EFFORTLESS! DIY – Beauty Storage Ft. Fira Hack ❤

the fira hack

Since my recess week is coming up, I just thought I’d share a quick and easy beauty storage DIY that you can try during your mid-term break or school holiday! I always have problems finding enough space and organizing my makeup – I can’t find any storage options that match the theme of my room or have just the kind of compartments that I like. So I headed down to Ikea and finally gave in to the hacking trend!  Bought the beautiful Fira drawers and decided to do a simple DIY!


Now I have a pretty beauty drawer on my desk!  A huge thanks to the best boyfriend in the world for helping me with this craft project! So ladies (or guys), if you’re at a loss of an activity to do together/what to do on  a date, you can work on a DIY together! Craft shopping and furniture hunting makes for a fun and relaxing afternoon. I still feel my desk is a little bare, so I’d probably do a few more DIYs when I have more time! Keep checking back for more DIYs to come (:

This DIY requires a little more effort in the “carpentry” department but it’s still relatively easy and quick to do!

All you will need are:

Scrapbook paper
Spray Paint
Finishing Spray
Modge Podge (or any other types of glue meant for crafts)

 1. Sand your drawer 

We sanded the outer surfaces of the drawers because that’s where the paint is going on, and left the individual drawers alone as we weren’t going to spray paint them. Sanding your wood is a must to ensure an even surface and a smooth, clean look when the paint settles.

2. Spray paint!


Spread your newspaper, and then get to it! Make sure not to put it anywhere near your asshole neighbour’s place. We didn’t apply any primer and it turned out fine, so unless you’re really concerned about the durability then spray a primer. We painted about two to three layers of spray paint and there was still plenty of spray paint left in the can, so a can will probably be enough if you’re just planning to spray the outer areas. Remember to wait at least 15 minutes before spraying on an additional coat. I waited at least 24 hours for my drawer to dry after the final layer of paint!

3.  Cut the scrapbook papers


 Select a few pieces of scrapbook paper with a similar theme – I chose floral for mine! They don’t have to match exactly but I would recommend that the proportion of your small print patterns is larger than your large print patterns to achieve better pattern harmony. I got my scrapbook papers from the nearest UrbanWrite but you could also visit other scrapbooking stores like The Paper Market and Made with Love. If you’re not into girly sweet decor, you can really play with your options to make something that is uniquely you – I once saw a hack using maps!

20140907_174943 (1)

Place your drawer flat down on the inverse side of the paper and trace the outline, and then cut it out!

4. Paste the patterns on the drawers


Using the trusty Mod Podge! I just got the all purpose one from Art Friend.


Using a small paintbrush (I used the one meant for painting wall corners in my house) to spread my Mod Podge.


And that’s all there is for the drawers!


This is what my drawers look like – I decided to give the bottom layer a coat of spray paint as well to give the drawers more consistency.

4. Finishing Spray


Applied a layer of finishing spray for the outer layer! I used the FolkArt Satin Finish Lacquer as I wanted a look that settled between glossy and matte. Used Anchor DPI spray paint for the pink paint. Both I bought from Art Friend at Bras Basah!

Then you’re done!


I really really love my new drawer! (On the top features a polaroid gifted by my friend Connie, my Ikea frame and a Xmas picture of me, my favourite perfume, and the beautiful Hello Kitty paper roses that the nerd folded for me) Let me know if you would like to see my beauty collection in the comments below!

Super happy that I finished this project (with the help of the nerd of course) – I feel it’s good to get more hands on once in a while! It makes you appreciate the end product, and feel proud that your vision came to life. It doesn’t have to be anything remarkably difficult, in fact, I feel that the best DIYs are simple ones that results in beautiful end products! If you do decide to do this Fira hack, you don’t have to use it for beauty storage, you can use it to store craft products, stationery, accessories etc!  I hope this post inspires you to do some DIY for your room!



9 Replies to “EFFORTLESS! DIY – Beauty Storage Ft. Fira Hack ❤”

  1. This is such a fun idea ❤ I actually got a drawer set for all (well, most of) my beauty products this past weekend, but I got a plastic drawer set. I'll have to search for some ways to make it look cute like this 🙂


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