Pentax OOTD ♥


So I succumbed to the temptation of the pretty Pentax Q7 and joined the instagram contest to get a shot at winning the cute AND lightweight camera! 

Please help me out by liking my instagram photo!


Click HERE!

I will be forever grateful to you! ^^

Okay truth to be told I actually love photography. I don’t mean taking photos of my own face and outfits but like nature and architecture photography. I used to dabble in it when I was way younger and had way more free time. I have been wanting a dslr but it’s so expensive and bulky… This lightweight pentax would be perfect!


Plus it looks really cute!  You can take nice photos but still do it in a girly fashion!

So in a bid to win this competition,
I asked my friend to help me with a mini photo shoot. The photo needs to be good, it’s all about presentation! Posing was one of the hardest thing to do – feeling comfortable enough to pose, having the right expression, posing aesthetically… so much to remember for a perfect shot! And from the shoot I realised I have a LOT of unflattering angles. Definitely not cut out to be a model haha.

Here are some photos from the shoot:


The original photo that I entered for the competition! Oh by the way all the photos are only edited in terms of their exposure and colour!


I can’t believe I posed in the middle of the road! This is quite a busy stretch of road during peak hours but I guess we managed to sneak in a few shots when there were no cars. I almost got run over by a motorcycle though omg. I realised that even after wearing 5 inch heels I’m still so short in the photos -_-


The weather has been really dry in Singapore lately and the plants have been dying, making it look like autumn – a great chance to shoot outdoors.


Okay THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVOURITE SHOTS. Because you can’t see any buildings whatsoever and it really looks like I’m in some nice park in the autumn! All the people in seasonal climates must think I’m crazy for hyping over the fake autumn we have here in SG.

By the way, I got the cute lilac dress from kissjane and the Hello Kitty pink tote from Johor. The heels are from Forever 21.

Okay please help me like my photo! Thank you very much! ♡



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