Phuket Vacay! ♥



If you guise didn’t already know, I flew off to Phuket for a short 4D3N vacay mid July! It was a trip with my Uni buddies and their respective partners. So yes, it was a trip where 3 couples went (!) on a holiday. Yes, I have a boyfriend now mwahahaha. Guess who’s the lucky guy?


I think the answer is pretty obvious, isn’t it?

He made a LED signboard and bought me pretty flowers with my friends for my production! If you can see the pink wire at the top it actually says “Gab ♥ Hui Min”! A+ for effort! ^^

Excited for the trip!

Us at the airport at 530 am right after my production. I applaud myself for waking up and getting ready in time. I even showered and put on some tinted moisturizer! Super love my mad cute cheat jersey crop jacket I bought from Genting!

7This is the hotel we stayed at!

 Surintra Botique Hotel is located on Surin beach as the name suggests. I really liked the hotel, which is surprisingly amazing for $70! It was 50% off when we booked our stay so Gab & I were very suspicious about its services and quality and went a bit mad looking at hotel reviews. There was like one bad review for every two good ones, so we didn’t know hat to expect and were really hoping for the best, and we got pleasantly surprised!

We stayed on the ground floor so it’s right outside their swimming pool! It’s quite shiok having a pool right outside your room. Btw the photos are from Surintra’s website because they are realistic and I forgot to snap pictures of our room during the entire stay -_-


My room was the one in the middle, Room 3! The pointy roof area on the upper floor is actually the reception area and we must climb the stairs. I don’t mind exercise, but when it’s rainy and dark it’s quite dangerous! There are plenty of sunchairs lying around so guests can suntan and there’s even a lounging area right beside the pool that has a ceiling fan, is under the shelter (directly below the reception area)!


There was a male staff sleeping here at 12 am during the first night of our stay when we decided to walk to 7 eleven cause we were starving. He woke up and gave us directions but we didn’t manage to find it cause it was too dark and Gab was afraid some random vehicle will snatch our valuables or kidnap us so we turned back when we only a few hundred metres away from it. Still, it was very nice of him to do so! And he woke up when we came back and asked us how come we didn’t buy anything and we told him our failed midnight adventure ): This reminds me, 7 Eleven or the super mart is about 15-20 min walk from the hotel and the mini mart right beside our hotel isn’t 24 hours so you will have to buy your midnight sacks before returning to the hotel for the night if you want to have supper! Surin beach is a very quiet place so the nightlife consists pretty much of just chilling in the resort.

roomRoom’s clean and bright interior!

The interior of the room. We stayed at the Deluxe Terrace room, which is really spacious and clean! I have enough space to throw my luggage, backpack and clothes everywhere. Would appreciate more shelving to hang clothes because we used up a lot of clothes fast and need them to dry because of our water activities and beach visits!

hotel key

Our hotel room key came in an adorable patchwork turtle pouch! It’s very functional there’s a slot at the neck to slot the key and the zippered part is for some card! The hotel decor is very cute too! Yan Yan took this shot.

tableThe table decor, I like how it’s cute and how they bothered. They gave us two free bottles of water every day besides the chargeable water at the kitchen area. The window looks out to the pool area!


The toilet is again very spacious and big and clean! Nothing to complain about except there’s only one towel rack when the room is meant for two or three people. ): Love the rain shower though! ^^ AND I SWEAR, THERE’S ABSOLUTELY NO MOULD WHATSOEVER YOU FIND IN TYPICAL HOTEL ROOMS. A+ FOR CLEANLINESS!!


Swing out back!

We didn’t get to use it much because we were busy with our activities and we feared mozzies at night but if there’s time to chill, it’s quite relaxing to just sit there and chitchat! What I didn’t like so much was that the mini fridge and kitchen sink were outdoors as well, and it’s such a hassle when I take out my convenience store bought alcoholic beverages in the middle of the humid night and risk the mozzies sneaking into my nice cool mozzie-free air-conditioned room (Swing venue not a good idea for a make out session at night! HAHAHA). But if we used the kitchen in the morning it would be lovely to drink your breakfast tea outdoors on the swing (:

The staff is also very helpful and helped us book taxis for all our travelling! However, I was a little upset that the hotel staff didn’t realise that they forgot to give us bathrobes and upon our checkout insisted we do a luggage check to ensure we didn’t steal their bathrobe. I was quite -_- that they only made noise about this on the last day. However, the staff handled it in a respectful manner and kept apologizing for following protocol, so I didn’t make that big of a fuss. 

All in all I loved the hotel and its peaceful neighbourhood, very worth it for a $70 4D3N stay despite the travelling time and lack of nightlife (cause I’m not into seeing many many ping pong shows and drinking overpriced beer in tourist traps anyway)!

…Introducing to you the people whom I shared my virgin Phuket experience with!


