EFFORTLESS! DIY – Cute Hair Accessories ❤



Today I’m going to show you lovely people how to make three types of hair accessories! I’m not very well versed on DIY projects so if you’re like me you’ll enjoy doing this one! This DIY tutorial is really easy and inexpensive to follow, I promise. I FINISHED EVERYTHING IN LESS THAN 15 MINTUES!! AND ALL items cost less than $5 to make! I bought ALL my materials (besides my glue) at Daiso Japan, a value store where everything is $2!!! Especially since I shared some of the material between items, it’s even more worth the money! Read on to find out how to make these cute and simple accessories! 🙂

The items are ordered in terms of increasing difficulty, but all of them are really really simple!

1. Ribbon Hair Pins 


These cute little pins are super easy to make!


Items you need:
Bobby pins
Fabric Glue, I got mine at Spotlight

All you need to do is to put a little bit of glue onto the centre of the ribbon


And then stick it onto the head of the pin!


Tip: remember to hold the pin and the ribbon together tightly for 10-20 seconds to ensure the ribbon won’t run out of place before the glue dries.

And there you have it, a cute bobby pin in less than one minute!!


Perfect to keep your hair out of your face! I just did a simple french braid and ended it with the clip, you can also just clip your hair up and it’ll still look as cute!

2. Lace Headband


A simple and sweet lace headband is sooo easy to make! Or any other type of fabric headbands, really!


Items you need:
Fabric Band (shown here is the sequin one but I made another with lace too)
Elastic band
Fabric Glue


You first need to unravel the fabric band and then wrap it around your head the way a headband would go around you head. However, keep to 3/4 of the head instead of going all the way round.


Something like this. You don’t really have to be super accurate as the elastic band that fits into the remaining quarter is stretchable!


Cut the fabric band as per measured.


Cut out the desired length of the elastic band. I like to make sure mine sits at least one cm on the fabric band yet is still comfortable when I wear the finished band.

TIP: Cut a longer elastic band if you are unsure. It is better to trim it shorter as it is impossible to work with a band that is too short.


I also cut another small piece of lace to glue onto the band so as to make the headband more secure!


The lace headband is a great addition to any outfit!

3.  Floral Headband 


This cute headband is sure to win you some compliments when you wear it out! Of course, you can also use any other types of flatface flowers that you can find, so you can make headbands with fake daisies or poppies as well.

Items you need:
Fake flowers
Elastic Band
Fabric glue
(Basically the same as the lace headband, just switch the fabric with the flowers!)


I got these from a floral ring at Daiso’s gardening department so these were already cut from the “vines”! TIP: choose flowers of different sizes to create more depth and interesting details to your headband!


Cut off the stem and make the flower as flat as possible to make sure there is a great surface area to glue together.


My flower has a few layers but the actual flower you use may vary from mine. When you remove the stem, separate the flower layer by layer and then individually glue each layer together to ensure that they will stay together and not fall apart.


When the flower is dried halfway, stick them onto the elastic headband. This time, measure the elastic headband all around your head. You can choose to glue the ends together before gluing the flowers on top to conceal the end point. The elastic band I bought at Daiso is rather long, I have made three headbands with it so far and it isn’t even running low yet!


After the flowers and the headband are stuck together, you can use a piece of fabric to glue the band in between to further secure it, just make sure the flowers cover the fabric beneath! Of course, you can by all means stick five flowers consecutively together to make a fuller floral headband!


Love how sunny and cheery this headband is! So fun to make!

 In short, this project is like a mini advertorial for the greatness of Daiso – THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS YOU CAN BUY AND MAKE WITH DAISO PRODUCTS! The possibilities are really endless! A lot of my 21st birthday party deco items are made with Daiso products as well, so be sure to look out for the post! I hope you enjoyed this easy peasy tutorial and be sure to comment below, tag me @huiminxoxo on instagram or Facebook if you decide to try them!



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