Genting Getaway ♥


With my irreplaceable Family ♥

During late June I got to go on a 3D2N trip to Genting! I know for many Singaporeans Genting is like “meh, nothing special” but for me I was actually quite excited for the trip to a place I haven’t visited in nearly ten years. The last time I was there was when I was nine or ten, and my brothers and I were really just tiny little farts. I also didn’t dare to sit on any of the rides back then, and I also didn’t dare to sit on the scary ones in Gold Coast and USS Singapore so I was like “okay I must challenge myself I need to sit rides I would never dare to sit” and then I did it! So the trip was actually really fun for me.

I took many photos the day we went to the theme park and was shamelessly playing the part of a full-out tourist:


The first thing I saw when I went in and I was like “I want a picture!”

I love that the weather was super good that day, the sky was just this super bright blue and there weren’t many clouds. Just when you thought you were going to die of the cold wind the sun came out to save you. We were really lucky because the first day we got there the sky was all foggy and it was really cold. We went during the worst of the haze so we managed to steal some fresh air up in the mountains while Singapore was in a dark hazy place. Super thankful that when we reached home the pollution index was only a 100 plus compared to the horror stories of 400 plus I heard while camping at my hotel’s Starbucks to get free WiFi.


Do people get to do this in London? 


Or is this a horrible misrepresentation of London?


They say the telephone booths in London smell like pee.


With my brother!

I didn’t edit the photos, look at the sky and the sunlight omg love the weather! BTW the photos are taken using my borthers’ S4 and iphone 5 so if the photos aren’t up to standard don’t look at me. I’ve been itching for a new phone but I lost my phone a while ago so I need to wait before I can get a new phone.


Fun ahoy!


Vi Vi Viking!

I was screaming my head off the entire ride even though the ride is quite tame hahaha. I screamed out of habit okay. I hate the feeling of falling or dropping down. I prefer to have my feet firmly planted n the ground. Plus in my defense the ship made a freaking loud squeaking sound like it was gonna come off the hook and start rolling down the steps. I wanted to sit on it again but the queue got too long. I don’t know what is it about amusement parks but time just seems to fly by so fast that I always find that I don’t have enough time to sit the rides.


Pretty ride!

What is this called? I forgot. But I remember sitting on the exact same ride when I was there the last time and being sooo scared because I was the only one on the ride my brothers were playing some other ride. It was late at night and it was soooo cold when I opened my mouth nothing came out cause my throat was too dry. But sitting the ride again in the day when I’m so much older was a better experience!


Right across from the flying chairs ride was a merry go round and OF COURSE I had to go for a ride and take a photo with the horses! It’s like something on my “bucket list” (okay my bucket list is more of a very G list of my unfulfilled wishes I had as a little girl) so I was uber happy to sit on it! It was quite old so I really wish one day I can go to one of those grand carousels and sit on the horses with pretty lights. Like those carnivals or theme parks you always see in the movies.


In the carriage waiting for my prince Charming hehe


On the second floor of the carousel!

I actually really love this picture and how it just radiates a happy feel. And it looks super clear and not at all taken by a smartphone.


I’LL MELT YOU DOWN LIKE ICE CREAM! *cue Hyuna’s song again hahaha*

It was too cold for me to eat an ice cream outside but I was sorely tempted when I saw this giant ice cream omg! It might also be because my money was with my parents cause we wanted to save the hassle of using the lockers in the theme park.


We went to Dinosaur Land to spam photos! We sat the boat ride and they really need to renovate it…. The snake that popped out while we were queuing for the ride made the episode more exciting though.


The entrance to the mini park!


The dino looks quite gong LOL


Mini dinosaur! 


On the bridge! 


Ferris wheel!

I was actually very excited to sit the Ferris Wheel until I got on and realised a little too late that it makes like five rounds and the super strong was blowing away at the little cages making it shaky and super scary. Maybe I really am just not an amusement park person. But by the third round in my head I was like ah screw it let’s just enjoy the view and the wind.



This was the scariest ride we took! Actually it as quite tame also. For Genting rides you can actually feel quit safe while you’re mid air because it’s actually not that fast. The indoor roller coaster was like 1 full minute omg. Unlike the ones in Gold Coast I KOed after like two rides cause I felt sooo bruised from being jerked left right centre when they took turns or sped up. Genting is really very family-friendly or friendly for people like me.


You can see what the ride looks like! It was quite smelly actually. Smelled like sweat which is like wtf how do you sweat when it’s sooo cold out?!


Yay! Conquered this ride!


Hit the waves!

A ride that was hidden away under the shelter. It just goes fast forwards and backwards in a circle while stimulating riding waves. Quite no kick. But I think if you sit it too many times you’d puke from dizziness hahaha.

We sat a train that went round also but didn’t get any nice pictures because we weren’t sitting alone. We also went for a haunted house that wasn’t scary at all…. it was like more of one minute of darkness. Nothing came at you and it was more of your anticipation that made it remotely scary. Disappointment. Then we ran out of the time because the theme park was closing. Didn’t get a chance to try the go kart because the estimated waiting time was one hour and you needed to fill in your passport numbers which made it seem dangerous. Also didn’t try the roller coaster that was at the edge of the cliff. Ran out of time because we only had two hours to comb the outdoor theme park. I heard it’s going to be renovated soon, so maybe the new Genting will be even more fun! ^^v

The indoor theme park we sat the roller coaster, bumper cars, ferry rides and the 4D ride. Some group of annoying had their butt stuck to the bumper cars and were totally taking the fast cars so they could bump into people faster and harder and there was this stupid beng uncle that was playing with them. I was totally just -___- because they took the fun out of it.

That’s about it for the theme park! I only really like the theme park because it’s not even remotely crazy cause I’m a scaredy cat (AND NOT ASHAMED OF IT). The performers were meh, and the food was even more meh. Had good fun with my family though (:


Bowling with the family the first night at First World Plaza!


Early morning picture on the coach when we were still in Singapore. It’s so hard to get a non-shaky photo with my lousy phone.


Say hello to Turty!

Got a soft toy because I forgot my Peanut at home and I can’t sleep without a toy. Look at it lying lazily on my belly it’s sooo cute!


Its adorable eyes!

I’m super thankful for this short getaway trip with my family because I was having a really busy summer and I was in need of a break and some family time. Didn’t get to extend the trip to KL as we hoped but still a good cheap getaway. (:

Lately I’ve barely had time to spend the whole day at home because I’ve had so many things to do. And today’s just me and my bed. ME TIME! I am actually those kind of people that love alone time. I like to line up my calendar full of activities and then have a looooong break away from people by hiding up at home reading books, watching movies and just not having to talk to people. It’s like my recovery period. I’m half extrovert and introvert like that. And this is one of the times I desperately need to chill the day away…


I wish I was back there.




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