DHC Haul ♥

DHC cosmetics!

I’ve been using DHC make up products for about a month now, and they are beyond awesome so I’m doing a mini haul post + review about each product that I bought!

Platinum White Base(White) and Foundation(in shade 02)

Their base and foundation combination really does wonders to perfect that flawless complexion. I’ve been getting UBER loads of compliments from my customers about my complexion thanks to these two babies! I like the fact that it’s SPF 35 & SPF 30, so there’s decent sun protection. The base is a 3 in 1 – it offers sun protection, colour correction and of course as a makeup base – mega LOVE because it evens out my skin tone and makes it look extremely natural. The base (this one is the white one, and there’s the light pink one for dull skin) alone is actually pretty good coverage for my skin as I don’t really have troubled skin, so with the foundation it looks FLAWLESS, I swear. Love the fact that it actually stays true to the “lasting” part of its name, as it stays on the whole day even after sweat + humidity + long hours – coverage all day!

The original price for each is $31.90 but I managed to snag it at $15 each, saving more than 50%! *proud*

Medicated concealer 01

FINALLY an affordable concealer (got this for about $12.90) that not only covers blemishes but TREAT them at the same time!!! This is one awesome product, another 3 in 1 – coverage, treatment, AND sun protection!!! What magic is this?! After using this my breakouts have indeed become less obvious, which is amazingggg because most of the time, concealer/foundation clog up the pores even more and cause even more inflammation and aggravates the pimple further! LOVE the fact that this has no strong medicated smell despite its medicated ingredients to treat the acne!!

However, I do have to highlight that because blemishes tend to be extremely oily, only one application may not last throughout the day, and you will have to re-apply. But re-application does not make it cakey at all, so that’s not really an issue to me.

I have tried this on a friend and she said it works well for her too, so I do recommend this if you are vain but suffer from acne problems!

Brown eyeshadow

This is what I use for my daily look! It’s very natural looking and the eyeshadows are SUPER pigmented. Also like the fact that the amount of shimmer is just right, not too much, not too little, just a hint of it to really highlight the eyes. I use the top as base, highlighter and to line my bottom eyeline which really makes my eyes stand out and conceals my dark eye circles as well!

They have palettes in pink and purple but I decided to go for the earthy browns instead. (:

Got this for $12.90 instead of the usual $31.90 as well.

Red lipstick in RD 08

The packaging of this is so pretty! Major plus! 😀

I LOVE THIS LIPSTICK! It’s shimmery but not overly glossy, so it can act as a gloss/lipstick. Have put this over other lip colours and the effect turns out really well. Look really natural for me on its own because I have naturally dark lip colour. Also amazing because it doesnt dry out my lips or make it peel (like most other lip products)! $11.90, I believe.

I recommend this for people who want a touch of colour but don’t want it to be too loud. You can actually build up the intensity of the colour so this is perfect for any occasion!

That’s all the cosmetic products I got from DHC, super love Japanese brands because their products are of superb quality!


With the above makeup products, my daily look!

With Amelia, my friend from back in primary school, at the Harry Potter exhibition! 

My complexion looks so perfect I wanna cry

*Used my Elf highlighter on top of my foundation


Editor’s Market Dress $20

Belt from street cart

Socks from Forever 21

Shoes from Johor

Pearl bracelet from Cotton On

Hair: centre part braids

LOVEEEEE my Gryffindor hoodie that I got at the exhibition!




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