

The L’Oréal x Balmain Color Riche Lipstick collection finally hit Singapore in end January and I snatched up a few of these gorgeous, limited edition babies before they ran out.

Watch the ad and tell me you don’t have goosebumps! I love that they tried to represent a variety of different skin tones, ethnicities and fashion styles. Together with the campaign tagline “United We are Invincible”, you can’t help but feel that this is a rallying call for some kick-ass girl power.

Loreal x Balmain 3

I am living for this concept behind this collaboration because it has so many bold and beautiful colours! Designed by Olivier Rousteing, the collection of 12 shades embody three different feminine identities – Safari (green marble packaging), Rock (blue marble packaging) and Couture (classic black and gold packaging).

Loreal x Balmain 4 I purchased 4 out of the 12 shades after trying them on at my local drugstore Watsons. For the true red shade, I had to cross the border and snag it at a mall in Johor because it was mostly sold out at the local outlets I managed to check.

Watsons display 1

When I tried to purchase them two weeks after they arrived in Singapore, the colours left were as can be expected more on the darker and bolder side. I have naturally darker lips and a medium tan skin tone, so I would not have picked up the lighter shades (mostly in the Classic collection) even if they were available anyway. If you are looking for lighter and warmer shades, you may be out of luck if you try in stores.



L to R – Power, Glamazone, Liberation, Domination

The lipsticks have sort of a slight sweet, floral scent when you open them. I suspect this may be due to the oils infused in the formula, as these remind me of the HERA creamy lipsticks I have tried in the past. The scent is pretty noticeable so if you don’t like scented makeup, you can skip this.

I love the bold shades that I purchased as they are really right up my alley and go really well with the kind of eye looks I like to do. Definitely will be getting a lot of wear out of these lipsticks.

Colour Riche Shine lipsticks are known for being very moisturising and creamy, and I can definitely say the same about these lipsticks! Even though they have a matte finish, it is still very creamy and not drying at all compared to matte lip stains and liquid lipsticks.  This is probably due to the fact that the lipsticks have been infused with camellia oil. So if you have very dry lips that always peel, you may want to consider these.

Because they are so creamy rich, I feel that the “most moisturising matte finish” still has a very minimal sheen to it so do be prepared if you are expecting a full no shine matte look.

The lipstick shades that I got were all on the darker side and all require multiple swatches for the colours to show up when I tried to swatch them on my wrists, especially so for the shade Liberation and Glamozone. This goes for actual application on lips as well – I had to go over my lips multiple times before I was satisfied with the coverage. Otherwise, if you only do one or two swatches, it can make the lipstick look quite sheer as compared to being an opaque matte –  so perhaps they shouldn’t have marketed them as matte lipsticks? I am quite confused because other matte lipsticks I have tried are definitely more opaque and pigmented.

However, I do feel that after going over my lips several times, the end product looks pretty good.

*I tested these without lip liner, so if you want to cover your lips better, do try using lip liners as recommended on the Loreal website.

Out of the four shades, I felt that the only one that was capable of lasting through meals was the red shade Domination. I tested all the lipsticks at least twice where I wore them out and went about my day, and only Domination withstood my Chinese New Year visitation snacking and eating. Even then, Domination required touch up after meals as only the outer part of the lipstick remained somewhat intact.

Do not expect the darker colours to stay on at all. Constant touch up is a must, but because they are so creamy, your lips do not look dry and cakey even after touch-ups, which is a saving grace.

I love the designs of the lipsticks – the gold tones really elevate the design. I like the fact that the Balmain brand is on the upper part of the lipstick case, and the Loreal brand is on the golden joint so it is still obviously a collab product with a very classy design. Aesthetics aside, I like that you have to fit the upper case to match with the lower case due to a clasp like design as I feel it’s more secure and has a lower chance of the cap running off and smearing you whole bag when carrying them out.

Priced at $28 each, these coutoure lipsticks are rather affordable, especially considering that it is a collaboration with a luxury fashion house. However, there is a premium as the normal Colour Riche Lipsticks are about $20.90 each. I have yet to test those out so I am unable to comment on the difference in quality, if any.

 Makeup Looks:

355 – Domination

From the Classic collection, Domination is a cool universal red that will likely look good on most skin tones.  A very safe shade to try out from this collection. I paired Domination with a peachy pink eye look perfect for CNY.

355 Domination 1

355 Domination 2

468 – Power

From the Rock collection, Power is a dark red-brown shade that turns out to quite intense upon application. If you prefer dark lips that are not too dark, this is the shade for you. I paired mine with a brown pink eye look.

468 Liberation 2

468 Liberation 1

648 – Glamazone

Glamazone from the Safari collection is a cool neutral brown shade perfect to pair with a smoky golden eye look.

648 Glamazone 1

648 Glamazone 2

650 – Liberation

From the Classic collection, Liberation is a dark, deep purple great for those with naturally darker lips like mine.  I used the same eye look as I feel this shade works great as well!

