GSS Treasures II – Lovisa Accessories ♥


The smell of summer.

So glad that Lovisa, the sister brand of Diva (which has been closing down like mad), decided to descend onto the sunny island. Lovisa has been sale-ing for quite some time, and I finally dropped by to pick up some items!


I bought these cute hair accessories for only $5 each!  Happy girl because both are on top of this year’s summer hair trends! The pink floral top knot headband is perfect for sweltering summer days where you just want to tie all your hair up, or for when you’re too lazy to wash your hair but still want to look cute! Plus, top knot headbands are trending this summer!

Also bought a golden flower headband (okay I admit I’m a little obsessed with floral stuff) that just screams sultry and is perfect to top off bronze/gold eye makeup!


Had on simple makeup with just eyeliner because I was only catching a movie nearby! I’m more into a natural dewy look rather than the matte option as a) the weather is super humid so you’re bound to perspire like mad and b) my combination skin means I have to touch up matte looks more often.




Too hot so I put some snowflakes in my photo hahaha. I am quite annoyed that it mostly only rains in the wee morning hours when everyone is too busy sleeping to enjoy the sudden coolness. I start work in the late afternoon so I pretty much travel in the humid heat and end up with super frizzy hair and melted makeup T.T Not enjoying the crazy heat.

I will carve out time to do a less cheat post soon, promise!



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