Malgeum Love ♥

Glowing effect using my new adobe photoshop app!




Want to know the secret to having clear flawless skin?

Say hello to the newest skin care line from Etude House – Skin Malgeum!

In Korean, Malgeum means cleanness, clarity and pureness! This makes it the perfect name for this new range of skin care products because it is designed to give radiance and transparency to one’s complexion to achieve a sunny and glowing complexion like that of Dara from 2ne1, who is the ambassador of Skin Malgeum.

Caption: Wanna have glowing QQ skin like me?

What’s the secret behind Skin Malgeum that it allows such clear glowing skin?

It has THREE active ingredients:

1. Fruit Acid Complex for skin exfoliating and softening

2. Vitamin B5 for skin hydration and moisture penetration

3. Orchid for anti-inflammation and skin brightening

So Skin Malgeum is full of goodness for your skin that creates clear and “sunny” skin!

Basically it is a set of five different toners for different skin types – Oily, Trouble Prone, Dry, Very Dry/Sensitive, Combination – and an All in One Moisturiser as seen in the picture above.

Some of you may wonder…

What exactly is the purpose of a toner?

Just like how I was once wondering because it was not in my habit to use one, after I read in a magazine that toners are unnecessary unless you have dry skin. How wrong was I to believe that piece of information…

A toner is the SECOND step of one’s basic skin care routine – after cleansing and before moisturizing. Applying toner helps to unclog your pores and clear away the residue trapped beneath your skin. This preps your skin for your moisturiser and allows maximum absorption of the goodness your mosituriser gives your skin.

Hence, a toner is VERY important as

1. It helps keep a clear complexion as it clears away the dirt in your pores

2. It allows your moisturiser to work better

So, still think you can skimp out on a toner?

Skin Malgeum Toner for combination skin

I’m currently using the one meant for combination skin type. As you can see there is a layer of oil on top of the solution, so you’re supposed to shake the bottle before using it! I am absolutely in love with the toner. Even after I used makeup wipes to remove my makeup and use my foam cleanser to wash my face, I somehow still have makeup residue left around my eyes area (has that happened to anyone else?) and the oil from my toner helps to remove the residue completely so I can go to sleep with no worries. Super in love with the fresh lemon smell of the toner as well!

And this toner is unlike other toners in the market. First, you have to dab your entire face with the toner using a cotton pad.

Dab dab dab

After applying the toner over your entire face, it’s time to do the 30 Seconds Mask!

One on the forehead and each cheek and you’re good to go!

You might think you need to put a lot of the solution on each piece to cover the entire area but no, surprisingly you only have to put a little on each and it will spread out when you put the cotton pad on your face. This means the toner can last longer, good bargain or what?

This 30 second mask is very quick and easy to do, not at all inconvenient – 30 seconds only, you can use that time to brush your hair then take them cotton off and you’re done!

However, because I am usually in a rush in the morning, I only do this mask at night. But mainly because I don’t want to put too much products on my face every day. Day put, night also put, a bit over don’t you think?

Then once to twice a week, you can do the 30 minutes mask!

This comes in a pack of eight for $6.90 so it’s about $0.86 per piece and it will last you for two months! #worthit

First just put one of the flattened mask in the empty space provided then pour the toner on it.

And DENG DENG DENG it will magically EXPAND!!

When you open it up it will look like this:


If you’re wondering why the eye area has this tiny sheet that looks unwanted it is meant for the eyelids (: At first I was like “won’t that get in the way?” but it is so well designed that it feels like it’s not there at all!

So just put this on your face for 30 min once a week instead of your usual 30 seconds mask for a deep pore cleansing session where all the 3 active ingredients will work hard to give you clear skin!

Besides the mask sheets, Skin Malgeum actually has their own cotton pads as well!

Retailing at $5.90 each box

What’s so special about this particular cotton?

L: Normal 100% real cotton R: Malgeum Cotton

As you can already see, the malgeum cotton pad is much thinner and finer than normal cotton. This allows MORE of the toner to seep into your skin rather than the cotton, allowing maximum malgeum benefits! In my opinion it also less messy than the normal cotton because it is cleaner to tear out piece by piece!

Normal cotton

Malgeum cotton

The same goes for the mask sheets:

See how sheer the mask is?

It is VERY thin to prevent the cotton from absorbing more toner than your skin does, which is what really made me fall in love with their application pads and masks sheets!

In love ♥♥♥

Have been using this line for a month now and am loving the visible improvements on my skin. Not saying that I don’t get occasional acne now and then due to my poor lifestyle habits, but my skin is much more moisturized and less prone to breakouts! I also get loads of compliments from my customers asking me how I achieve such clear complexion. 😀

Ending this post with a very bad quality photo of me HAHA.

Disclaimer: this recommendation is done so by my own initiative after I have used my own pay to buy the products from Etude House. I do not deny that I am currently working part-time at one of their outlets, hence giving me ample time to try their samples and decide on trying new products. (:

Next post shall be my TW haul II!




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