Welcome to Taiwan – Kaohsiung 高雄 II ♥

Back with my second post about my Taiwan trip!


Our first stop was Brogent Technologies, a multi-sensory entertainment company! As you can see, I stand out like a chao bimbo here hahahahaha. BUT THAT’S ME OK. I HATE WEARING FORMAL IT IS SOOOO UNCOMFORTABLE!!!!!

Then we dropped by this pretty Swan Castle, a care centre and home for kids with Down syndrome run by the Children Are Us Foundation to understand how a non-profit body runs.


The pretty Swan Castle! Really looks like a legit castle!


 The address if any of you ever want to visit!


Had a buffet lunch in the nice cafe inside the castle! What a nice view!


Got candle somemore, so romantic. If any of you are wondering why does this castle belonging to Children Are Us, a non-profit ogranisation, look so lavish and nice is because they actually host weddings and wedding receptions at this castle, and the cafe serves as a way for the kids who have to stay in the home to learn to interact with society by performing small tasks waiters are supposed to do, such as refilling water and clearing plates and eventually learn to earn a living.


My wonderful  and greeny buffet selections!


Us girls enjoying the great food and ambience.


Of course we had to pose at the heart shaped awning that is actually meant for weddings.


After lunch we had a presentation from the manager. I am ever camera ready.

2014-07-17 03.22.52

My OOTD for that day!


Then we went to Fo Guang Shan, this really famous and huge temple in Taiwan! I visited the old location on the hill during my last trip and was surprised to see the new location! Now the stairs and the climb are really gentle, which I feel is really good for the elderly who would find it very tiring to climb the many steep steps on the old location!

2014-07-17 03.22.39

Was told by my friend to try this redbean pancake!


Guan Pei Redbean Cake is just located right at the entrance of the temple!

Humble redbean filling that was delicious!


Us on the second storey of the temple with the beautiful pagodas in the background!

Before I start spamming pictures of what is a very typical Chinese meal in a Chinese restaurant, I just want to clarify that “Chinese” is a race, and there are Chinese people all over Asian countries and worldwide, not just in China. For example, there are Chinese (racial identity) people in Singapore and Malaysia but these Chinese are Singaporeans and Malaysians (national identities). Just clearing that up for people who are unfamiliar with Asian/Chinese culture (actually Asia is super big with many races so if you ask me what is Asian I have no idea) because I feel like a lot of people always automatically link “Chinese” to China. So actually the Chinese culture is not really the same everywhere, sometimes there are fusions and slight differences depending on which country you go to!

These are just pictures of a Chinese meal in a Taiwanese restaurant. Basically for our entire journey there we were stuffed with Chinese restaurant food for lunch and dinner, super filling!!!

Cold Dish for starters!


Sweet and Sour Chicken/Pork hahahaha I don’t remember


Prawn was basically a staple at all of the restaurants that we visited – prawn for lunch and dinner every day is it like the season for prawns in May?! Well in any case it is almost always the least touched dish because no one wants to dirty their hands shelling prawns + nobody can keep eating prawns for  a week straight hahaha


Some delicious fried chicken meat balls with loads of fattening mayo on top hahaha

Okay, that’s like half of my ten course meal. Ten course meal for lunch and dinner, I don’t know how I made it for night market food!

Keeping LiouHe Night Market for the next post!



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