650 Power 1

650 Power 2


Overall, I find that for the price of the lipsticks, I can definitely get a better quality lipstick elsewhere. I do however love the whole concept and idea of the collaboration campaign. I would have still purchased them just because I am a bona fide makeup addict and they are not too shabby.

Have you tried out any lipsticks from this collection? Let me know in the comments your thoughts!



Kat Von D Saint & Sinner Eyeshadow Palette Review


You. guys.

I know I say this about almost every single product I review, but I LOOOVE this palette. I can’t help it – it’s so pretty!

For Christmas last year, I deliberately didn’t allow myself to actually purchase any Christmas edition palette or products. Zilch. It was torture. But I decided that I had enough makeup *gasps* Did I just say that?

I kid. I just wanted to wait for the discount after Christmas to swoop in on some great deals. That meant missing out on some products, but it did mean that I got to purchase this at 50% off. HALF PRICE. !!! I bought this in the first week of January and have been using it for about a month now.

I know, I know. This particular Kat Von D palette has been out for quite some time before I got my hands on it and guess what, since it’s limited edition, you pretty much can’t buy it anymore.

So why am I even doing this review?

Because I can, and this could potentially serve as a review for Kat Von D eyeshadows in general…? Who am I kidding – I just want to post some pretty pictures here hehe.

Also self pat on the back for buying a palette that does not only have neutral shades or warm bronze tones LOL.


A moment of appreciation for my holo backdrop please 

The palette is true to the brand with the gothic inspired packaging, and the bright bold eye colours are hallmarks of Kat Von D beauty. This palette is inspired by glass windows found in churches, and the layout of the colours mimics the colourful stained glass designs.

There are 24 colours in total, and each pocket contains 1g of eyeshadow. The colours are also named after religious motifs as well.

As you can see, the left side has more romantic and neutral shades aka “The Saint” and the right side has fun, bolder electric shades aka “The Sinner”.


The Saint side


The Sinner side

I am in love with the colour selection here – you can create so many different looks. This is definitely more of a novelty palette, but I appreciate that it has some neutral shades on the saint side so that you can tone it down if you wish.

I also like that it has a good mix of mattes, shimmery pearls and metallic shades, where you can mix the different textures together for a varied look. However, due to the layout, some may feel a little lost when it comes to matching colours for a look, even for people who use eyeshadow often. I do feel that this is more of a “no f*cks given” palette where you are encouraged to just pick whatever you want, and even mixing colours from both sides. You just have to dare to experiment!

After all, the palette doesn’t say Saint OR Sinner but Saint AND Sinner. Makeup has no hard and fast rules, do whatever you want!

Most of the eyeshadows are of fairly good quality, and are pretty pigmented. They have more of a powdery texture which have a higher potential for fallout, and most of the colours do show up easily within the first swatch. Of course, like every palette there are exceptions. Colours on the sinner side such as Sabbath (matte black), Exorcism (matte purple) and Exodus (shimmery lime yellow) are pretty thin and will take numerous swatches to show.

The two “top coats” Rapture and Absolution are meant to go over eyeshadows to give more glitter and shine, so they tend to be more sheer and really just glitter based.

With an eyeshadow primer, they last quite long and are definitely smudge-proof and crease-proof on a medium oily complexion. My eyelids get a little oily by the end of the day but these colours stayed popping which is commendable!

I feel that the eyeshadows are pretty easy to blend but some of the bolder metallic shades definitely work better when you wet your brushes and minimise fallout. It is easy to go overboard with the glitter, thus this may be a bit challenging for absolute beginners who want to try on glam looks.

Packaging is important. Trust me. It will affect how often you use the product!

The packaging, although very unique and beautiful, is pretty cumbersome. I can’t tell you how many times I have tried to use one of the side mirror in the palette and having the magnetic mechanism holding the other side fail so it becomes a process where I fumble to get my act together. The palette is also prone to getting nails in the eyeshadows and that saddens me every time accidents happen.

The packaging is quite large and does not fit neatly into Asian apartment sized beauty drawers. I now keep it on the table amongst my books. However, because I am in quite an experimental phase, I do tend to reach for this palette quite a bit nowadays.

This originally retailed for around $90 SGD. There are many other great palettes for every day use, so if you are not a makeup addict or a Kat Von D fan, you will likely find this palette not worth the hefty price tag. I do find that the quality, quantity and number of shades make the price reasonable for someone like me. I am someone who’s willing to spend a couple hundred on makeup, after all.



Swatch of the Saint shades


Swatch of the Sinner shades (I did them on different days, so professional I know)


Eye look #1 – I did one look with the romantic Saint shades. Here I used Scared Heart, Sanctuary, Rosary and Heaven.



Eye look #2 – Surprisingly it looks more “natural” with my choice of bronze and gold tones here despite using colours from the sinner side. I used Ashes, Devil, Relic and Rapture. Warm bronze shades tend to look more natural on me due to my skin tone but I am sure that on someone with fairer skin the colours would be more stark.



(Yes I know I need to learn how to do a dark lip *cries*)


Long-lasting, smudge-proof and crease-proof. Great for trying fun looks and experimenting with colours.

