Sephora Enchanting Eye Palette Review ❤


Make of the day using Sephora Enchanting Eye palette!


Am totally in love with my latest item from Sephora, the Sephora Enchanting Eye palette! It’s a very simple packaging but still manages to stand out with all that glitter. I kind of like the fact that it looks like a giftbox, as it’s a perfect gift for makeup junkies!


On Sephora’s website the retail price is $36 but I managed to pick it up during sales period for half price! That’s like $18 for 14 eyeshadows! Score!


You get 14 pretty eyeshadow shades on one side and quite a big piece of mirror on the other, how convenient!


What I love about the palette is what it is super versatile. You can seriously go from very neutral looking eye make to super fierce eye looks with this palette!  Perfect for travelling imo! Literally everything you need is here, white for highlighting the brow bone, black for eyeliner, and many colours to play with!  It has a good mix of matte and satin shades, the darker shades are usually matte for the creases.

I just realized that from this pic, looking at vertical rows aka columns, you can actually use the lighter shades for highlighting inner eyes, the middle one for the lid and the darkest one for the crease!


Swatch of the lighter shades.  Super love that they look almost creamy here. They’re the first horizontal row from the bottom of the previous pic!


Second row of eyeshadows. I’m quite smitten with the olive green!


The last row of eyeshadows, more purply tones.

I did two looks, a lighter neutral look and a darker night look with this palette.

Look 1:


I lined my eyes using the black eyeshadow and opted for a more natural look with the champagne and brown eyeshadows.

Look 2:


More dramatic look with purple eyeshadows, and I lined my inner eyes with the sparkly silver eyeshadow! I also put on some kohl eyeliner to darken the sephora black eyeshadow.

Btw I am currently looking for a good eyelash curler and mascara… hence my bare lashes. ):

Loving the sephora eyeshadows! Overall I would recommend this palette if you’re looking for an affordable, quality and versatile set to play with. The eyeshadows are pretty pigmented and are easy to swatch on, not much glitter fallout as well.




4 Replies to “Sephora Enchanting Eye Palette Review ❤”

  1. Congratulations! I nominated you for a liebster award! If you want to know more please click here. As this award is meant to be a compliment and a fun thing to do please do not feel pressured and have a great day!

    …I think the palette is great because of the many muted and darker tones. They suit you very well 🙂


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