2011 ♥

2011 is going to end soon! I’m excited for what the new year will bring!! 😀

Just gonna post some pics of myself cause I can & I don’t have time to do a proper post mwahahaha. Pics from both 2011 and 2010 because I decided to talk about my JC journey.

My first day stepping into Meridian Junior College, meeting people that were to be my classmates for two years. Apparently everyone thought I was an ahlian. ):

My first school event the road run! Full attendance, one of the rare times for a class full of ponners.

I remembered how we wanted to dress like nerds on Aprils’ Fools but didn’t have the courage to step out of the class. If I could turn back time, I would definitely walk out of that room. I regret not making a fool out of ourselves, because in SG school life is pretty mundane. :/

I would love to know what made me laugh so hard. I like this photo because it’s one of those rare photos where I look genuinely happy/really spastic.

Then I joined cheerleading, one of the happiest and busiest period of my JC life. I love that we worked so hard and all the effort paid off. Awesome bunch of people. (‘:

Us in action!!! MJ cheerleading is more of cheer dancing, after some parent complaint about how her daughter got injured and stunts were banned -.-

We got first! Many thought the victory should have gone to another, but I couldn’t give a damn and I really couldn’t be more proud of my team. (:

I’ve always thought he’s cute, but he shall never know.

Watching MJ soccer match as J1 we were so excited LOL (and my friends so pretty right? Mwah ^^)

Can you see me in the background getting ready for my “model” show HAHAH. Probably the only time I’m ever gonna be a model rofl.

Photoshoot with Benjamin. (: First time I ever hugged a guy like that. *shy*

After the show. I didn’t even get third, cause I didn’t fit the metro retro theme??? LOL. Idc it was fun I’m glad I did it ^^

First time playing golf and first time living the lifestyle of the rich for about 2 hours LOL

My babes ❤ all so chiobu ^^

These are the friends I know who stick with with me till I grey. ❤

They celebrated my birthday (: Every birthday I will get super insecure I’d be like “is anyone going to celebrate for me?” and I would feel super unloved and worried. I am such an idiot. No matter what, I should just be happy somebody bothered and remembered, right? 


I went to Gold Coast and this was taken at some tall sight seeing tower I can’t remember its name LOL. FAMILY ❤


I was the I/C for one of the game stations. Super stressful but glad I was up for the challenge. Got to know new friends and enjoyed myself ^^

Celebrated Nabs’ birthday at the Esplanade rooftop garden. First time there!

Squash girls. I think I looked better than I play, according to RICHARD KOH. He told the whole team that I wasn’t good enough to play and we lost, so what does that make me? An useless fry?! )’: Feel very insecure whenever I think about this. But that part of my life is over, and I shall focus on the good times I had with my team mates.

Shakespeare in the park @ Fort Canning! My outfit nice right?  Haha bhb.

Feel so blessed to be in my class (“:

10A302 ♥♥♥

Dear Mjc,

You and I have not always been on good terms, but thank you for all the wonderful memories you gave me the opportunity to create. I shall forever be grateful to you for letting me meet wonderful people and make lasting friendships.  I never thought there’ll come a day I say this, but I will miss you.




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