Words I ♥

She had a mass of bright red curls on her little head that shone starkly against her pale, freckled face. The unruly mess almost looked like it didn’t belong on her, for she was dressed in a startlingly white knee length frock. But her exposed feet revealed a signs of innate rebellion in her young nature, and she managed to carry off her fiery crown well. She was running around in the gardens that smelled of roses to the sound of water matching her pace in the majestic garden fountain. She tripped and toppled onto the soft grass clumsily and began to laugh to herself, the childish giggles barely filling up the air.

She was by herself in the garden, as she was most times.  She was a stranger to friendship, for she had no one to talk to besides her grandmother who could hardly count as she was very old and very deaf. The two of them lived in a huge old house that seemed to creak and groan whenever it fancied, and was quite certainly too large for the tiny pair. But she loved the house, for it was the only home she knew, and it was the house her parents lived in.

“Time for lunch, Kala!”

Hearing the familiar loud screechy voice coming from the house, she got up from her patch of heaven and entered the house.

The back door swung shut and all was quiet in the garden again.


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