The Right Neckline – Flattering Decolletage How-to ❤

the right necklineee



Today’s right for you is all about necklines! Often times a neglected consideration when shopping for fancier dresses or even the basic tees, the right neckline can do wonders for enhancing your features as it affects not only your face, neck, decolletage, and even your hips! Because it affects so many areas, there are many things to consider when choosing the right neckline – face shape, body shape, neck attributes, arms etc and it can get quite confusing.  A flattering neckline can make all the difference, so I’m going to try to break it down simply for you girls:

1. The Square Neck


The square neckline is best for pear shapes because the horizontal straight cut of the neckline will widen your shoulder to balance the wideness of your hips to create a more hourglass effect as shown on Jennifer Love Hewitt here!

hello (:

You don’t always have to opt for a strictly square neckline, the tube neckline creates the balancing effect too!

2. The Halter Neck


The halter neck, especially the bandeau halter that draws to the centre, is great for long faces as the straps cut-offs across the decolletage and softens your face as shown here on one of my style icons Taylor Swift! It’s also a great opportunity to show off your toned arms and collar bone for leaner shapes!


 However, if you have a rounder face like mine, don’t worry because you can wear halter necks too! Just opt for halter necks that have flatten out straight across (mimicking the square neckline) with straps at the side! This halter type also offers better support for bustier girls!

3. The Cutout Neckline 


This gorgeous cut is so flattering for petite girls with smaller bust as it enhances the decolletage area and lends some edginess and mystery with the details! There are many different forms of cutout necklines but the simplest one with the high crew neck help to hide your long neck as it cut offs at the shoulder line as seen on Karlie Kloss here!


Tried the trend out for myself and received many compliments on this dress! (This photo is from 2 years ago lol)

4. The Sweetheart Neckline 


I love how gorgeous Demi looks in this pretty coral sweetheart gown! The sweetheart neckline is great for bustier girls as they usually come with built-in bras or bustier forms to provide more support and lift. It’s also great for short necks as the cut draws down and away from the face to elongate the neck.


You can either opt for the lower neckline for to expose more decolletage to really draw attention away from your neck


Or go for a sweetheart neckline with some straps for a more subtle look!

Was anyone else scrutinizing the necks of Jennifer, Taylor, Karli and Demi like I was when writing this?

There are many other necklines out there  and these are what you should look out for – the depth of the neckline should depend on the length of your neck and face (long or short) while the straps and roundness of your neckline should factor in the roundness of your face.  Don’t be afraid to experiment. If you realize something you bought isn’t that flattering, you can always resort to some good old DIY!



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