Stila Artist Essential Set Review ♥


My make of the day using Stila Artist Essential Set!


Super excited to share this awesome makeup kit with you guys! It’s a Holiday Palette and I picked it up two weeks ago  at the Sephora pop-up store during their happy hour which means I got this baby at 20% off! Ultimate happiness that I managed to grab such a fantastic deal! It was abut 50$ after discount! The packaging of the product is meant to imitate that of a real artist’s paint box, hence the name artist essential. I really like the simplicity of the design.


I got 4 eyeshadow palettes, a blending brush, an eyeliner, a liquid lipstick and a cream blush/lippie. It also comes with an instruction guide on how to use each of the palettes! I really think it’s really worth the money, even before discount for so much product!

Let’s start with the eye palettes.


So for this set, you get 4 palettes with 4 colours each, making that 16 eyeshadows which is really great value for money! I love the fact that they have four different type of eye looks going on here: (from bottom to top) Surreal with the natural make, renaissance with the bronzy look, abstract with the purple smokey eye, and pop art with the green party look! The colours are all quite muted, they aren’t anything loud or flashy but that’s what I love about it – it’s the “essential” colours and looks that every girl needs! You can go from neutral no makeup makeup to dark smokey eyes within this set. In each palette there’s a good mix of matte and glitter eyeshadow, usually with the darkest being the matte one so you can use it for eyeliner as well! I do think that the lighter colours are a tad too sheer, and it can be hard to build the colour up so in actuality the greens and the purples aren’t that obvious. I feel that these are best for “soft” natural looks!


The smudge stick waterproof eyeliner in the colour Stingray and is a black charcoal eyeliner that’s really creamy and pigmented. I really like it because I prefer my eyeliners to be really black. You know how some eyeliners are still greyish black instead of black black? Well this is really black and I love it!


I like the #9 All Over Blending brush – it’s fluffy and it really blends the cream blush in the set! However, it is a bit stiff and the bristles are a little too hard for blending eyeshadows, my Sephora brushes work better for that.


Super love the dual covertible lip & cheek cream in Peony, it is AWESOME!!! It looks really natural when you blend it out, and then  it really only requires a little bit of product!


*inserts selfie just to prove point* Look at the blush, it looks really amazing omg. Very very natural. Me likes!


This is another AMAZING product! It’s a liquid lipstick in the shade Patina and it stays true to its name – it really does stay all day! I eaten twice and drank water numerous times but it really stays on! Of course the colour will fade but you can still tell it’s there. It’s a very matte lipstick and a little goes a long way because it’s actually really dark. It comes close to my natural lip colour so another bonus for me! Not only so, it doesn’t make my lips crack like so many lippies do for me so I’m really in love with this!


Here’s a swatch of the liquid lipstick! Despite being matte it is actually creamy and quite moisturising!


I used the Abstract palette for my eyeshadows, and my lipstick that day I chose a glossy lippie to make the look more natural! Super love the cream blush and the eyeliner as well! Have I successfully pulled off the no makeup makeup look? ^^

I would recommend you to buy this if you’re a beginner who can get a good bit of everything within this set and play with safer looks first. However, if you’re looking for bright pops of colour or funky looks, this kit is definitely not for you. But I still highly recommend their lip&cheek cream and liquid lipstick! Those are my two favourite products from this set!

Have a great 2014 everyone!




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