Welcome to Taiwan: 台北 I ♥

Sooooo I’m clearing up the backlog of posts if you guys care. Hardworking blogger here. I kid. If I was I would have uploaded all my posts in a jiffy. But I spent hours doing up a post and it’s hard to have time midst my busy summer! Okay excuses excuses, I know.

All right let’s get down to it:

I went to 台北 for the R&R part of my OCSP project! Had a LOT of fun there and I seriously ♥ Taiwan!!!!



We arrived in Taipei around the late afternoon and since we stayed at a hotel near the famous Ximending area, we decided to head down there for some shopping and as you can see from my bags of stuff I was a very happy girl that day!

After that we went to sing K and it was SUPER cheap like 300 NT for 3 hours inclusive of a free flow buffet!!!


Going crazy in the BIGASS ROOM! 

That’s half of the room in the picture. The facility is INSANE for the price. We have our own toilet in the room itself, the room is super sound proof and the sound system is awesome. Mindblown, Singapore’s KTV industry JUST CANNOT COMPARE wtf. And I feel so old right now because all our songs were like from 2005, 2006 when we were all still in secondary school like wtf oldies much. The singers are mostly married or not famous now whoops.


Ticket stubs!

The next day we went to 基隆, Keelung. You pronounce it as Ji Long. It’s just a small sleepy area by the sea, and we went there for the seafood! And take many photos of course. The public transport price is comparable to Singapore I think. A whole day of travelling can cost about $100+ NT which is about $5?

val val


Photos with my fav gurl Val ♥


Mandatory tourist shot.

While waiting for the train of course I had to take a tourist shot at the station! Now I know how all the tourists who take a photo in the MRT here feel. Their train stations have lines for queuing that is strictly followed, and people totally don’t rush to get into the train, and are very orderly compared to Singapore. We have aunties and adults just barging in and squeezing in even when it’s going to be really squeezy if they come into the cabin during peak hours. Shall stop angsting about pubic transport in Singapore.


Train shot with Jiayi!!! 

Jiayi is super cute, she’s super blur and happy-go-lucky, anything also steady one! She’s super funny and nice and really has a warm personality! Super glad that she was my co-faci at the centre yay!


Yay we’re here!



Was super excited to see Yamazaki in TW! They have a few outlets in Singapore and I just loooooove their bread! Super delicious and the price quite cheap!!!

bready goodness

Goodness in the form of bread. 

I think I ate so much carbs in Taiwan because there are small bakeries everywhere and all of them taste so delicious and are like super cheap omg!!!

A shot of the girls while waiting for the bus to bring us to the harbour!

hello (:

Here we are at Bisha Harbour!

scenic pix


(Got mountain got water of course must take picture!) Bisha Harbour is a quaint and quiet little area, and it looks really pretty. You can take boat rides on the waters before the breakwaters but it was not within our budget and the ride isn’t that worth it because the area is quite small! I’m not sure if they will take you out to sea though!


Pretty women

LOVE the SMUsic Box girls so much ♥  The photo is edited by Mad I grabbed it off her instagram so credits to her!


Berwin and I

Ber is my project leader! There’s a wet market selling fresh seafood and dried seafood products like cuttlefish etc so they were busy going crazy over it. I wasn’t a fan so I just took many many photos hahah.

Camera 360

The wet market is surprisingly clean and it doesn’t smell. Is it because it’s cooler there and the seafood is a heck lot fresher?  It’s sort of a wholesale market I guess more for restaurant people to visit.

Camera 360

The seafood really quite cheap leh.

Camera 360

The girls going crazy over the dried products.

They said they should have gotten more, and it’s really quite cheap and very good! So if I ever go there I’m gonna try some!

smusic family!

My family for 20 days and for time to come (:

taiwan titantic

Taiwan Titanic! hahaha lame. ._.

jen jen jen jen

Super pretty harbour!

Jen and I were roomies with Val for thr r&r and I love these girls to death they are super cute and funny! Spent soooo much time laughing at them back in the hotel room oops. We seriously are super bimbotic and talk super loads of crap.

(We went to JiuFen 九份 after that but I’m separating it for the next post! The same night we went ShiLin 士林 and I only took two photos  so it’s below)


Then we went to ShiLin Night market and ate some really good food there! But it was kind of rushed because we needed to catch the last train back, so we only did a teeny bit of shopping there. Ate this really awesome coffin bread.


Happy girls with the awesome papaya milk and bread!

And we also got the Ah Zhong Mian Xian that actually originated from Ximending, but when I went ShiLin that time it tasted damn awesome so I wanted to eat the ShiLin one again lah ok. I tried the ximending one I didn’t think it was that fantastic but Idk maybe I’m biased hahaha.


Had to bring it back to the hotel because the timing given to us was a bit screwed up, and got extended the last minute so we could have spent longer eating and shopping without going back to the meeting spot actually but it was a nice supper so yum yum!

Okay there’s still a little more to Taipei I’m keeping till next post because slowly uploading photos and then refreshing my browser cause it’s sooo dang lag is too much for me to handle right now.


Just like the star across my sky…

A pretty picture of me to distract you from the abrupt end of this post. I have been super busy lately because I traveled to Malaysia besides my rehearsals and camp… SUCH A BUSY SUMMER. I’M NOT COMPLAINING THOUGH. ♥




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