Girls Day Out OOTD ♥

Every detail, every day.


Didn’t have time to scout for a nice location in town that day because I was too busy shopping with my BFF, snapping up all the xmas deals!  So I decided to snap my ootd in my room late at night – I was bored, funshion hasn’t updated my favourite dramas yet. *Sigh*


White lace crop top from New Look | Green skater skirt from Dopestreetboutique that I purchased at  kissjane


Make of the day! Just had on some light makeup.


Excited for my date w the BFF because it’s been ages since I shopped! The kind of shopping where you just set aside some money purely for yourself and whatever catches your fancy. (Not forgetting the part when you head home to realise half of what you bought is not only costly buy impractical – thankfully I managed to escape from this predicament this time!)


We had a late lunch at Nana’s Green Tea at the new wing of Plaza Singapura!  The main course wasn’t anything fantastic but I loved the dessert we ordered, super yummy!


Maybe it’s because I have a weakness for matcha ice cream, but it’s really good regardless. Love the riceball and the cornflake combination with the matcha ice cream. And at the bottom there’s green tea jelly that’s plain green tea so you won’t have a sickeningly sweet aftertaste lingering in your mouth!

Then we got down to some serious shopping before walking over to the Cathay to snap pictures with the pretty Xmas tree!


My BFF and I,  friends since we were primary 5 and counting!  I really treasure our friendship because not many people still keep in touch with their primary schoolmates, and yet we’ve been in contact since then! One of the rare friends who actually bother to meet up regularly and I’m so grateful that she’s always been here for me no matter what! Love you BFF ♥


Love the polaroid we took! The backdrop looks so pretty (:


Looking forward to Christmas!



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