Happy Father’s Day ♥

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there.

It’s not easy being a father, and to me, if you have done your best, you’re the best dad your kid could ever have.



Happy Father’s Day, papa. 

Thank you for loving me and showering me with your affection and care! ♥♥♥♥♥

Growing up, I had sooooo many fights with my papa. Over growing up pains, mostly. But though we have exchanged hurtful words, loud screams and shouts, and sometimes even blows, I have never held any grudge against the man whom brought me up to be who I am today. I am super thankful that I have such an awesome man as my friend, my father and my papa. He treats me like his little princess and always takes good care of me, giving me the best he can. I have always been “oversheltered” with my curfews and teachers keeping tabs on me etc, and trust me I’ve complaint a heck lot and spilled so many immature and hotheaded tears over it during the tween period but I now realise how blessed I am to take my own sweet time to grow up.

I actually wrote a mini essay about my dad as one of my submission entries for the university applications and here it is:

This may sound like an everyday story that has become so recycled that it is almost criminal to write the words that will follow but sometimes the extraordinary can be found in our mundane lives. Everyone has an idol that they look up to – I am no exception. The man that I admire most in the world is my father or papa as I have always called him. You may think lightly of my cheesy story, but I write this with great pride. So many emotions whenever I think of this lovely man I have known all my life: love, respect and appreciation.

He may not be famous or the President, but I am eternally proud of him. In my eyes he is the most wonderful personality I know, someone who can truly say they have never backed down. A recent graduate from Ngee Ann Polytechnic despite his age, he is the inspiration that kept me going in my Junior College journey when I felt on the verge of giving up. If he could do it, what excuse do I have? He told me once that if one tries his best, there is no reason his teacher will fail him. Thanks to his words, I am here with my A Level results, not exactly fantastic but I have done my best like he told me to. A late convert to Hinduism who tried to walk on burning charcoal like those who have been doing it much longer, remaining cheerful when he got hospitalised with third degree burns because he couldn’t walk as fast as others due to his Polio affliction yet never blaming his condition only remorseful that he couldn’t overcome his fear there and then. A man suffering from Polio that has gone on to learn so many sports like golf and squash, never giving in to his disability and bettering me in all the sports he taught me to enjoy.

With such a great daily reminder of why I should give my best in all that I do every day, I am determined to live my life to the fullest.

Thank you, Papa.


I am most blessed to have these beautiful people as my parents.

fam fam

I love my family to Pluto and back. 

Love you, papa.




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