Require some skill to use. Pricey. Some colours are less pigmented and lasting than others.

Overall Verdict: 

Recommend for makeup lovers and eyeshadow addicts, or people who like to do glam eye looks.

Would not recommend for “easy breezy” looks or real beginners.

Hope you like this very on-time review! LOL.


Bunny’s 2017 Wrap-Up

First day of 2018! 🙌

Spending the new year sick in bed on a cold rainy day may just be the universe’s way of telling me to slow down and chill out a for a little bit. And also, plenty of time to reflect and learn from the past 365.


A few months ago, I made a promise to myself to start picking up hobbies I’ve left aside due to life getting in the way, such as reading more books, writing, and dancing. Usually I’m so tired at the end of a too-long work day that all I want to do is to curl up with the devil (Netflix) and watch five episodes of Hawaii Five-O straight while munching on some classic Lays. As tempting as that may sound, I’ve realised that life is too short for me to spend so much time not doing anything, not learning anything. I won’t grow if I just sit around all day being a potato sponge.

I’ve learned that in order for me to be the best version of myself and succeed in both my personal and my professional life, I need to be well-rested and take care of both my physical and mental health. Cue wise words from Thrive by Arianna Huffington.

On that note, I’m proud to announce that I’ve finished reading not one but SIX books this year (three fiction and three non-fiction), and I’m still trying to find time to finish reading the three other non-fiction I’ve started on. The younger bookworm me is internally shaking her head in gentle disapproval. I used to devour four books in a day back in school and collect reading certificates from the library like they were Pokemon cards.

If you’re reading this, I really encourage you to pick up a non-fiction book about business, economics, marketing whatever field you are in, especially if you’ve only just graduated or are an entry level executive. Never stop learning!

I am also trying very hard to binge watch less shows. I don’t want to lie about the seductive power of tv & entertainment so I’m going to be real here and admit that I haven’t been doing a really good job and this is something I hope to change in the new year!

This also means that I literally made myself take out time to edit my videos, pen my travel journals, go out and take photos of my outfits. This seems pretty frivolous but for someone who doesn’t have regular working hours it can be pretty challenging, let me tell you that.

I’m pretty happy that for the most of this year, I’ve also been going pretty consistently for dance classes and I’m happy to see myself grow and improve. I know that I can do better attendance wise, and I am really looking forward to getting better at hitting a pause button on ‘work’ when it’s the right time.

Joining a hobby/exercise class is really great because you get to spend time in a space where you’re allowed to push the daily worries to the back of your mind and just focus on what you’re doing at hand. And if you have a great community of people who take the same class as you, it can be a second home. I can’t tell you how many times I was having a shitty day and the moment I walked through my dance studio, I immediately felt ten times better from being in a familiar, safe and supportive space. Not only do I get to sweat all my frustrations out and strengthen my core muscles, I get to spend time with great friends.

So, if you haven’t signed up for any regular classes or schools or courses of any sort, I urge you to do so – it can save your life in more ways than one.

The other thing that I really want to touch on is health/habits. I turned vegetarian this year for a really personal reason, and I cannot stress to you how much better it made me feel about my body. Previously I was walking around with a really bloated tummy every day and now, my tummy is flatter and I look slightly more toned.

A lot of people asked me for the reason for the sudden change in my diet and whether I intend to keep it up (I originally intended for the plant-based diet to only last a year), and I can only say this: I started it as a way to honour the memory of my grandfather who passed away in Feb 2017, and yes I do intend to keep going.

For starters, I feel that if I switch back to an omnivore flexitarian, it would be like forgetting my grandpa bunny. It would also mean going back to having to swallow my slight disgust when I consume meat. It’s not even about the ethics of veganism/vegetarianism, I just personally have never truly enjoyed meat. I do not deny that it smells delicious, it tastes delicious but I KNOW I would feel better if I skipped it. Just a personal preference, so no hard feelings to either camp. I come in peace!

The only thing that I would like to change is to lay off the junk food snacks. I love savoury snacks like salted potato chips and having a 24 hour supermarket next to my house IS NOT DOING ME ANY FAVOURS. So, in the new year, I would like to change this habit and reduce my snacking to a reasonable and realistic level.

I also wanted to talk about my sleep cycle. Or rather, my non-existent sleep cycle. I sleep really poorly because I am a light sleeper and my brain tends to buzz when it’s time to snooze. I have been trying unsuccessfully to sleep earlier and more regularly – I find that work-related stress simply exacerbates the insomnia. Thus, in the new year, I would like to do better in the sleep department and get at least 7 hours of sleep every night.


Now, before you get all mad at me for putting my personal development first before anything or anyone else, I firmly believe it is VERY important to work on yourself first before you can learn to love others. Ultimate cliche, I know. But it’s true. There’s been some tough times when I really feel anxious and down, and I had to look inside myself and my daily habits to really recalibrate and find a new balance. If I am not happy with myself, how can I be happy with others?

As you all may know, I am recently engaged. ENGAGED. *Screams and runs in circle* It was a very romantic and private proposal during our trip to Batam, and I will probably blog about the trip & the proposal soon.

