Taiwan Haul Part I ♥

Who says life isn’t always butterflies & rainbows?

Butterfly print dress from Taiwan! 

I’m (still) halfway through sorting my Taiwan clothes, so shall just do a haul post for my accessories and shoes first!


The navy Hello Kitty specs that was featured in my previous post (;

Bling bling

Crystal headband I bought for NT 50! It’s just this simple transparent plastic blinged out headband. Love the way it catches the light at different angles!

Love from France

The heart and the Eiffel Tower can be taken apart to be worn separately or together depending on my mood! Got it at NT 100. The girl who was serving me was super friendly and kind! She thought I was local, which means I CAN PASS OFF AS TAIWANESE! ^^


Also from the same shop for the same price! Love the lace embellishment and the tagline for this piece!

Super cute polka dot bag of cotton material that I bought for NT 250!

Adorable coral ribbon tote bag that I bought for NT 700! A bit pricey considering the amount of savings I got for other items but I fell in love with the colour, the ribbon embellishment and the border detailing! Definitely a statement piece in my outfits to come.

Brown flats that I bought for NT 150! Super comfy material and surprisingly lasted me for more than three wears which is impressive for the price!!

Hight cut brown sneakers I bought for NT 500 from the label red! Got this at the Dream Mall in Gao Xiong (or at least I think so)! Love the stud detailing and the rose print!! It’s like grunge and girly mixed in one lovely pair of shoes.

Rain rain go away~

Rain boots in Navy and multicoloured polka dots I got for NT 390! They were fine when I tried them in TW but suddenly they are too small for me when I got back here like WTS ): Super in love with these and am still gonna squeeze my feet in!!! FLASH FLOOD I AM NO LONGER DAMPENED BY YOU, I CAN GO OUT WHENEVER I WANT NOW!!!


Animal print slippers I got for NT 150 at Liu He Night Market (which is btw an AWESOME place for food!) Super comfy and have been worn by me for like, more than ten times by now!

Hello Kitty slippers! ^^

These are super cute!!! I bought them for NT 650! Nearly $30 for a pair of slippers but I am way too much of a Hello Kitty fangirl to care.  

NT 350, I THINK. Can’t remember the price but this is honestly too adorable to keep in Taiwan!!! They should totally have a Rapunzel inspired HK comb, which would be so epic and I would so totally buy that!


Bought this strawberry Hello Kitty facial wash at a 7 Eleven store, which is btw EVERYWHERE in Taiwan, and they are so awesome because they sell so much more than food unlike those boring ones in SG. I got it for NT 99!

That’s all the non-clothing items I bought from Taiwan for myself. I have a lot of other things I bought for my friends!!

I love this picture (:

Took this photo one random day after work where I didn’t wear that much makeup, judging from my eyes.

Took this this morning while waiting for my papa to get ready to fetch me to work!

Should I do a haul post on the clothes I bought from TW? May take quite a while though, because I have a life I am busy with many other exciting things planned in my life at the moment such as my new job, picnics, shopping trips and my SMU tea session.

Also, a more personal post may be on the way soon, depending on my mood. But damn, almost half a year has ZOOMED passed just like that, should do some reflecting on it, ya? I mean, what if the world really ends 2012? :O

Love you guys as always!




4 Replies to “Taiwan Haul Part I ♥”

  1. Love your hauls! I recently got myself similar Hello Kitty glasses, too. Too difficult to resist! Please do a haul on clothes, too? Taiwan has the most adorable dresses 😀


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