Monochrome OOTD ♥


My ootd:
Floral headband from Factorie
White dress from H&M
Black belt from Taiwan
Black strappy wedges from Adel BHG

Eileen’s OOTD:
Black and white dress from xhysteria
Thin strap heels from nickelrow

It was lovely meeting up with my secondary school classmate, Eileen! Somehow we coincidentally dressed up in black and white coordinates, but in our own style. I was sweet&girly (as usual) and she was hot&edgy!  Check her fashion instagram at @certifiedlove! Follow me @huiminxoxo!



5 Replies to “Monochrome OOTD ♥”

  1. Have you seen the new vest trend? I love it when a surprise comes my way that is delicious enough to want as much as chocolate. Looks like the oversized sport jacket left as quickly as it came this time. On with the new…. {Trend To Try} Designers Are Baring Arms with Elongated Vests Trending on The Runways


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