I also have a house coming on the way, and it’s all just very very exciting. I am really looking forward to this new chapter of our relationship and I can’t wait to spend forever with you. 💗

I also can’t wait to vlog and blog our house progress! (:


 I am very very happy that I got to spend time with my Grandma Bunny this year, bringing her out for dinner, shopping, hanging out at our house etc. I would like to visit her more in the new year.

Also thankful that I get to spend more time with my dad and having more home cooked meals in the last year as he’s semi-retired, hehe.


Work has been tough, I tried my best, learned new things, and I think I’m ready to move on to a new chapter.

Although I may complain quite a bit, but I really don’t regret my choice of my first job. I am just grateful for the opportunity to spearhead so many projects and having the room to explore and grow, and reinforcing my confidence that yes, I can do this.

Looking forward to being better and doing better in 2018.

Here’s some specific goals that I want to achieve this year.

1. Complete 24 runs in 2018 (I only ran twice in 2017)

2. Sign up for yoga and go for at least one set of classes (0 in 2017)

3. Sign up for at least two dance competitions in 2018 (1 in 2017)

4. Go on a hot air balloon ride

5. Finally get a bunny burrow

6. Snack less, cook more (at least once a month before I move out, after that weekly)

7. Develop a healthier sleep cycle (Get 7 hours of sleep every night)

Cheers to the new year! Looking forward to new adventures in 2018.


Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette Review


Happy New Year! 

I have some time on my hands, so I decided to do a quick makeup review to end the year on a good note ~

2017 was the year of the peak of the peach emoji, so what better way to end 2017 with an homage to it via this sweet review? 🍑

So… this explosion of beauty madness happened. *sheepish shrug* A few months ago I walked into Sephora and came out with these babies that I’ve been eyeing for some time now. I am a Sephora addict, no doubt.


I love Too Faced products for their girly and cutesy vibe – they make applying makeup so much fun!


Too Faced’s Sweet Peach Palette (not inclusive of eyeshadow brush)

Don’t you love opening new makeup and how pretty its untouched form looks? I am always sad when I first dip into my eyeshadows. Tell me I’m not alone!


First, let’s talk about the colour selection in this pretty palette! Sweet Peach contains mostly bronze, coral and purple shades, which really complements warmer skin tones. LOVE the tropical vibes it gives me!

The bronze and browns mean that darker skin tones can utilize this palette to their advantage – eye looks will end up looking pretty natural. (Trust me, I did the exact same eye look on my fair skin friend and she looked like she was heading to Zouk LOL.) The good mix of different colours with varying intensity also mean that you are able to do different looks and transition looks (day to night) fairly easily. I will confess that I hardly use the darker colours as my make-up looks tend to land smack in the middle of “natural” and “full-face”. Thus, bear in mind my review is largely based on colours that I use frequently.

I also like that there are both matte and shimmer shades in the same palette so you can do matte or shimmer looks alone, or mix both like I like to do!

The eyeshadows are pretty pigmented and soft to the touch. Sadly, this comes with the exception of the two peachy colours Candied Peach and Just Peachy that require more swatches for the colour to really show. This is a little disappointing considering that the palette is named after peaches after all. However, the two colours themselves  are very pretty and I love popping them on the middle of my eyelid for some extra colour.

I love how long-lasting these eyeshadows are – the colours are still very visible after a long day so you can definitely use the palette for a 8 to 10 hour day! However, this more or less applies to only the darker shades, particularly the matte browns like Summer Yum and Puree. The lighter and peachier colours definitely fade faster and you may need to touch it up a little.

I find these eyeshadows pretty easy to blend and work with, and have no problem creating a light smoky eye or natural makeup looks. However, because the colours tend to be pretty similar and in the same spectrum in terms of warm/coolness, it can end up looking a little muddy. What this means is that if you choose to put certain colours together, the centre lid and the outer corner colour contrast may not be that huge. I for one really like how natural and soft it looks on me.

Also, don’t forget there are plenty of darker colours such as Talk Derby To Me and Delectable in the palette that can be used to achieved the typical glam looks that popular Western beauty gurus sport nowadays.

Thus, this palette may be a bit challenging for beginners if they want to do more sophisticated eye looks.

In Singapore, this palette retails for $76 in Sephora. This is considered pretty pricey and you can definitely achieve similar looks with more inexpensive palettes or even individual eye colours. If this is out of your budget, look elsewhere.

I know packaging sounds like a very silly thing to talk about, but it is actually pretty important in influencing how often will you carry the palette around or how often will you use the product! The Sweet Peach palette comes in a metal box so it is pretty durable and it is definitely safer to carry around than those filmsy plastic packaging. I hate when I drop the plastic casings then the cover comes out and I have to clip it back on / pray to heaven that it isn’t broken in any way! The only downside is that the opening clasp is slightly ill-fitting so it is difficult to close it completely shut.


Swatch 1

Lighter, shimmery shades of the palette which I use almost exclusively.

