Meow ♥

Haven’t been updating this blog that much, because I’ve been busy!

Recently went to Taiwan in early April & I came back with a huge load of stuff from their night markets. Will do a haul post for that soon!

Camwhore photos with my Hello Kitty specs I bought for NT 50 (S$2.50) using the iPhone app Camera360!

Two in the light colour filters!

The dreamlike filter makes my complexion looks amazing ^^

4 taken with the Retro filters. Love how my lip colour pops here!

Just had to do a collage of the Retro ones with the app MeiTuXiuXiu

I’m proud to say these photos were NOT photoshopped (recently have been dabbling with Photo Wonder and editing my eyes and face shape) – the filters and my makeup were enough for this 🙂

Makeup I ‘m using in the photos are Proof 10 Auto Pencil from Etude House and the rest like blush, foundation, concealer, and eyeshadow are from my Maybelline Haul.

Just wanted a new post up so I only have these photos. Will be back with more soon!




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