Semesterly Sentiments ♥


It’s reading week! I’m trying hard not to panic despite having a huge amount of workload to cram into my brain before the exam strikes. Wish me luck. It’s always a mad rush during this period, and I tend to fall sick due to late nights and stress. Plus I always gain weight because I snack while studying and take a break from hitting the gym. Hopefully I’ll come out all right this time!


I baked Chocolate Chip Cookies last week! Happy to announce it’s another success! I used only five ingredients and followed this recipe. It’s really simple and you don’t need special ingredients, just flour, butter, sugar, an egg and chocolate chips. My family devoured them and I gave some to the nerd as well!


It’s slightly brown at the edges but it’s normal! The centre looked slightly underbaked but the cookie turned out perfectly soft!


It tastes more buttery than chocolately though. Perhaps I will opt for recipes with brown sugar next time!

Also collected four welfare packs this semester and it’s totally an achievement because I never collect my bondue welfare. I just don’t like the long queue and 98327 people cutting the queue in front of me. I don’t like to cut queue, but I do because everyone’s doing it and if I didn’t I wouldn’t get my welfare. a) the exco get enough welfare for every single person in the faculty/fraternity, b) get welfare that people actually like and c) people should stop cutting queue, STOP because it’s not fair to people who arrived there earlier than you.

On a side note, I think I’m the best kind of people when it comes to welfare because I usually don’t take it, save the exco money HAHA. *Disclaimer: I take welfare only when people jio me in advance, and I’m very very free. Which happened to me on the last day of school because I had no lessons and I was done with all my projects, yay!


Thank you Women’s Connection and Truly Malaysia! (:


Fruit tarts from Law welfare delivered by Laura! Thanks Laura! ♥


ACF Welfare with Ardiente peeps! All of us won something for the bonus prizes! ^^



I also went for my first Starry Night! First and definitely not the last!

Yay to me for surviving year 2 sem 1!

CAN’T WAIT FOR THE HOLIDAYS!!! Only 2.5 weeks to go!!!




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