Random Update! ♥



My OOTD from a few days ago, I really love this outfit because it’s so cheap! My tank is like $2.50 from Taiwan, my skirt $10 from Bugis Street, my cardigan is $18 from a random cart shop at Tampines Interchange, my bag is $25 from Bugis Street and my H&M sandals are $17! Necklace was a gift since like 4 years ago, and my Salt ring I just bought from Isetan a few months bck!

princess ring

My princess ring! I wear it every day ever since I got it for myself on my birthday, I feel insecure when I go out without it now. I like to think of it as a symbol of how much I’ve grown these few years and it’s also a reminder to stay true to myself no matter the circumstances.

3am face

3 AM Bare face


Haven’t had the chance to wear this hairstyle out!

beach ootd!

Went to Sentosa again after one year 🙂

school ootd

Some hasty outfit for a school day after my work! You can totally see my socks whatthe was I thinking…


Clubbing outfit sans the hello kitty merch from H&M during my birthday week!


My F21 heels that I got with my friend Eileen on a random shopping trip!


Random camwhore with messy hair!


Gardens by the Bay trip so I wore flowers haha!

hk mani

Adorbs hello kitty french mani done by my friend Bridget!


Am I pretty? O:)

cute hat!

Am I cute? OO:))

Overdose of me, oops. Can’t believe I let this blog to grow mouldy… uni left me with no room to breathe. Had some trouble adapting to uni life but I think I’m alright now 😀





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