Swatch 2

Matte shades in the palette

Eye look using the palette:

Eye 1

A close-up of my eye make up using the Sweet Peach palette. First I used my trusty UD eye primer and then I applied White Peach as a base before using Summer Yum on the outer corner of my eye to make a “v”. As a final step, I popped Candied Peach onto the centre of my eyelids.

Look 2 Look 1

Long-lasting, smudge-proof and crease-proof. Warm colours suitable for darker skin tones as well. Able to achieve natural and darker looks using same palette. Good mix of shimmery and matte shades.

Require some skill to use. Pricey. Some colours are less pigmented and lasting than others.

Overall Verdict:
Will recommend, if you are a eyeshadow hoarder.
Will recommend, if you are not a beginner.

Hope you like this review!


What A Bunny Eats: Veggie Eats in Taipei 

Hello everyone!

As some of you may know, I’ve recently started a plant-based diet this year. A preemptive write up about my diet journey so far: Since February 2017, I’ve become committed to a vegetarian diet. I still consume some dairy and eggs with the exclusion of most dishes that contain cheese because I really dislike anything that tastes really cheesy and milky. The cheese part is more of a personal preference. Other than that, I really love my Starbucks Chocolate Crumble Muffin and any sort of chocolate cake.

I started this journey as part of a deal I brokered with the universe and my promise basically entailed me going meat free. I can still eat onion and garlic unlike typical Buddhists vegetarian which makes things much more convenient for me when I eat out.

I’ve always been more of a 80% veggie 20% meat kind of girl so making the transition was really easy for me diet wise. I have been struggling with some resistance on the social aspect when dining out with friends, having family dinners and general comments and stereotypes that I suddenly become aware of now that I’m part of this “community”.

I’m very thankful that I have a very supportive nerd who’s willing to introduce more plant based foods into his diet when he’s formerly a full on meat lover before he met me. 💕

Earlier in September I went on a trip with my girl friend Tiara (who by the way, runs a food blog that you should totally check out) to Taipei. This was my third foray overseas on a full-on bunny diet mode, and my first one as a veggie head with my friend instead of the nerd. I wasn’t too worried as I had been to Taiwan several times before and am quite familiar with the food scene / popular night markets. Taipei is very vegetarian friendly and I’m very happy to say that both of us got to enjoy tons of yummy food and loads of beautiful scenery!

Before I get started on the food photos and locations to help you fellow bunnies out, please take a moment to view the short travel vlog I made! It has tons of food footage so this gives you a irl good idea of the kind of food you can expect too:


*Do note that as I am not vegan, there is egg and dairy in my recommendations. However, I do have mostly vegan food items but most places are not strictly vegan/vegetarian to accommodate my friend who’s in Taipei for the first time! So, if you are looking for strictly plant-based prepared at a plant-based facility, you may want to look elsewhere as my dietary ethos is more flexible!


Had a 8.45 am flight so I grabbed a hot tea from Starbucks and of course my chocolate muffin which I devoured before going into the duty free area.


Sweet Potato Fries from Hot Star Fried Chicken, Ximending 西门町

As our apartment was in the Ximen (West Gate) district known for shopping, we decided to make it our first stop after checking into our Airbnb. However as the district is pretty much targeting tourists, the prices are a bit higher than night markets so we simply window shopped and soaked in the evening scene and street performances. Decided to share some plum powdered sweet potato fries as we were really hungry after our flight.

Next stop, we went to Gong Guan Night Market 公管夜市, that has sneakers at pretty affordable prices. There are many food shops and a stretch of night market food stalls. After that, we took the train down one station to Shi Da Night Market 师大夜市 which sells more youthful clothes that are reminiscent of Korean fashion and blogshops in Singapore.

Food we ate at Gong Guan:

1 – Vegan Buger


My first snack for dinner was at this vegetarian burger stall. I got the fourth option, which was the vegan pepper chicken burger. I found the patty to be delicious, but it was too small and the bun to patty ratio was unbalanced, resulting in it tasting a bit too drying. I would suggest asking for more sauce, or going for the second option which is their signature dish instead!

Pro tip: If you want vegan option, choose those that have the word “全素” on the menu. This means that there is no egg or dairy.

2 – Red Bean Cake



This Red Bean Cake is the bomb! The filling is really rich and not too sweet, and you can bite into the large chunks of red beans for some texture. Recommended! Psst. They also have another store at Danshui!

100, Taiwan, Taipei City, Da’an District, 汀洲路三段255號


My friend queued for the Chen San Ding Black Sugar Bubble Tea which was apparently very famous while I was waiting at Starbucks. I had a sip and it wasn’t fantastic or anything, don’t understand the hype.

3 – Yam Sponge Cake

IMG_3655  IMG_3662

Met up with my good friend Vivian who surprised me with this delicious yam sponge cake! Not overly sweet and the yam filling tasted fresh, and the sponge cake was really soft! This is from Xiang Shuai Cake Shop, that is pretty well known as well!

