Welcome to Taiwan: 鹿港 ♥

One of the Sundays at the centre we visited 鹿港, Lugang.

Lugang is a old port town in Taichung, with loads of quaint sightseeing sites like temples and a few old streets. We decided to visit Lugang to explore Taichung instead of staying in at the centre like frogs in a well!

Wenwu Temple

Our first stop after cabbing for approximately 40 minutes. The first part of the day were sightseeing.


This is a poor attempt at being artsy. 

Give me credit, there’s only so much you can do with a Canon digicam. God I need to save up for a semi-pro/DSLR. Any recommendations anyone?

I'm huimin

I’m nerdy but I’m cute.

They had these little cards where you can pray for good results that I’ve never seen in the other temples I visited during my previous trip to Taiwan. So I decided to write a few wishes of my own…. Call me greedy but my wishes weren’t made for me.

How do you do

Kickin it with the nerdy scholars.

how very nice to meet you

Part of the initiation ceremony, I had to walk around the Scholar Pond. 

Actually I have no idea what the pond is called but it was all explained in the sign if you care to read.

I think you're cute

My Traditional Chinese isn’t that fantastic but if I’m not wrong the student in question has to walk around the pond three times and pick up three leaves to be accepted. I’m keeping my comments to myself.

and you look delicious

Delicious giant meat pao!

Supposedly it’s very famous in Lugang, and I must admit it tasted really good despite it being cold. The volunteers at the centre offered to be our tour guides and were so kind to buy us some.

you make me happy when skies are gray

Another artsy shot. You’re gonna see loads of it.

When I look into your eyes

Their underroof works are pretty amazing.

in my heart

The tour guide of the day told us that if you wanna be Emperor you gotta stand under the heart of the design and spin clockwise 9 rounds and anti clockwise 9 rounds and after that if you can walk in a straight line then you can be Emperor. The spiderweb design was credited to some escapee who hid from his chasers behind the spider demon’s web who wanted to express his gratitude to the spider demon.

you're always with me

Slippers with leggings, don’t judge. It was rainy that day.

Under the roof is actually an “opera area” where in the ancient times people would act out plays to the gods seated in the opposite house to entertain them. The roof is built so that there will be better sound effects.
You bring a smile to my face


We were walking to our next destination when we saw this and I had to get a cup of my all time fave Honey Milk Tea! I mad love the Share Tea in Singapore (WHY DO THEY NOT HAVE AN SMU STUDENT OFFER?! PEKCEK MAX!) and I was dying to try it in Taiwan. It’s not easy to find since it wasn’t in any night markets or shopping district I visited this time so I’m a lucky girl to have found this!


Happy girl with my HMT!

Wherever I choose to go

Taken randomly while walking. We did a lot of walking.

After that we went for lunch at a junction of food, glorious food.

Fried Yam Pancake!

Yum yumz

I know it doesn’t look like much but this fried yam pancake is DAMNNNNN GOOD! Super cheap somemore like 15 NT?!?!!? THE THING ABOUT TAIWAN IS THAT GOOD FOOD IS AMAZINGLY CHEAP OMGGGGG. The girls were crazy about yam they bought and ate anything yam in sight that made me wonder if yam had any effects on health and beauty. Did my research and apparently it’s a very good source of vitamins, iron, potassium, the works. Smart girls. I think they’re just greedy actually hahahaha.


My lunch buddies for the day!  (And my workout buddies)

We ate mee sua which was really good and pancakes. They tried more stuff but I wanted to save my stomach for later. Super cute girls!

I ended up following Val & Jen after eating to score some really cheap shoes for only 150 NT can you say o em gee. That made us late for meetup and oopsy the leaders weren’t very pleased but who gives a fart. CHEAP SHOES AHHH! (Will be shown in my haul later)

We then visited this whole street selling quaint vintage souvenirs and some local food. Didn’t buy much, I only bought this adorable Hello Kitty pouch because I was in desperate need of a new wallet.


Meow meow leh? 

Bought it for 150 NT! Super love functional and cute Hello Kitty products! The couple whom I bought it from was very nice! Actually, all the Taiwanese shopkeepers are super super friendly and not in the creepy way, and they are super helpful and considerate. Of course there are shopkeepers that give average or even poor service, but that’s just one or two so far. Every customer service person in Taiwan, they look happy to serve you. Unlike in Singapore, you’re lucky if you get a “thank you” or a smile. I seriously love Taiwan!

under my umbrella

It started raining so I got out my umbrella that I got for $5 in Taoyuan, Taiwan during my first trip! Posed along the old streets. The background quite nice, no? I love how Taiwan can keep all the shophouses and heritage areas but still make it so clean and nice. Singapore’s heritage areas are just too sterile and perfect for my taste.

mr magic

As I’ve said earlier, Taiwanese are super friendly and helpful nd all around nice people. This guy is a magician and he gave Jiayi & I free gifts from his stall, just a simple ring and chain trick. Don’t belittle it I can’t do it so I gave it to my brother to try. *shamed* He also does events, if I’m not wrong. Since he’s so nice, free publicity for him! But this publicity is like no publicity oops sorry.

Kitty square

Meow Meow! haha lame kthxbye.

Of course I had to pose with my twin sister. Didn’t get to try these though! Maybe next time hehe.


More food yay!

I have no idea how Lugang is like, it’s super confusing to me. It’s like we walk and we reach this place then we walk and we reach another place. Okay now I just sound dumb. As in, if they’re all supposed to be in one “heritage area” they don’t seem very connected to me. So if you ask me where this is I have no bloody idea except that it leads to a pretty temple that I’m going to show you later.

They have like whole streets of food but we didn’t have time to explore it all ):

act yi ge ripleys

Act yi ge Ripley’s. 

Told you it was rainy. But slippers and long walks are never a good idea. My feet were aching mad and then because of the wetness my feet had black slipper marks at the end of the day oh my poor feet.

lion dance?!

Check out the thumbs up haha.

I have no idea if they’re lion dancers or dragon boat drummers but either way they were having a procession that day! And it’s my first time seeing 鞭炮 as it’s banned in Singapore so yay off checklist. They’re actually really loud and sudden. My friend got injured so I think it’s also dangerous?


As you can see it’s pretty crowded since it’s a Sunday, and the procession/festival. We went inside the tian hou gong and we prayed to the deity in charge of our birth year to watch over us and protect us when the year’s unlucky periods come rushing at us. You have to follow a chart and match it with your birth year.



Mad & I were pking artsy shots hahaha. What do you think? Actually it’s just a wall and a stone lion.


Mad & I! Both of us using our old school digi cam lol joke.

She’s super cute, she reminds me of a bunny but strangely she’s anti-vegetables. Like so bouncy with all her energy. She’s damn on to take all the tourist shots with me we are super buay paiseh, she always helps me take shots, thanks babe! ^^

bus tix

After that we went back to the city area, and went to 一中街 that all the girls were excitedly recommending to us for some serious shopping, which is a shopping district that sells pretty cheap and fashionable apparel and accessories for teenagers so YES SCORE (I spent till I had a 100 NT left lol omg).  Sat a private bus that was quite cool, it’s like a little mini bus that seats like 20 people with regular bus service. You just have to go to the shop and buy a ticket and queue.

When we reached the Taichung station, one of the girls was very kind to give us a egg pancake each from her family’s shop for free! It’s really yummy!

cong you bing

Super warm and yummy in the rainy weather! Thank you! ^^

End of our Lugang exploration!

A huge thank you to the centre’s volunteers for giving us a guided tour that day! I had a lot of fun!

lugang gang




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