Summertime Dreamin’ ♥



Been super super busy dancing and catching up with my friends that I’ve barely had time to breathe. Or put together a decent post. This is a super cheat post comprising of food photos and instagram photos ooops.


Been sick recently, down with a very bad cough and sore throat so I thought I’d give this a try cause it has lots of vitamins and it’s super yummy! Gonna be my new favourite drink from now on!


Met up with my babe Kits! Been friends since we were sixteen, and she’s still as cute as ever. *mua* We had a super scrumptuous lunch at Spageddies @ Orchard Central at like 3pm because I was running late as usual lol.

mushroom soup

Their Wild Mushroom Soup that was supposed to be quite a hit. I’ve tasted better, but super love the detectable hint of garlic in this! It’s not that creamy if you’re a fan of super creamy Mushroom Soup you will probably be disappointed.


We both decided to try their Chicken dishes and Kits got one of the “father” dishes that was some tomato based chicken! Looks real good!


I got the grilled chicken pasta I can’t remember the names for the death of me but this is super nice!!!!!!! I love how they just stir fry everything and yet it still tastes so delicious! I was in need of some vegetables so this was perfect for me that day!

ice cream ice cream

Tried out this dessert place at Orchard Central too.

1 banana 2 banana 3 banana 4

Tried their banana spilt! Their bananas are super fresh and I love the waffle biscuits. Chocolate flavour tastes not bad!

oh split

Me with my puffy eyes cause I just came back from camp and hence the lack of sleep and rest plus I was sick ):

pizza hut fish

My dinner that same day! New dish at Pizza Hut, which was quite nice! Bread Crumb Dory Fillet with Garlic. The fish was super soft and the crumbs tasted super super yummy me likes!

koh grill

MAD LOVE KOH GRILL! The Shiok Maki is super nice! Tried it for the first time, and everything here is just so niceeeeee omggggggg. I love how the orange eggs are like super juicy and fresh, and the sashimi is not bad too! The grilled asparagus and salmon skin could be better though!


Met up with dear Hongs after like half a year, and she drove me around in her Audi rs4 damn cool with the top down omg. I feel like a rich girl but only for that day whoooo!

paradise dynasty

Nice Chinese food at Paradise Dynasty @ Ion! I max love their Xiao Long Bao, and their noodles!!!! It’s the kind of plain Chinese food that just reminds me of home and warms my tummy while tasting delicious.


Fiddled with my collage app to produce this! I look like I have an unibrow btw fml oh nos.



Baked brownies for Gab and I made sooo much that I gave them to my dance friends, OCSP friends and fam! Received good reviews yay!


K lah I lied. It’s actually no bake brownies because I have no oven or microwave so I can’t even make mug cakes fml sobssssss. But I had a super fun time making this!!!! Looking forward to making new desserts soon! (:


That’s my brunch today, superrrrr yummy! The Fabulous baker boy is awesomezzzzzzzz. ***Bliss*** The Green Tea Praline cake is damn nice, super light and fluffy I am so jelly I wish I have an oven like right now. The pancakes are like super thick and fluffy LIKE THICKER THAN ANYWHERE ELSE I TRIED AND OMG SOOO GOOD! Eggs Benedict was quite awesome I love how they spread veggies on the toast to keep the toast from being too dry nd that way still get my veggie fix! DEFINITELY GOING BACK AGAINNNNN.

After all the sinful food…. time to balance it out



with SALAD!!! I MAX LOVE SALADS CAUSE I LOVE VEGETABLES AND FRUITS! Like if you make me choose between meat and vegetables I would definitely choose vegetables lol I’m a rabbit.


Been trying to eat healthier recently too! Before I fell sick that is ): And honestly WHY ARE VEGETABLES AND HEALTHY FOODS SO EXPENSIVE?!? *ANGST*


Added tuna, bread crust, carrots, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, cheese and almonds to make it a filling and healthy salad! ^^

nice nails

Btw if you noticed in the pomegranate pix my nails are sparkly! Bought this polish for 3.90$ at a sale and super in love with it yay! It’s a bitch to remove though.

Camera 360 hmmm

More photos of me to end the post hehe. I promise to get a real post up pretty soon! I’ll be flying off to Malaysia next week! Yay to summer travelling! Hope you all are enjoying your summer so far!




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