April Favourites ♥

Hi there ♥

Doing a favourites post this time!

Have been using some really awesome products this month so I will be sharing them here!

You’re the kind of reckless that should send me running

Been using this perfume for the past three months and it still weighs as if it’s been barely used. I love the sweet smell and it stays on all day! Love the design of the bottle and the box it came in too.


I love the strawberry soap! I bought it at a SUPER DISCOUNTED PRICE! It’s only $5 per bottle so I bought five when the usual price is about $14 I think. I gave 2 to my best friend. It smells super refreshing and my skin feels so awesome after using it! What I ♥ about The Body Shop is that they always have some kind of discount going on that and you can always grab good products for a low price!

Hello Kitty! ^^

I am in love with this brand for coming up with the Hello Kitty packaging! It looks super cute! Also love the quality of the tissue! I am super particular about the tissue that I use, don’t like those that feel rough. These are super thick and soft, which I love.

For smooth & manageable hair

I switched to this conditioner recently and am super in love with it. I was previously using a line of hair care products from Japan that failed to prevent my hair from tangling at any slight movement of my hair. This one made my ends smoother and less tangled. ♥!

Cares even for the last 15 cm of hair ♥

This intensive leave-on treatment has high purity honey oil with cuticle repair essence that will repair, protect and mositurise your hair! I love the fruity floral smell it gives my hair and it seriously de-frizzes and untangles my hair, especially after a few hours in the air-conditioned office. Although I have to reapply it once every few hours because after a while my hair becomes its messy, frizzy self again. I’m not sure if it’s just my hair that’s too hopeless to be saved though.

Two-in-one facial wash & toner

This pricey product from Jericho cost me $45. Original price (or so they say) was $90, so I bought it at 50%. I did not regret this buy though, because it has been awesome for my skin. This contains dead sea salt minerals as beads so this is a facial scrub, and I was told it’s gentle enough to be used daily. It also has toning properties which was good because I didn’t have a toner at the time/too lazy to buy one. The guy recommended a frequency usage of once to twice a week, but I use it daily and so far my skin is more than fine with it! 

Za’s Total Hydration

Been using the new line of Za’s facial products. L to R: Blemish Care, Pore Care & Moisturizer. I swear by their Blemish Care essence, it works wonders! I was using Oxy 10 for my breakouts previously and even though it did get rid of my pimples really quickly (like the same day or the very next day), it left my skin really dry and flaky. The Blemish Care essence keeps my breakout area moisturised while treating the acne itself, and gets rids of it just as fast! I ♥ Za’s moisturisers, have tried their True White line as well, both are major love. 😀

L’OCCITANE’s Rose Hydrating Face Mist

You can spray this on before or after your makeup. I usually spray this after so my skin is moisturised directly after my makeup to keep my face matte for longer. It is also good for a sleepy day in the office, not to mention the drying effect of the air conditioner.

Rosette’s HK facial mositurizer

Ran out of this last week so had to buy new mosituriser ): I love this moisturiser, it makes my face look super dewy and refreshed!! My skin feels super smooth after application, and will stay that way for hours even after a night of sleeping in air conditioned air! It has a spatula so you will minimize bacteria spread. This has lasted me for about three months, which is awesome considering the fact that I spread a large amount on my face every night!

Proof 10 Auto Pencil from Etude House

I swear by this pencil eyeliner. It’s super dark and it stays on all day!!! This is my second one and the first lasted me for a month plus because I was wearing it every day! There’s even a sharpener at the back so you can sharpen the pencil if it’s too blunt. Am so going to ask my best friend to buy some back from Korea for me!

That’s all the products I have been using for this month!

all that counts is here & now ♥


Haven’t had time to take photo of all my Taiwan stuff but I promise it will be up soon!




4 Replies to “April Favourites ♥”

  1. Do you have any suggestions for a good pimple cream? This is really weird but I did try the Oxy10 you mentioned but after a while my skin just didn’t respond to it anymore 😦 sad! It takes waaaay longer to see any results. Bad for emergencies! Help me out? D:


    1. You can try T3, or the Za blemish care essence I suggested above. Usually breakouts happen due to many factors, so if your pimple cream is no longer working, perhaps your lifestyle choices are affecting your skin poorly. I usually breakout when I don’t sleep much. For my case, whenever I get breakouts I will usually put on a facial mask with smoothening and moisturizing effects at night while using my pimple cream in the day, which helps to get rid of most acne real quick. Hope this helps! 🙂


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