Welcome to Taiwan – Kaohsiung 高雄 I ♥

Hello Internet friends!

If you have been reading my blog for a while you would know that I absolutely love Taiwan, and I have already been there once a year every year since 2012. Somehow I got blessed with the opportunity to visit one of my favourite countries during my freshman and sophomore year in SMU, and I am super thankful for that. This May I got to go on a Business Study Mission (BSM) trip to Kaohsiung and Tainan, which I jumped at the chance to because it’s another part of Taiwan which I haven’t had the chance to explore in-depth yet! So this is me clearing my backlog posts about Taiwan now.

Disclaimer: the DSLR quality photos are taken by my friend Roger, who was the official class photographer for this trip! Thanks Roger! Beside his photos, mine look like shit. Time for a new camera!


Brought my pink luggage that I bought from Ximending on my last trip to Taiwan! Coincidentally our travel agent has pink luggage tags and it just makes my luggage looks even more pink and girly! I tend to go for luggages with bright colours so they will really stand out, my last one was pink with cow prints. Picking up my luggage at airports is always a breeze!


Checked into this hotel after a late lunch!


It was evening time by the time we reached the first hotel for the trip. We quickly checked in because we wanted to head over to the night markets for some exploring. The hotel room quite nice right! IMG_0796

Toilet selfie as I unpacked my toiletries to freshen up before heading out!


We explored Rui Feng Night Market!


Black Sugar Milk Tea! I complained that my face looked huge and Roger asked Kuo Hua to stand beside me.


Still fail leh I think my face is bigger than his fml.


Us waiting for our Black Sugar Milk Teas! The Taiwanese milk tea is different from the ones in Singapore. In Singapore the milk teas are sickly sweet while in Taiwan, 50% sugar feels like 0% sugar already, there is a stronger tea flavour here! Rui Feng Ye Shi isn’t really big on shopping, about 3/4 of the small night market is food! However I managed to buy some clothes and accessories here that I will feature in my haul post soon!


Went to the Love River that’s five minutes way from our hotel with some friends!


Saw this really cute and pretty wall floral wall here. Spot the ducks!!!


They asked me to send this photo to my bf but I shy.


Started our industrial visits with China Steel the next morning!


Dropped by Dream Mall and the tour guide said this bubble tea shop is really good!


Chose a guan yin latte!


My group mates and I posing with our Chun Shui Tang beverages!


Happy girl with awesome drink! It’s actually a restaurant style setting with a counter so you can sit inside and feel atas! As you can see I kept very strictly to the formal code because it is the first day, can’t afford to look too laid back! IMG_0848

Then we went to Sun Yat-Sen Uni to have an exchange session with some of the students and professors there!


The campus is really huge and spacious! And the air smells really fresh because it’s right next to the sea!


With the fathers of Taiwan.


On the pretty campus green!


Had a pretty good dinner, they said the squid was good!

Stay tuned for part II!



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