Neon Barbie OOTD: Colour Blocking How-to ❤


Summer loving and colour popping.

I LOVE colour blocking my outfits – it’s such an easy way to give your outfits that extra pop! Especially if you have a girly style like me, and funky graphics aren’t really up your alley. Here I made use of three very bright and loud colours in my outfit and managed to pull it off without looking over the top crazy. I wore my iPanema out because it was a walking day (I went to River Safari) and I love me some sandals.


I have a thing for ribbon cut-outs, and when I saw this adorable crop top at Forever 21 Macau, I just had to get it!

Here are some easy tips to help you colour block your outfits and achieve a stylish subtle look:

1. Stick to a maximum of 3 main colours

You’d usually think of colour blocking as pairing 2 colours, but I think 3 main colours works well too! Your third colour also can come in the form of an outerwear or a bag like what I did. Here I kept to neon yellow, cobalt blue and a deep pink. Avoid colour combinations that look too festive unless intended. Experiment with different shades of the same colour.

2. Keep your accessories simple

This is really sensible, you want your colourful outfit to be the focal point of your outfit so keep the rest of it simple! You don’t want too much going on in one outfit.

3. Play on details

 Your clothes doesn’t have to be plain coloured and boring! To add an extra layer of texture, you can always go for tops or bottoms with some detailing – the top I wore has a ribbon cut-out at the back, and some lines running down the front.


On a side note, here’s my super girly elleGirl tote! It’s soo pretty, it kind of reminds me of Legally Blonde and I love it!

Coordinate of the day:
Cobalt blue crop top, Forever 21
Neon yellow skirt, Wu fen pu Taiwan
Pink tote bag, ElleGirl
Sandals, iPanema

Have a lovely weekend!



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