Summer Favourites ♥


A smile is the most beautiful accessory.

Summer’s coming to an end as I start school this week ): It’s been a hectic and fun summer and I have been so lucky to meet and befriend so many wonderful people, and to collate such a truckload of memorable experiences. ♥


Favourite products this summer!

I’ve used up tons of products this summer and I’m just going to blog about the ones that I loved! (:


Summer scents!

My two favourite scents for this summer: a body spray and a perfume


My best friend bought it for me and I only just started using it. It’s not what I would go for typically in perfumes – I like very sweet and light floral scents but I fell in love with this because it feels more grown up with its subtle musky scent. I use this on days where I have to go outdoors or have a long day so the scent will last longer, or when the occasion is more formal.


be Enchanted

 This is a Bath & Body Works body spray that I SUPER love and have begged my friend to buy a second bottle for me from US/Canada. I am super in love with its summery floral scent!! Someone told me it smells like grape shisha but I wouldn’t know though.


Been loving these two products for my hair! My hair’s in a really shitty condition right now as I haven’t cut it for a few months plus the crazy weather is taking a huge toll on my hair but thanks to these products my hair’s somewhat presentable in public hahaha.


I bought this Ma Cherie anti-frizz hairspray in Taipei and it’s like cheaper there than in SG. Mad love the bonus cherry scent that makes my hair smells super nice while infusing it with  goodness! I think it works great for fighting frizz, but it’s not that good for detangling (or maybe my hair is just too screwed up ):)


Super love this hair butter from Body Shop! I’m not sure if it really smells like a rainforest but the scent is certainly refreshing, and the creamy butter makes my hair softer and less hay-like… I really need to do something about my hair…


AQUALABEL Travel Beauty Set that’s not really “travel size” for trips that last only a few days but nevertheless I super love this and you can tell because my toner is almost running out. The cleansing foam has tiny beads inside that dissolve as you rub the foam onto your skin  to reenergize and renew your skin and even the cleanser feels moisturizing. This is the whitening range and I gotta admit the result is really visible. My face became fairer after using this for one month plus!


Face essentials!


The Biore tinted moisturizer is really really natural and it’s not thick at all despite the sunblock function. The Maybelline concealer is my all time favourite but now my tone is a bit darker from my tanning so I use the Za perfect fit which is amazing at making my eyebags less obvious!!!!


Favourite blush at the moment. It has a little peachy tint to it and I love how it has duo colours that makes the look more natural, not too coral, not too pink, just nice! My boyf didn’t even realise I had blusher on, he thought I just had rosy cheeks on some random day we went out.


Revlon’s Lip Butters.


Been hearing good reviews about this online so I decided to buy some when there was an ongoing offer. Love how these don’t dry out my lips at all (Im sensitive to some ingredients in lippies and then my skin on the lips will just start peeling like mad fml) and looks and taste natural(my boyf didn’t complain hahahaha)!

Sephora HK makeup brushes!


Pardon me I haven’t shampooed my brushes at the point in time where this was taken.


A fluffy creash brush, a liner brush and an eyeshadow brush to complete the set! Really really soft and are great to pick up the colour!


My daily eyeshadows from Etude House!


The lightest one is for the inner edge of the eye and the lower lashline to create the korean eyebags look which has recently been in trend but I’ve used this look for over a year now, while the bronzy brown is for the lid and the darkest brown is for the crease!


Before that, if I prefer a heavier look, I would put on the Prime Time metallic eyeshadow base that I bought from Sephora on a sale! It’s actually silver colour so if I’m lazy I can just go out with it alone. The base really brings out the colour of the eyeshadow and makes the glitter particles more visible.


Last favourite! Etude house liquid eyeliner! This is really cheap and very black. Super love how easy it is to use because it’s so thin if you mess up you can quickly reapply to conceal and correct it! Plus now my wingtips look really fine and subtle instead of my usual thick ones using my cream eyeliner. This is super sweatproof and smudgeproof and great for sweaty hot summers!

*Wanted to mention a special thankyou to my best friend Dory. (:


Blessed to have known you.

Will find time to blog more as school begins to swamp me with work!




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