Thank you for the fun and great time in Phuket! ♥

This is my first leisure trip overseas without my parents so thank you for inviting me! Thanks Jun/Jamie for planning, Yan&Leslie for being so accommodating and most of all thanks to my nerd for taking such good care of me! My ankle was actually hurting like a bitch during the trip because I strained it during my production and didn’t have ample time to rest it before walking long distances during Phuket. My nerd took very good care of me and helped me massage my ankle and spam muscle ache cream on it every night. Thank you! ♥

(food photos and scenery photos without my face in it are all credited to my friends Yanyan/Leslie/Jamie!)


Us at the beach!

I loooooove Surin beach. Not only is it located just five to ten minutes’ walk from the hotel, it’s super quiet and the waters are really blue! The sand is really soft, and the beach is unpolluted. There’s a line of restaurants along the beach, some have beach chairs for rent. We had a fun time eating salt water and jumping over the waves. Easily amused kid did this for about an hour. We checked in at about 2 pm and exploring the beach was our afternoon entertainment.

surin beach2

surin beach1

Beautiful Surin beach in the afternoon sun! Credits to the lovely Jamie (:


 Mandatory Patong Beach shot

Then we washed up and went to Patong beach for some shopping and lunch! We shopped at some mall that wasn’t that fantastic as it was a bit overpriced but before that found lunch there first. Lunched at a seafood restaurant that had a nice ambience and the food was not bad. Credits to Yan Yan & Leslie the photographers!


Of course we had to have Pad Thai!


Pineapple fried rice is another must-try in Thailand!


Fresh flower in our Thai milk tea! The Thai milk tea in Phuket has a stronger tea taste than in SG!


Grilled fish with awesome sauce!

After shopping without finding anything fantastic except the AWESOME THAI MASSAGE which really helped my ankle, we decided to find cheaper food along the street outside the mall and they were excited when they found the NO. 6 Restaurant!


Ate at the famous No.6 restaurant and OMG IT IS SUPER DELICIOUS AND CHEAP!!!!!!!!! It had a long queue but I think it’s worth the wait!





Really good meal for half the restaurant price! The service is a tad slow as it was really very crowded but that doesn’t deter me from going back again if I had the chance!

Then we headed to explore the pubs and clubs (the lupsup area) and went to watch a ping pong show at Erotica. It was definitely an eye opening experience for me but there’s only so many ping pong shows one can take. At least I got to check it off my list (: A good end to my day 1!

Then the next day we woke up bright and early to do some ATV and elephant trekking! Nerd & I didn’t join the rest for the tree top high elements because it was a) very high up and b) my ankle was still hurting so we went off for the ATV first! We actually booked our activities at Patong Beach the previous day through a middle agent and what he promised he delivered so we were very lucky!

The ATV and elephant tour agency we went to is called At Hill Adventure.

buggy rides

They had buggy rides but we went for the ATV one where someone drove us up to see the big Buddha because we both don’t know how to drive (my 2014 resolution ok HAHA) and they were very concerned about safety and road accidents because of sharp bends up the slopes of the hill. I also loved my disgusting looking hairnet that they provided but that means it’s really hygienic and your hair won’t stink from wearing the helmet! Although it will spoil the shots and you look uncool in pictures.

I had a really really friendly and funny driver who is actually from Myanmar! He was telling us his life story, making funny jokes and taking lots of pictures for us while giving us time to look around, explore and rest. His service was so good we decided to tip him and the other driver in the end! His English is surprisingly good for someone who has to switch between three languages daily! Even after the ride, when the nerd & I were at the waiting area he even waved and smiled at me and didn’t ignore us after receiving his tip.



We drove!!

Are the pictures convincing? We were totally acting cool. The drivers were so nice to stop at the scenic areas and roadside and help us take loads of photos while deliberately stepping out of the picture! Nerd sat too far back but I shifted in front so mine would look more believable. Anything for the angle LOL.

I was very happy that the in charge failed Gab’s test drive and put us on the back of the ride because the roads were really steep and the forest trail was extremely bumpy I had to hold on to the driver for dear life. He was seriously very slim and tiny I felt embarrassed to crush his waist in fear of my life. I cleverly brought my sling bag so I could rest it in between me and him so it wouldn’t be awkward. He only knows Burmese so nerd’s driver was the one who was entertaining us and told me to hold my driver tighter if not I would fall off.


Stopping at the the top of the forest trail to enjoy the view of Kalong Beach!

big buddha

The Big Buddha


I was wearing shorts so I had to wrap this beautiful cloth around myself to avoid indecent exposure in the temple. It doesn’t stink at all and it feels so soft and I actually think it looks good on me!


Our driver turned photographer made us sit down on the bench and pose and then he commented “The view very good. Big mango behind!” LOLOLOL


Us with the Big Buddha!


I love this candid of us (:


Our photographer of the day was so cute, he even took photos of us walking back to the ATVs! I am really thankful to have such a friendly and funny driver cum photographer so that our ATV experience was very enjoyable and relaxing.


