The Right Shadow – Flattering Eyeshadow How-to ❤

Been REALLY busy this weekend hosting my advanced 21st birthday party and attending one of a good friend of mine! Barely had time to recharge and it’s back to the hectic school life. New #rightforyou post today and as a self-proclaimed beauty junkie, I thought it was overdue for a beauty post! So here’s my guide on finding the most flattering eyeshadow for your skin tone!

the right shadow

Credits to coastal scents for the pigment pictures!

OBVIOUSLY, again, everyone can wear ANY colour on their lids – but some might not show up well or exaggerate the undertones of your skin when what we really want is to create balance. To me, eye makeup on a daily basis is all about creating balance and just a little touch up is all that needed on the face!

 1.  Vibrant Colours 


Here’s the beautiful Katherine Graham showing us how vibrant eye shadow colours should be done with this gorgeous look! For darker skin tone, vibrant eyeshadows really shows up beautifully. I SUPER LOVE THE OMBRE EFFECT OF THIS LOOK. TIP: with super shocking eyeshadow colours, you might want  to tone down on the eyeliner or forego it completely to avoid being overly dramatic for a daily look!


TIP: Alternatively, you can use vibrant eyeliners such as the cobalt blue Jennifer Hudson is sporting here for a slightly more subtle look!

2. Warm Colours


Warm colours are awesome for olive skin tones because they highlight the warmness of your skin as shown on the pretty Rachel Bilson here!


It doesn’t necessarily means bronzey browns, you can use soft warm pinks like the beautiful Penelope Cruz here on W Magazine!


Me wearing some warm brown eyeshadow for a natural daily look!

3. Cool colours


Before y’all start saying that I keep using celebrities as an example, here’s Bubzbeauty, a beauty guru on Youtube! As you can see she has fair skin and she’s using cool colours in this prom makeup look! Really creates a soft and feminine look that makes your fair skin look super pretty! TIP: avoid dark eyeshadows as this can make your eyelids look bruised against the fairness of your skin.


TIP: If you’re feeling bold and want to try a smokey eye, try going for a softer brown look like Amanda Seyfried!

However, I do want to highlight that by fair I mean those that have really very very light skin as they are the ones who usually have pinkish undertones great for cool colours! Otherwise you’ll probably fall into warmer mediums! 🙂

4. Dark colours


Dark eyeshadows are perfect for medium skin tones as your skin isn’t so light it will look super fierce on your skin and it isn’t so dark the dark colours won’t show! Check out the lovely Jen of From Head to Toe, a beauty and fashion youtuber with this super sexy smokey eye look!

TIP: Medium skin tones can be divided into cool medium and warm medium and for lighter colours you can follow guide no. 2 and 3 respectively!

TIP: if you’re a neutral skin tone, you’re good for any colours! 🙂


Like Drew Barrymore, you can flaunt it in warmer shades…


…and cooler shades as well!

Have a lovely day!



6 Replies to “The Right Shadow – Flattering Eyeshadow How-to ❤”

  1. A very insightful post! I have fair skin and often gravitate towards brown and copper shades. Have you tried colored liners? I like the urban decay eyeliner pens, and I”ve been experimenting with the plum shades lately 🙂 – Lena


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