Photo Diary – 2013 Edition ♥


I’m sure everyone’s year has been full of ups and downs – some more ups than down and others more downs than ups but it need not matter, for it is a year of experience and more importantly, a year full of learning.

Here’s a Photo Diary of my year of learning in 2013!


My first OOTD of 2013! Started the year off with a bang by working out in the gym and then slipping on my H&M kids dress! (back when I still had my iPhone, sigh)


Recorded a song for one of my best friend’s birthday! We rewrote the lyrics to Taylor Swift’s 22. Fun experience! And it also made me realised I was not a singer, dreams crushed.


Went back to my junior college and realising how blessed I was back there. The incubator environment and relatively stress-free days are sorely missed.  First time demonstrating and teaching juniors renaissance dance steps for the 1st Lit Fest in MJ!


Took up my first ever tuition assignment and I learnt so much from teaching this cute little 7 year old. Gained so much patience and became wiser when dealing with kids. Tried my best to teach him life lessons besides the textbook requirements.


My overseas community service trip to Taiwan in June. I learnt so much from my first trip without my family – This is where I learnt how to work with a huge group of people, how to plan and conduct lessons for teenagers and kids, how to emcee, how to improvise and be flexible when things don’t work out. I remember how I was so homesick I cried at first, and how much I have grown from this 20 day trip.I acted, sang, cooked, taught, cried, laughed, loved, and grew.  Thank you to my amazing Formosa family for all the awesome memories ❤


Joined StarringSMU again as a faci with my nerd, around the time we got together. To make sure my freshies weren’t as lost as we were, we really went all out to make sure they got all the necessary information with regards to bidding and talks, even creating a dropbox of notes. (:


Made good friends who gymmed through the summer with me! Thank you for helping me lose weight! hahahaha mermaids ❤


Performing in my first production with Ardiente! It was such a fun experience. I was so scared because I’ve never performed Latin dance before, but hey, I did it! And didn’t fall on my face. That’s a bonus!


Went to Phuket with my nerd and friends. Now I’m pretty sure I can survive in a foreign land with my friends, but I’m not so sure if I can alone. Maybe we’ll see in the future! I have to admit the nerd did take super good care of me though so my assessment of my survival capabilities may not be so accurate.  Fun trip with great memories. ❤


Then I went to Genting and thankfully managed to escape the worst of the haze plaguing Singapore then! So blessed to escape 400+ PSI and spend two days in the cool air up in the mountain.

Huimin text

I ran for executive committee election for Ardiente, and now I’m their marketing director. I’ve made a video to get around my public speaking fears and avoid repeating mistakes of previous failures. I have never been in any “major” leadership role, and this was my first. I have learnt so much from this and am so thankful for the opportunity.


Ran my first 10km ever! Super proud of myself for being able to complete 10km even though it may seem little to most, but I have never been fit since young, and I ran and worked out a lot to train myself and ensure I won’t pass out. Yay!

2013-09-20 16.11.07

Had a wonderful birthday with my nerd, family and friends ❤


Successfully baked cookies, twice! Achievement since I have always ruined my cupcakes (something to try in 2014!)


Flew a kite for the first time! Super perfect day with the nerd ❤


Dressed up for Halloween for the first time! Was so excited over it! Why is there no tradition of trick-or-treat in SG ):


Had a wonderful Christmas with my nerd and family! This was taken at a random Xmas tree at some OCBC building at Raffles Place. Btw love my super cute daisy sweater from kissjane!


Looking back, I have tried and finished so many things for the first time, and got so many opportunities to learn and grow, and make new friends. 2013 was a great year! Hoping to make 2014 even better.

Happy New Year everyone!



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