The Monday Bleu OOTD: Sloppy Chic How-to ❤


Never let Mondays stop you from being fabulous.

Opted for the sloppy chic look with my oversized top complimented by the simple colour coordination.

Three tips for achieving the sloppy chic look:

1. Opt for oversized or loose fitting tops
The silhouette created by fuller drapes create a more comfortable and relaxed vibe.

2. Keep to 2 colours

If there’s only one colour, it’s going to look rather dull. And if it’s a dark colour, heavy. For the outfit itself, try to go for 2 complimentary colours that blend instead of stand out against each other for a subtle look that’s easy on the eyes. 

3. Go for shoes that look a little dressed up

I’m not saying go for high heels, but wedge sandals are a good option to avoid coming off as downright sloppy. Boots are a good, dressy and comfortable option as well!


My entire look is from i.t Labels today, with the exception of my shades. I bought my loots from the i.t outlet during my Hong Kong trip! The outlet store is located at citygate and it’s really huge and stocks a lot of brands at up to 65% off or more so if you’re ever in the area and are into chic and cool street wear do check them out! (Currently the Singapore stores are having 50% off too!) Can you tell I’m slowly transitioning into fall fashion? (; Knitwear and sloppy chic are definitely fall!


Coordinate of the day:
Oversized BLEU crop top, a+ab
Bejeweled knit skirt, dazzlin
White wedge sandals, Puzzle



14 Replies to “The Monday Bleu OOTD: Sloppy Chic How-to ❤”

  1. Love the look! I was supposed to go to Beijing this year with my brother and sister in law (she’s a Chinese native who resides in the U.S.), but it didn’t happen 😦 HOWEVER, I just found out this weekend that I think we’re going to be able to go next year and we’re going to be visiting Beijing, Shanghai, Sichuan, and Hong Kong! Best news EVER! If it happens, you can bet I’ll be asking for some tips on where I need to visit in Hong Kong (and shop!) since you’ve been there recently 😀


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