Taiwan Haul II ♥

FINALLY back with the clothes part of my haul (:

And as a bonus….

I’m showing you what I wore to Taiwan during my trip!

(I KNOW I am super backdated with these photos >.<)

I went there in early April, so the weather was cooling enough for me to do some layers and wear clothes of thicker material than SG weather allows and I got to try out new looks (:

So my advice to anyone going TW in during the late March to early April period is to dress as if you’re going to be in an air-conditioned environment the whole day.

To warm up…

Here’s a photo of my pretty face (;

I’m in Taiwan!!!

First day in Taiwan sans makeup. Had on a pink v-neck I got from some random shop at Tampines Mall for $15 and a navy high-waist skirt I got from Hula & Co. back when they were still cool. Decided to belt it with my ribbon high waist belt from Bangkok which you’ll see a lot later and layer it with opaque leggings and my multi-coloured heart print navy cardigan from Johor. Shoes are from Mimosa and my white tote is from The Red Peak.

It was SUPER chilly omg but I LOVE the scenery!

Brown polka-dot dress from Far East Plaza and brown knee-high socks from New Look! Belted it with a simple black high waist belt from My Dress Room!

Insert two irrelevant pictures because I love the rustic milk farm that I visited!! I did see some real cows but I couldn’t get close enough for photos because they wanted the cows to be in a santizied environment. Their ice cream was really huge and delicious!!! Love their milk bun, their milk candy EVERYTHING milk there was uber good. (Y)

Went to see these pagodas

Paired my $5 navy top from wh with this patterned black skirt I got from THIS FASHION (which has already closed down) when I was 14 years old… OMG this skirt has lived in my closet for 5 years HAHA. Wore heart print sheer stockings underneath to complete the look!

(The sheer stockings do nothing to protect against the chilly winds but I am willing to suffer for the sake of fashion lol)

At a temple with this beast called PI XIU that is a symbol of luck! 

My green long-sleeve from MANGO that I love love love and this floral navy skirt I got for $8 there with these crazy patterned stockings that I also got there. I wasn’t able to wear what I initially intended due to some reason so I had to make do with this look even though it is a tad messy at the bottom.

I love this photo because it says XOXO, LOVE (:

TOPSHOP XOXO sweater, bangkok shorts and black knee high socks that I got as a gift. Super love the sweater because it kept me so warm on a cold drizzly day!


My last day in Taiwan so I was a bit lazy to really dress up as I only had the morning free before I boarded the flight home. Just went casual with my new coral tote, my red sleeveless top I got at HEAVEN and a long black skirt from My Dress Room.

You can tell I’m super vain cause I’m pretty sure most people just travel in shirts and jeans when they tour with their family but… NOT ME.  I fitted in so well several shopkeepers asked if I was Taiwanese. Buay paiseh a bit HAHA.

Just want to say that I really lovelovelove Taiwan and I am dying to go back there a second time. (:


As promised here is my haul II for this trip:


Super love my MeiTuXiuXiu app ^^

Collage of some of the outfits I put together with my buys.

***This is not all my clothes from TW but I had to lug my stuff from my house to my friend’s, so this is what I decided to grab

Butterfly print dress with Peter Pan collar, NT 275

See through yarn top with white tank included, NT 390

Summery hot pink floral tube top, NT 150

Light pink crop top with French words I can’t decipher, NT 150

Pleated floral skirt featured above, NT 180

Grey Korean inspired dress, NT 150

Cream high-low skirt, NT275

Pink heart print tank dress, NT 100

My 8 outfits for this haul post (:



My first time using brow pencil to thicken my brows!






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  1. The french words mean : I love boys, that is surely the case xd. However, I don’t know where have you bought this t-shirt but there is a mistake: it missing a letter, it’s ”garçons”, because this is at the plural form. By the way, I wish you a good continuation with your blog 🙂


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