Beauty Haul ♥

Coastal Scents, NYX, EOS, OPI and ELF.

Every girl’s dream.

Recently spent $170 at Watsons buying tons of makeup that aren’t available in drugstores locally ie only purchasable online, and am a very happy girl.

Coastal Scents 88 Original palette

Bought the Coastal Scents 88 Original palette! FINALLY got my hands on this, even if it was a tad pricey at $39.90. (Actually 88 colours for $39.90 vs 4 colours for $15.90…. Coastal Scents has got me ♥) I have been eyeing them for quite some time now but was a bit hesitant about their quality as I couldn’t test them irl at makeup counters. I have started using these colours and OMG they are fabulous. Super pigmented AND they stay on all day without fading or dropping off. Now I have colourful matte eyeshadows in a pretty case that makes me feel like a painter. The colours are SUPER pretty so much so that I still feel happiness whenever I open this palette!!!



Finally decided to splurge on some legit OPI nail polishes and got my hands on these pretty colours. $39.90 for 10 mini bottles is hardly expensive when you get quality AND variety. I can never make up my mind on which single bottle to get that’s why I never end up getting any most of the time. Love how there’s bright girly AND dark sexy colours in this set!

Cool as a cucumber

EOS lip balm in Cucumber scent which smells absolutely delicious!!! Was super excited to try this as I have heard many raves from Youtube makeup gurus (: It cost me like $15.90 which is SUPER expensive for a lip balm but it works wonders I swear, I declare my lips as more than kissable now HAHA.

Mwah Mwah

Bought two NYX lipsticks in the Lip Smacking Fun Colours line. $9.90 each and they are quite a bargain cause most good ones are about $13.90 at least! Love the colours. Got ones in more natural pink and red because I prefer to focus on my eyes!

Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk

Put this on my waterline when I’m going for a more natural look so my eyes don’t totally literally shrink in size. You might think white looks quite harsh and obvious but instead it turned out very natural! $12.90 for this!

Shade: Bourgeois Pig

This is somewhere in between my two Maybellin blushes so I had to get it! $15.90 for this. Super love the cute packaging!!!

ELF Golden Bronzer

Love ELF products cause they are worth the money most of the time because they’re so inexpensive (: This only cost me $9.90! I use the fourth (from upper L to lower R) colour for the edge of my face at my jawline to make my face look smaller, the third colour for my T-zone, the second colour for my cheeks if I’m going for a natural blush, and the first colour for below my blush. Effective and it stays on when I spray my facial mist to set it, which makes me even more into this product. A downer is that it smells quite chalky when you open the case and first put it on your face but the smell quickly disappears afterwards!

POP! goes the pimple~

Super love my new ELF Zit Zapper! It’s clear so I can put it over my makeup. I already use a concealer that doubles as a acne treatment but this allows me to continuously treat my acne throughout the day without my makeup being too cakey (as in the case if I keep putting on concealer) as it is colourless! It smells heavily medicated though, so if you don’t like those smells, stay away from this! $4.90 for this steal (:

My two ELF brushes ♥

A concealer brush and a contouring brush for my liquid concealer and my bronzer respectively! I only use the concealer brush if I am going heavy with makeup that day for a more flawless coverage though.

That’s all I got for my makeup haul this time! Super happy with my buys ^^v

Flower power

Recently in love with all things floral, been buying them accessories and dresses.

You can call me a flower child (;

I am very excited because my friend agreed to help me do a photo shoot, floral-themed! Will be posting photos of that when it’s done!

And I know I have YET to do my TW Haul II but I want it to be of good quality so.. good things come to those who wait? *Cheeky face*

Loves yous alls.




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