4 – Beancurd with Peanut



This seemingly unassuming shop front is actually home to Long Tan Dou Hua, which serves really good beancurd! We had the Cold version, and the Warm version (no ice). I like the beancurd as it was very smooth and it has a slightly charcoal taste to it, which makes it more savoury rather than sweet. Perfect for those who prefer more savoury desserts. 10/10 recommend! (does my recommendation count for anything since I’m not a food blogger hahaha)

No. 239, Section 3, Tingzhou Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan 100

6 – Veggie Salad & Fruit Juice


Right below our apartment, there is a 7-eleven convenience store, and it’s perfect to grab that late night snack if you’re still hungry after all the night market food! As I’m someone who tries to eat a lot of vegetables daily, I bought a veggie salad (they have chicken options) and a fruit juice to help me make up for the lack of vegetables at the night market.


Found this at the supermarket Wellcome near the Shi Da Night Market – vegetarian/vegan instant noodles! I bought this home back to Singapore as I think it’s much more interesting than what we have here but I think this is the lighter ba kut teh soup and not the more herbal one that I was so looking forward to. BUT the chicken cutlet one was really good!

Day 2:

1 –  Yong He Soy Milk




Yong He Soy Milk is a chain breakfast place, and serves pretty decent Taiwanese breakfast. We got the warm and cold soy milk, egg omelette, dough fritter and scallion pancake. (Dou Jiang 豆浆, Dan Bing 蛋饼, You Tiao 油条, Cong Zhua Bing 葱抓饼)

You can find plenty of Yong He around Taipei, so it’s a reliable bet for breakfast.

No. 5-3, Shaoxing South Street, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan 100

2 – Peanut Mochi Balls

IMG_3736 IMG_3741

Got this as my lunch – peanut mochi balls that are pretty good! The inside is peanut paste and the outside is coated in ground peanut powder. They do have other fillings like sesame and red bean but I super love peanut mochi so I got that instead! This is located right beside the popular Jin Feng Braised Pork Rice, so it’s perfect as a lunch option if your friend wants to try the pork rice!

西螺祖傳麻糬 | 程文照工坊
No. 12, Section 1, Roosevelt Rd, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan 100

3 – Winter Melon Black Sugar “Bubble Tea”


As the Mochi balls were quite drying I decided to try the bubble tea shop next to it as there was a steady queue. I think this is my favourite bubble tea out of the stores I have tried (even my all time favourite Share Tea). I normally hate talking to sales people / staff so it was a double whammy for me to order by myself and in Mandarin – Tiara was queuing for the rice. Not that my mandarin is bad, it’s just pretty rusty and I’m not used to how the Taiwanese like to “bite” their words and have a lot of cute slangs that makes it harder for me to understand them. I stopped watching Taiwan dramas long ago, sorry.

But anyhow, this is really good! They seem to be into black sugar drinks more than I remember from my last trip.

4 – Plum Juice 


After lunch, we took the train all the way to the terminal stop, Danshui. It’s famous for the gorgeous sunset there and there’s plenty of colonial architecture and street food along the way. This stretch of our trip involved a lot of walking though; we clocked 25 k steps that day!

So after all that walking we were pretty thirsty and chanced onto this refreshing plum juice – what I love about their drinks and desserts is that they are all not so sweet so you can drink / eat more without feeling too sick. Super yummy! This is located beside the famous Ah Gei store, which serves beancurd with glass noodles inside and sealed with fish paste.

No. 135-1, Zhongzheng Road, Tamsui District, New Taipei City, Taiwan 251


The super pretty sunset that made it look like a Mac photobooth back drop hahaha. This was after the river ride after the sun had first set at the pier so the view is less spectacular but still beautiful!

5 – Clear Heart Bubble Tea


Feeling thirsty after watching the sunset and another bout of walking we decided to drink some bubble tea and this chain is pretty good, I prefer it to Koi. I got the dairy free melon tea again!

Then we went back to Rao He Night Market 饶河夜市. It is a famous night market for food although the area is pretty small.


6 – BBQ Grilled Corn



The Taiwanese grilled corn is coated in this delicious brown seasoning sauce and it’s so addictive! I prefer this one to the one I ate the third night (scroll down). It’s so yummy omg I was like * heart eyes *! I forgot to ask if the seasoning is vegan but you can definitely ask for the plain one, they simply won’t butter on the sauce. The street was really crowded and we had to stand at the side to eat. Tiara got the famous Pepper Pork Bun which is a must-try if you eat meat.

7 – Matcha Belgium Waffle

IMG_3890 IMG_3891

Tried this matcha belgium waffle and it’s pretty good, not too hard and the matcha element is easily detectable. Would have preferred it to be warm though.

8 – Grilled mushrooms

IMG_3899 IMG_3900

Got super excited when I saw the cute mushroom mascot. There will be usually one grilled mushroom stall at most night markets, so this is a good bet if you’re vegan/vegetarian. You get to choose two seasoning powders.

9 – Fried Taro Ball




This fried yam ball was sooo delicious! The stall vendor will fry it on the spot for you so it’s pipping hot and really fresh! We got the yam-in-yam yam-ception ball and I love the fact that it’s not so sweet (you likely are getting sick of this comment already haha). The ball is bite-size so it’s a perfect snack “break” in between the meaty stuff so this is perfect to share with your omni and flexi friends too!

