Back to School – Trumpet Skirt OOTD ❤


HELLO again lovelies!

Excuse my lack of creativity when it comes to titling my posts, I think it’s habit to call it like it is. It’s been my resolution to dress up and actually utilize more clothes in my wardrobe instead of repeating the same few for school this semester, so let’s see how long I last!

Wore my hot pink trumpet skirt (yes, another trend that rather recently hit Singapore) that I am in love with. Super adore the curve hugging “fit and flare” silhouette that it creates, wearing it high waisted really emphasizes the waistline and elongates the legs! Definitely helpful for my petite size and short legs. (five foot three is still petite!! – oh the lies I tell myself) Paired the skirt with a cute navy printed crop top. Wore my Puzzle wedges that I bought from the I.T outlet store in Hong Kong!

Coordinate of the day:

Geometric crop top, Bershka
Pink trumpet skirt, Hong Kong
Off white strappy wedges, Puzzle



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