Mask Haul + Updates ♥

Bought (half) a luggage full of masks from Taiwan back in May!


Lovemore masks! I want more!


Super love the Lovemore Masks and I want to buy it again! Can’t find it in local stores though. I love how thin the mask sheet is and the refreshing feeling you get after you take it off. Crazy about how it gives my skin a immediate glow the next day. Like you can actually tell when I’ve put it on, I’ve received compliments numerous times. I’m only left with one mask each and that makes me sad.


Bought the super cute Hello Kitty series from My Beauty Diaries! Masks! Frog Prince and Peter Pan inspired designs, I like how it looks sweet but not overly girly.


ThePeter Pan design is a Hyaluronic Acid Mask for moisturising purpose and is suitable for combination and dry skin! The Frog Prince is the Mexico Cactus Mask for moisturising, but the canlendula and aloe extract inside makes it more soothing and gentle enough for dry, sensitive skin. Overall, just improves moisture retention for your skin! They actually have these in regular design I’m just a sucker for Hello Kitty products. 😛


Couldn’t resist and grabbed this huge mask set! Took up a lot of luggage space because I wasn’t smart enough to remove all the bulky packaging…. Oh well, there’s always next time!


They gave me a bonus mask that’s meant for anti-wrinkle effects, targeted at smile folds!


So happy to score a deal on the top selling masks types! I love how rich and nourishing the masks feels on my skin!


A fairly new brand to appear in Watsons and Guardians around Singapore…. I was intrigued by the name when I first picked it up at Sasa! After all, scheming doesn’t exactly resonate with beauty masks…To me, it’s because of the phrase “美人心機” (beauty’s motives) then after I use 心機 I will become a  美人.

So after using this 7 day beauty pack, I will become a 美人 right? ^^


I like how the masks are so bright and colourful! I’ve used some of them before and I loved it so I’m getting them again!


Comes with three set of eye masks as well! Just in time to combat dark circles from mid sem madness aka late night cramming. *sigh*

I actually bought some branded eye masks THAT ARE MAGIC but I gave them to my mom so they’re not mine anymore ):

That’s my mask haul from Taiwan! And I’m still happily using my masks right now!


2013-09-20 17.58.39Birthday date at the Zoo! ♥

OMG, It was horrible trying to get a nice shot in front of the signage, there was no one who looked like they could take a nice picture near us. There was this poor man who didn’t know how to take clear shots and tried for at least 10 times before we gave up and told him it was okay. All that smiling gone to waste. At least we managed to get someone to help us take a nice (enough) shot!

2013-09-20 15.01.28Happy happy

I’d admit that his map reading skills pwns mine. I think it’s because of the army. Does the army even use maps anymore? Anyway, I was just so confused by the incongruity between the map and the path in real life. Oh well, that’s what the boyfriend is for, right?

We were very lucky to hitch on the feeding trail group, so we actually just randomly followed behind a bunch of ang mohs and the zookeeper to see many animal feedings! I feel that the animal feedings are the best time to observe the animals because otherwise most of the time, they’re kind of just hiding/resting. When there’s food, there’s action! Plus the zookeeper tells you fun facts about the animals that you’d probably be too lazy to read on the signs. I remember things better when the zoo keeper tells me things than me reading them on the signs!

2013-09-20 14.32.42

Cute and greedy otters! They took like three to four fishes at one shot, holding on to some, quickly biting on them then grabbing more!

2013-09-20 15.46.29Saw the timid meerkats! One brave/greedy meerkat was eating the food off the zookeeper’s hand!


I thought they were the cartoons in Madagascar but the ones in the movie are lemurs, not meerkats!

2013-09-20 16.19.22

Saw the penguins as well! I think they finished their feeding, I only managed to catch the zookeeper feeding the penguins that refused to eat. Maybe they were the sick ones. ):



2013-09-20 14.37.12

The pigmy hippo’s tail is so cute! Their feeding time basically consists of them facing their shiny butts at us!


Pigmy hippos are like miniature hippos but they’re still hippos!

2013-09-20 15.40.51We saw a giraffe peeing and I think it pissed for 5 whole minutes! Then after it peed it walked over to the feeding area and started shitting and nudging the other giraffe away for food.


Aww, love overcomes all ♥.♥

2013-09-20 15.42.30Me with the giraffes!

They look so cute because they’re sooo tall and skinny and you’re just like wow they can actually balance and walk!

2013-09-20 15.50.10Black with white stripes or white with black stripes?

Marty, the zebra who dares to do it all!

2013-09-20 15.50.45

We went to the enclosure but didn’t get to see the lions so there was no Marty & Alex moment for us. ):

2013-09-20 15.02.49Commercial break

Then we went on to visit other animals but honestly the animals aren’t in order because I don’t remember when I saw which animal, we managed to cover the whole zoo though! Rather, the photos that are here are the clearer shots I managed to take with a S3.

2013-09-20 15.26.52

They’re the tiny ones, the huge was was so big I couldn’t take a full shot even when I was standing on the observatory benches!

2013-09-20 16.36.27-1
Baby chimp hanging on to Mama Chimp, cuteness!

We saw the zookeeper feeding the chimps and they’re real good catchers.

2013-09-20 16.38.10Horses!

They’re situated at the back of the zoo, the part meant for kids, the petting zoo for rides, photos and feeding etc.

2013-09-20 16.39.55

Greedy little goats!

2013-09-20 16.42.31

2013-09-20 16.41.36

Me happily plucking the feeding leaves off the branches and feeding them to the goats! They see nothing but leaves. No food, no love. So cute!! They just never seem to be full.

2013-09-20 15.14.06Sun, sand, my world is complete.

2013-09-20 15.14.16

Giant turtles I wear they look like some pokemon.

2013-09-20 15.12.42“My bro”

2013-09-20 15.13.08

My shot looks more like it’s dying to get away from me instead -_-

2013-09-20 16.15.02

Continuing my obsession with awkward turtles  ♥

2013-09-20 16.23.06

With Ah Meng!

2013-09-20 16.59.15
While waiting for the Splash show to start!

2013-09-20 17.18.17

The seal is super cute when he claps!

2013-09-20 16.21.12

Seal Family!

I think my boyfriend is improving with his photography skills. I look slim in the photos he takes for once LOL

2013-09-20 16.07.51

Polar bear!

2013-09-20 16.09.34Noble bear and happy girl ^^

2013-09-20 16.11.07

Thank you for such a fun day! ♥

Had a really fun time at the zoo! The weather was cool and the company was awesome (: (I can’t wait to go to the River Safari when it’s fully opened! Pandas!)

2013-09-20 20.58.50Family dinner at Ootoya!

I MAX LOVE THEIR FOOD. Not only is it good, they provide free refills for rice, salad AND miso soup. Ant their miso soup has lots of vegetables inside, unlike those typical Miso soups. And my brother eat A LOT, so they enjoyed the meal very much. Ordering four bowls of rice, soup and an extra ala carte… My birthday or your birthday LOL

2013-09-20 21.00.22Thank you girls for surprising me! Love you loads!

They got me a Hello Kitty walking balloon! Uber cute!!!

2013-09-20 21.29.27

Birthday presents from the nerd ♥

He said the paper rose is to represent his love. Unlike real roses, it won’t rot and die hahahaha I don’t know if he’s bullshitting me or what.


Family, friends, love all in a day on my birthday. Yay ♥ So happy for all these people in my life!

It’s recess week now (:




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