Lace Kimono OOTD ♥



Finally hopped on to the kimono bandwagon. Slow, I know. But I just couldn’t find a kimono that I liked and so I waited till the perfect one came along and I finally found it! Also decided to try the hankerchief hem trend too. By the way, all my clothes here are from Hong Kong!! Yes as you can see I found quite a few stuff I liked!


I’m not sure if this is how flatlaying is supposed to go, but here’s my first attempt at it! (I had to climb onto a chair for this) I super love the lace details on my kimono!


The back of my ootd!  Yes, I have a thing for ribbom cutouts.


My bright yellow top plays a nice contrast to the black origami skort I got from – wait for it – Giordano Hong Kong! Apparently in Hong Kong, they sell trendier clothes unlike most Giordano stores in Singapore that sell just simple basics.


I love the sheer fabric of my kimono!

Coordinate of the day:

Lace kimono, Pull&Bear Hong Kong
Yellow crop top with ribbon cutouts,  Stradivarius Hong Kong
Black Origami Skorts,  Giordano Hong Kong
Sandals, Charles & Keith



19 Replies to “Lace Kimono OOTD ♥”

  1. GAHH EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS OUTFIT! ❤ First of all, I cannot WAIT to find the perfect kimono. This one is gorgeous! Second, yellow is my favorite color! The contrast with the black is super pretty. Third, I love the skort. I didn't know that hankerchief trim was a thing, but I really love it ❤


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