April Update ♥


I was studying for my finals at J.Co last Sunday. Their Hot Chocolate is really large (:

Ariel Mugging!

My bimbo pink Ariel notebook that’s from Bintan!

But now I can finally say….


Who else is looking forward to beaches, picnics and mad lazing around?

Although technically I wouldn’t be lazing around because I have packed my summer full of activities. Firstly I’d be flying off to Taiwan next Wednesday. I’ll be gone for 20 days and be back on the 20th. However, because of the H7N9 epidemic right now and the first case in Taiwan, the project has been keeping a close watch on the safety status and nothing’s confirmed. I could actually be packing for a 20 day trip that wouldn’t happen but let’s not go there. I’ll hope for the best because I am mad in love with Taiwan AND I CAN’T WAIT TO GO BACK! (I’d blog more about packing for the trip when I actually get down to it LOL)

After I’m back, I’ll be busy preparing for my production and my competition. I dance Latin at school.

Then I could possibly be heading to Bintan for a quick weekend getaway before going to Community Project Camp with my friends. (:

In between shopping and chilling like crazy, I think my summer is going to be an awesome one! 8D

Just a couple of photos about what I’ve been up to so far:

Welfare project!

I bought cookies, sweets and plums for my OCSP group and wrote them little notes and packed it in with the goodies bags as a mini exam welfare from me! Also did for my clique in uni! I love to do little things like these for my friends. I’m not one for low maintenance friendships. I don’t believe in making friends and then approaching them only when you need something from them. The angst you sense here is hinting at a future post.


Yummy buy 5 get 1 free bread from Swissbake that recently opened at the SMU Accountancy building! I tried some of their food and some was good some weren’t, but the bread is nice!

Garlic Buttered Prawn

Strictly Pancakes is just a 5 minutes’ walk from the Social Science block but amazingly I can count the number of times I’ve eaten there with one hand. How can I waste such good opportunity for great food?! *ashamed* The Garlic Buttered Prawn is really really amazing. I love the garlic smell and taste. The sauce is very thick and creamy and they aren’t stingy with the prawns either! The dinner crowd means waiting time is rather long, so usually I opt for the outdoor seats if there aren’t too many smokers at the French cafe/pub next door.

Squash girls!

Strictly pancakes meal was with the Squash girls from MJ! Been super long since I met up with them! It was a nice catching up session. I even sneaked Kae into my school and to mug and introduced them to Ice Cold Beer at the Business building HAHA.


Went to Peperoni Pizzeria to celebrate Gab’s birthday! Nerdy toot is my best friend in SMU. Got him a GAP shirt that he refuses to wear because the GAP stitching pricks his nipples ._. The pizza is really good! I love thin crust pizza, but for some reason I wasn’t very hungry that day so I only had four squares, and all with the tomato ones because I don’t eat pepperoni hahaha. I think I’ll go back and try the other pizzas again. (:


Then we went to Udders for desserts and I shared a very chocolatey waffle with Gab. I would have finished it if I wasn’t so full from the giant ass pizza we had earlier on!

lava cake

Another sinful delight – the Starbucks chocolate lava cake! I was having my period and feeling in a funk with my headache and cramps while I had to study for my finals so Gab bought this to make me feel better cause I told him that I need loads and loads of chocolate in my world when I’m having my period. For me it really helps with the mood swings. Fat girl woes ):

soup spoon

Soup spoon meal! I tried their new homemade chicken soup, and it was a really warm and heartening meal! It’s on their temporary menu, so it’ll be gone after a few weeks. It’s really wholesome and healthy! Actually The Soup Spoon is one of my favourite restaurants. (: I love salads and soups so this is my place!

Lit fest

Went back to MJ to help out with the first ever Literature Festival as an alumni! God I feel so old typing this right now. I saw their lovely backdrop for the Polaroid booth and being cheapskates we used my phone instead! Was there to help teach Regency ballroom dances to the kids so they’d know the olden courtship games HAHA. Went with Eliza, who is also a dancer and from my JC class! It was really a fun experience as we had to learn the dance a few hours before and then demonstrate to the students after.

Yes as you can see I believe in living having a student life with the emphasis on life and I’ve been meeting up with my friends and enjoying good food in the mdst of all the studying ~

Now for some me time hehe.



Taken the day exams ended ^^

Will update more soon I am literally nodding off right now. Amazed at how I can still be awake after a tiring day from dancing and filming for my project.




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