Smartling x Huiminxoxo – One Night Abroad ❤


My outfit tells my story.

Imagine you could go anywhere in the world for one night.

Where would you go? What would you do? What would you eat? More importantly, what would you wear? That’s what One Night Abroad is about – what would you do for one night in a foreign country? Was so excited when Smartling approached me to participate in this project and I immediately said yes!


For me, I have always wanted to visit Japan.

The home of the beautiful sakuras…


The mouthwatering ramen…


To the considerate and polite people and not to mention wonderful service….The list is ENDLESS!

What is there not to love about Japan?

So for this special collaboration with Smartling I chose to explore my perfect day/night in Tokyo.


Where I would go

1. Visit the Rabbit cafe

There’s a famous one called r.a.a.g.f in Harajuku!



2. Laforet Harajuku


They say it’s really pink and crazy inside, so why not?

3. Go convenience store shopping


The convenience stores in Japan are famed for excelling at the convenience concept.

4. Take Purikura


I mourned the extinction of neoprint machines in Singapore. It was a must do every time I went out to shop with my friends. If I had the chance I would definitely do it again!

5. Go up the Tokyo Skytree 


For an awesome night view of the Tokyo scene!



There’s tons of awesome ramen restaurants in Tokyo and I would definitely shoot myself if I ever went there without going into one! And a nice dinner to round off the night sounds awesome for a glutton like me hehe.

What I would wear 

The important part of this post! I always believe that when you feel good about the way you look, everything else will be infinitely better! This coordinate is loosely inspired by Emoda, a Japanese street fashion brand that’s edgy and mininmalist and very into the monochrome mod look!




Sheer black LA crop top, Bershka
Cobalt blue tube, Forever 21
Black lace bandage skirt , Xinmending Taiwan
Cream clutch, MIYOC
Black and gold statement necklace, Forever 21
Red wedge pumps, Lugang Taiwan

The Japanese Language

As I’m sure many of you know, it is pretty difficult to travel in Japan if you have absolutely zero knowledge of the Japanese language. I heard the streets don’t have names and addresses go by districts and block numbers – meaning you’ll need to learn how to find places by blocks instead of street names. Added with the language barrier, that’s a double whammy. This is a big part of why I am afraid to travel free & easy in Japan! In this collaboration with Smartling, a translation software company, they wanted to know how I would overcome or lower the language barrier when travelling overseas.

So what I’ll do to reduce the language barrier in Japan:

1. Google like crazy

Do my homework on the Internet first and search up all the places I want to visit and how to get there. However, I hate it when some of the more interactive interface of sites don’t totally translate when I use the Google translate option, some drop down bars or headbars are still in Japanese/foreign language, my number one pet peeve when researching on travelling!

2. Learn basic Japanese phrases

I heard the Japanese can speak English phrases or words but find it hard to string together a sentence. I would definitely pick up a few common phrases like bathroom, thank you, hello, how to go XX etc off the internet/language app!

3. Download pictures of my destinations onto my phone

So I can wave it in strangers face and be like “how do I go there?”

4. Translation app

Definitely a must! I would probably use it to type my questions in English and let passerbys look at my screen. What would I do without technology.

As you can see, I would rely A LOT on technology, like 100%! That’s where Smartling comes in handy with its multiple translation services that helps companies to increase efficiency and accuracy in translation in their communication to international customers/travellers like myself!

Thank you to Smartling for giving me this opportunity to work on such a fun project!



12 Replies to “Smartling x Huiminxoxo – One Night Abroad ❤”

  1. HI HuiMin, I love your outfit! Those red wedge pumps are so fun! Not to mention getting an overview of Tokyo especially Harajuku. I’ve been planning a trip to Tokyo this winter so your post is very helpful! 🙂 – Lena


  2. This is a really neat post! I would love to go to Japan. My friend who joined the U.S. Air Force last year just got her orders a few months ago and now lives in Japan, aghhhhh!! I wish I could just travel around the entire European and Asian continent. I could die knowing I lived a full life ❤


    1. Thanks Alison! Me too, I would love to visit Japan as well! I’m going on exchange to Sweden next year and am so excited to travel around Europe! I hope you get to travel soon too! X


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