Wedding OOTD ♥


Finally a day where I can dress up! Here’s my outfit for my cousin’s wedding ceremony in the day.


My top is from tracyeinny, $25. Super love the flowy material that makes it look really nice when I tuck it into high waist shorts and skirts. Of course it works well with a pair of jeans as well. I really like the silver collar detail that adds just a touch of girly to the top; the back is sheer and so you look all sweet in front but hey (;

The skirt is from Taiwan and I bought it at Wu fen pu for $5! Heels are from New Look, I bought them on a sale for $20! And the purse is a free gift from Dolly Magazine!





I had makeup on and that explains the spam of selfies.

My boyf is currently in Taiwan and I miss him like mad. Now I know how those ns gfs feel. I kid, I don’t. How could I? Waiting for him to come home while I attempt to establish some form of independence. I’m taking the chance to put on makeup, get all dressed up and go crazy shopping. This is me in survival mode.



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