Black on Black OOTD ❤


Dress, Montifs
Strappy Demi Wedge, Lowry Farm

Simple black babydoll dress from Montifs that is really comfortable yet still sweet and classy. It’s also good for hiding tummies! Dressed mine up with my demi wedges from Lowry Farm! I’ve been searching for a nice pair of demi wedges for ages because it’s been sort of the shoe trend in Singapore lately.




Demi Wedges are really good because the high platform at the front lessens the depth of the arch of your foot as compared to in normal high heels. They also come with a strap that provides a lot more support and prevent slip-offs! I wouldn’t recommend it for people with shorter legs/wider ankles as it can really make your calves look chunkier (which defeats the purpose of heels in the first place).



Took some photo in the dance studio that day! One simply cannot waste good lighting!


I would recommend opting for shorter hemlines to maximise the lengthening effect of wearing heels! I’m not saying go super shot, just a little shorter would be good enough! I know it’s against natural instincts but I believe that showing more skin in the right way actually makes one look slimmer!


Selfie time! Opted for a darker red lip that day with natural brown eyeliner in order to balance the red!

I’ve been really busy with work and dance but I will be back with a post soon!




8 Replies to “Black on Black OOTD ❤”

  1. Cute dress and shoes! I know what you mean about the business–I feel like I don’t have time to post anything right now. But don’t give up, I’m sure we’ll overcome our busy schedules and get something out soon!


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