Nyx Parallel Worlds Review ♥


I thought the movie itself was a sad Twilight spin off but I’m quite charmed by the Parallel Worlds Box from Nyx!

I actually got it last year but I hadn’t gotten around to using it until now. I know it’s no longer in stores in Singapore but you can still order them online.


I’ll give points for the packaging. It works quite well to create the dark and mysterious feel this collection is going for.

The collection includes a eyeshadow palette, an eyeliner, an eyeliner crayon, a mascara, a blush and a lipstick that are meant to create two looks – the sweet and innocent look Clary spots and the sultry sexy look dorned by Isabel in the movie. It’s a pretty comprehensive set that is versatile. After all the two looks are meant to be a dichotomy!

And don’t worry if you don’t feel like purchasing the whole set, each item is already available by itself. I still think it’s more worth it to get it as a set though!

Let’s get to the highlight of the collection – the smokey eye palette!


I love the range of colours in this palette – it’s so versatile!  You can create neutral, bronzy and dark smokey eye looks.


I actually swatched this on my hand for you all to see it this time. To make it a more accurate swatching I actually put my Bare Minerals gunmetal base before applying the palette colours (as I would do so on my face when I put on eyeshadow!) To achieve the colour intensity I had to swatch it on a few times. I love the blue and the purple colours – especially because I’m not that into the ultra black smokey eye looks. The blue and the purple eyeshadows are perfect for a softer smokey eye that’s still fierce! The only colour I’m not crazy about is the glittery black eyeshadow because it’s rather patchy and takes a lot of swatches for colour to be obvious.


The first and second swatches from the left are the lighter shades from the palette. You can totally use them for a neutral day look, just like the sweet look Clary wears!

The third colour is from the jumbo eye pencil in the collection.


I use this on most days on my waterline and the inner corners to brighten and highlight my eyes. It’s really smooth and easy to work with!


I am in love with their liquid eyeliner because of the fine brush!  It makes it really easy to draw natural and inconspicuous eyeliner looks AND it won’t smudge because it’s liquid!


And of course, you are really in control of the thickness of your eyeliner look. I really love eyeliner but some days I want a super natural look so this is great!


I am also in love with the Le Frou Frou mascara. I’ve been trying out a lot of mascaras from different brands but I find that a lot of them smudge by midday, even after claiming to be long lasting water proof and smudge proof. (I wore mascara only when I did the experiments) So I tried this without expecting much and I was pleasantly surpised to see that it stayed on without smudging!


Pinched is a lovely pinkish coral shade sprinkled with glitter pigments and is wonderful for girls that like “warm” looks! This is my third Nyx blush and I really love how the colour really shows and does not fade throughout the day!


The soft matte lip cream in the shade Istanbul is a lovely bright girly pink!


It’s such a sweet colour!  Although it’s not a favourite of mine because I’m used to natural lip colour which is really dark. Not something I’ll whip out often but I think it’s great for those with lighter natural lip colours!


My make of the day using eyeliner, eyeshadow and blush from parallel worlds.


I opted for the sweet girly look to match my pretty cloud dress!

Overall I love most of the items in this collection and I think they’re really good for a day to day look! I do think it’s definitely more worth it in a box than individual purchasing! My favourite items are the blue eyeshadow, the blush and the jumbo eye pencil! I would recommend this box if you aren’t too picky about the pigments of the eyeshadows.

Till next time~~



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