Elephant Ride! ^^

I super love our attitude Ellie because it decided to stop in the middle of the road and take a big poop! And it kept veering off the trail and pissing its rider off but we were just happy to sit there and let Ellie do its thing. And I didn’t know elephants were so hairy! Ellie’s head had a lot of poky thick hairs standing up and it looked so cute! Likewise, the rider took many photos even though his English was limited and I am very thankful (‘: I was very happy because the elephant ride was one of the things I wanted to do in Phuket so yay off checklist!


I got to ride an ellie! (^O^)


Happy faces!

After that we went back to the ATV place to wait for the rest to be done with their ATV & elephant rides. We had to wait for about two hours at the place so we decided to just have lunch there and IT WAS ONE OF THE NICEST FOOD IN PHUKET!


70 Baht heaven ♥

We had difficulty ordering from the cook who cooked for all the staff there because they didn’t understand English until finally a local helped us to translate and we got out food! Super simple Thai homecooked food and it rocks! The chicken was not overpowered by the herb and the egg is freshly cooked! YOU CAN’T FIND THIS IN SINGAPORE AND TRUST ME I’VE EATEN AT MAAAAANY THAI RESTAURANTS HERE. The wait was a little too long so I fell asleep while Gab watched some movie on his phone he downloaded but I wasn’t very interested in.

I really enjoyed the day’s activities as it was very chill and relaxing for a tired me desperate for some vacay snooze. After resting and washing up we headed to the Weekend Night Market!


Yan Yan and I! This deserves a picture because Yan rarely wears a dress.


With our Watermelon drink because I was so thirsty!


Posing with some meat balls!


From this stall!




Crunchy guava


Delicious coconut ice cream


Awesome sauce


Some sweet snack

NIGHT MARKET FOOD WAS AWESOME SHIZZ AS USUAL!!!! We pooled a food fund and we ate until I exploded. I have no idea how Leslie can eat and eat and eat without exploding! At the end we actually bought more food for supper and breakfast!


My loot from the Night Market and Patong(:

Nerd & I bought turtle keychains to hang on our backpacks ^^ I bought a turtle charm bracelet to hang on my other backpack too! They actually have a lot of cute and trendy stuff that I’m sure are everywhere in bkk but I heard about their small sizes so I didn’t dare to buy that much.

For our third day we went to Phi Phi Island! Used the same middle agent to book spots on Happy Boat!

5Bright and early at the reception waiting for our ride!

The in charge was so funny she kept calling us honey and made many funny statements like “Who got baby? Not outside, inside the stomach” and “Don’t look at the dogs, look at me!” and many other ones that I forgot. But her briefing was very clear and I liked how she gave us the alternative if the weather was bad and the sea was too choppy.


On the speed boat! Before we got seasick hahaha

phi phiWe didn’t get to go to the first stop because the seas were too rough so we stopped near some lime caves and started to snorkel!


Us in the water!

I never snorkeled before and I think I don’t know how to snorkel oops. Nerd & I rented fins but didn’t use them because nerd was too seasick to actually go inside the water and I didn’t know to swim deep enough. ):

monkey island

Monkey Island!


Smiling happily despite being ( a little & very) seasick!

buffet lunch

Our buffet lunch!



Camwhoring after lunch! We wore our matching tank tops that day (:

khai island

Nerd dozed off at Khai Island!

beach plz

Beach please I’m cool.

I think Phi Phi Island would have been better if the seas were less choppy but I am thankful that the weather held up and we actually got to do all our activities despite the fact that it was the rainy season!

Washed up and went for a nice dinner by the beach with the group!


Girls in our pretty dresses (:


Only thing super nice was the fresh fish!


Nice night view of the beach! It was really peaceful and quiet especially as we went during the off peak holiday season!

For the last day, nerd & I decided to go to the beach for a walk and then a quick dip in the pool before meeting Yan & Leslie for lunch!


Successful jump shot by the beach, achievement unlocked

beach plzzzNerd & I! (:

For lunch we went to this super nice restaurant called Salt where the pretty waitress was very friendly and helpful and the food was super good!


Cute and delicious fruit juices!


Shiok pineapple rice in pineapple


Super nice crispy noodle with chicken!


Our last day meal! ♥

Including the Pad Thai that was different from the usual Pad Thai we tasted.


Mango Sticky Rice!


Picture with yan yan at the pretty outdoor area of Salt!


Nerd & I!


My manly boyf!

After that we went to do mani & pedi before cabbing to the airport! Nerd can’t take massages and when the woman offered to help me do Thai massage he was reluctant but he as forced by me to do it HAHA. The women kept laughing at him because they were very amused to see a guy doing manicure and pedicure. I think he’s a hit with the ladies (;

I really enjoyed my trip and I am really very lucky that the weather, people and food all worked out well! ^^

the end.





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