I also drank a large cup of watermelon juice but the photo was too blurry so it’s not making it into the blog.


Andddd check! that concludes my Rao He round up!

10 – Tea Leaf Egg

photo_2017-10-01_23-10-30 This is the “tea leaf egg” available at all convenience stores and I was dying to have some so I got it for supper on the second night in addition to my salad!

Day Three:

1 – Egg Omelette & Cappuccino

IMG_3933 IMG_3935

Had brunch at this hipster joint Guru House at XMD and the egg roll is super super good! Tiara opted for the three cheese egg roll while I ate the original one. It was super fluffy and really delicious!

Guru House
No. 10, Lane 27, Chengdu Road, Wanhua District, Taipei City, Taiwan 108

2 –  Sweet Potato Fries & Tea

Then we went to Yang Ming Shan via train and bus that didn’t involve too much walking as we were super tired from yersterday.




Had some tea using the homegrown tea leaves on the tea fields and also some super super awesome sweet potato fries that were lightly fried but still very crispy and not oily at all. The seasoning powder was well mixed as well. RECOMMEND 10/10 for the view, food and friendly aunties and uncles! This is at the 大梯田 area that’s easily accessible by bus 129 from Beitou MRT.


MUST-VISIT place it’s so gorgeous!

112, Taiwan, Taipei City, Beitou District, 竹子湖路33-7號Yangmingshan National Park

Then we went down to Shilin Night Market 士林夜市 for our dinner:

3 – Yam Porridge & BBQ Corn

IMG_4087 IMG_4090

The food stretch in the middle of Shilin is always my go-to before the shopping! At the entrance near the road, there are two stores side by side that are vegetarian friendly. The porridge stall and the bbq corn stall. Perfect! The vegetarian store has other carb options as well such as noodles and rice!

4 – Sweet Potato Balls



5 – Fried Milk Balls


Recommend for a small bite of something sweet!

7 – Mango Strawberry Shaved Ice


Friendly uncle at the basement food level of Shilin that gave us a generous amount of fruits for our shaved ice! We opted for no condensed milk heh.

8 – Peanut Ice Cream Roll


Peanut Ice Cream Roll that had coriander in it which was interesting.

9 – Grilled Mushroom


Grill mushroom that had a long queue! I waited for about ten minutes. This is on the street of the Temple within Shilin that you can easily located on Google Maps.

Last Day

1 – Vegetarian Meat Floss Sandwich




OMG I love it!!! I love the crispy cucumber hahaha. The meat floss isn’t overly drying due to the mix of veggies and egg they put in the sandwich as well, and the toast is just slightly toasted so that it has some bite to it. Delicious!

They have a few vegetarian food options highlighted in orange on the menu.

2 – Veggie Stew with Rice Set


Very filling typical vegetarian chinese meal wth mock meat and all, nice end at the airport to our trip!

That’s all on my food journey in Taipei!

I will be blogging about the travel itinerary soon!


Street Sweet / Gaston Luga Backpack Review

IMG_8722Keeping it sweet on the street

WHAT’S UP YOU GUYSSSSS AND GIRRLSSSS! I feel like it’s been ages and don’t you miss these OOTD titles? 😛

So I recently received this gorgeous backpack from Gaston Luga and I just want to talk about how it’s really a great addition to any outfit!

When the team at GL got in touch with me and asked me to review their bags I immediately said yes because I was looking for a new backpack – my existing ones weren’t all that work appropriate because they were really brightly coloured or had Hello Kitty plastered all over them. So even though I could really bring a lot of stuff in the traditional backpack, I wanted something a little more complementary to my adulting lifestyle. What perfect timing!


I had a choice between three different backpacks (you can view them on the site), the Clässic, the Pråper and the Clässy. I picked the Clässy bag in Navy & Brown because I love how preppy it looks! Also I’m not that big of a fan of the double clasps design because I find it a hassle most of the time when I’m digging for stuff in the nerd’s Herschel, so I think the single clasp design of the Clässy is perfect because it’s a balance of functional and polished design!


The bag body is made out of canvas and that’s great for durability and the corners at the bottom have these metallic feet that will prevent the bag from having holes at the corner from wear and tear! There’s also a laptop sleeve inside so it’s perfect to bring out for a study session, or a lunch work meeting.

Also, I really like the neutral and classic design of this bag that makes it so easy to match with most outfits.


At the back, there’s this passport pocket sleeve that’s meant for keeping your passport safe during travelling but I just keep all my makeup and cards in there and IT FITS! During that day I stuffed my ez-link card, my house key, my concealer, my lipstick and lip balm inside and I didn’t feel a thing carrying it on my back so that’s a major plus point in my book. The sleeve makes up for the chunky-looking front pocket most typical backpacks have!

This backpack has a lot of thoughtful design and I am LOVING IT. I always throw a lot of my stuff into a really big bag like my Longchamp or Jansport etc, and everything gets lost inside and trying to retrieve anything is just really a waste of time as I usually spend like a good 5 to 10 min trying to find something in the abyss of my bag. But there are actually two pockets inside the bag apart from the laptop sleeve, and they are PERFECT for slipping in your portable battery, camera or any smaller items that might get lost in the bag easily. For me, it’s also a good place to store my extra period products and my trusty hand sanitiser.


I also really like how this bag is a sleeker take on the classic double clasps backpack silhouette because it’s really catered for petite girls like me! I never bought a Herschel for myself because I find that it overwhelms my frame and this is the perfect size.


Top: Hollister | Skirt: H&M | Shoes: Adidas | Bracelet: Naiise | Necklace: Lovisa | Bag: Gaston Luga


Decided to edge up the backpack by dressing a little more street-style and I love how it still matches the look 🙂 As I usually dress pretty feminine, I think this is a mixture of “street” and “classy” that’s still within my comfort zone! I really like how the millennial pink pays homage to my usual style and it blends well with the metallic elements of my coordinate. (Is this self praise over yet, haha)

Just FYI, I was carrying my dance stuff in the bag and they fit inside together with my huge wallet and all my other usual stuff – it gives the bag a nice shape as well hahaha.

If you’ve been patient enough to scroll through my genuine praise for this bag, there’s also a SPECIAL DISCOUNT FOR MY READERS!

I know that the bag is more on the pricier side so this discount will really come in handy if you do decide to purchase it!

They offer FREE shipping for Singapore,  and there is a 20% off as tax rebate (from non-EU country). On top of that, if you use my discount code “huiminxoxo15”, you get an ADDITIONAL 15% off the total price!

Also, shipping is done via express DHL shipping so your bag will come in 2-3 working days and that’s really really fast!

I am really loving this bag and I’m so excited to bring this around on my travels because it’s so handy and stylish!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I did writing it! Hopefully I’m going to have some time to update on my recent trips on this space and do some reviews I’ve been wanting to!


All photos shot with iPhone 7 Plus and Canon G7
This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions are of my own after I have tried and tested the product on numerous occasions. 

Village Hotel Changi Staycay

Decided to book a staycation at Village Hotel Changi to celebrate the nerd’s birthday on 15-16 Apr! I also made a short vlog so go ahead and click above to watch it!

I’m still using iMovie to edit so it isn’t anything too fancy! Just a heads up, haha.

– The Coast Settlement –


Flat white & milo dinosaur


Portbello mushroom & eggs with kale chips


Berry Waffles

photo_2017-04-17_00-54-09 (2)

Me vlogging

Overall, the menu isn’t particularly impressive and I still prefer Chock full of Beans! It’s cheaper for average tasting food. TCS is great for the atmosphere, not so great if you were expecting food that better blow you away for the hefty price tags.

– Infinity Pool –

Went for a swim after we digested our lunch! It was a PH weekend so it was super duper crowded with families and the pool was a ruckus so we didn’t stay very long. Went back for a dip before check-out on Sunday and the pool was almost empty!

photo_2017-04-17_00-54-09 photo_2017-04-17_00-54-08 (6) photo_2017-04-17_00-54-07 (2)

I think people I know are all scratching their heads over my recent spam of me frolicking in my bikini at the pool on my Instagram (@huiminxoxo) since I’m no influencer hahaha. I NEVER edit any of my bikini shots, with the exception of filter and lighting. What that means is I don’t photoshop any lumps, rolls, scars, marks etc away. I don’t enhance or shrink anything either. What you see is pretty much what you get. I’ve been working hard on being ok with what I see in the mirror and in my photos and I feel that posting my photos online kind of forces me to accept that I’m not perfect but I can still look good. I can still feel myself despite my flaws, nobody notices them but me.

photo_2017-04-17_00-54-08 (3)
Love the gorgeous kimono from TEMT

– La Catina –

Had dinner at the hotel’s rooftop restaurant and its classic decor brought me back to Italy.

Me with my veggie pasta!


Was super hungry after the swim so I ordered “pizza bread” and OMG it’s the best shit on earth. I hate cheese, even vegan cheese, so this is perfect as it’s just the pizza base and tomato salsa omg yum. The nerd and I both agreed that it’s delish!


Le cutie


Thanks for spending the weekend with me!


Wearing one of my favourite dresses from MDS! But the material is super clingy so uh, best not to eat too full. Or use flash photography. Or breathe. I kid.

– Chock Full of Beans –

photo_2017-04-17_00-54-08 (2)

Used to be able to do foam art on hot drinks grandfather time ago but when we went there we were told they only do for cold coffees now!


My hello kitty not very kitty leh ):


After that we went to catch some Pokemon at Changi Beach! I managed to catch a Pikachu and a Jinx! Wearing this gorgeous forest green scallop skater dress from MYSASSYDREAM.


Make of the day ~

IMG_1882 IMG_1885

Decided to go cycling with one of the many o Bikes parked there!


Final dip in the pool!



To the nerd, I love you and Happy birthday!