Fall OOTD: Tropical Fall How-to ❤


I always feel so jealous of people who live in temperate climates whenever fall and winter seasons arrive each year! They get to wear cute sweaters and boots while us tropical girls are still melting in the heat. But it doesn’t mean that we can’t wear fall fashion in Singapore! I mean, I LOOOOVE furry sweaters or those with threads of glitter in them and I have a whole stash of them in my wardrobe! So today, I’m going to be giving you girls some tips how to embrace fall fashion in a sweet and classy way!


 Here are some of my tips:

1. Don’t be afraid to bring out the colours

To many people, fall would automatically mean bring out the pleather, plaids and black boots – think grunge 90’s. But there are so many fall colours that are so pretty and you can experiment with them! Maroon and wine reds are very autumn colours so you can wear something in that colour and just like that you’ve adopted fall fashion! Here I’m wearing my Forever 21 maroon skater dress,and I layered a furry white crop sweater from Topshop on top.  I think the combination of white and maroon here really creates a soft and girly look!

2. Crop sweaters are the way to go

Opt for crop sweaters because they are a cute and fun alternative to the cardigan! Because of their shorter length, they won’t swallow your frame, especially if you’re petite. Sweaters don’t always have to be thick, you can search for cute ones with thinner materials to suit our weather as well. And if it’s getting too hot, fear not, you can always take them off like you would an outerwear!

3. Create symmetry using your accessories

Create symmetry in the accessories department to create a clean, crisp look that screams autumn. If possible, opt for colour combinations that are ‘harder’ to complement your outfit and balance the entire look. Because of the soft red and white in my outfit, I opted for black and gold accessories to add some edge to the outfit. The black and gold combination is also very fall and you can represent this in subtle ways using accessories like rings, necklaces and bags.

4. Incorporate Summer to fall pieces

Look around your wardrobe for things that could work for both summer and fall, and you never know what might surprise you! This is especially since we are a tropical country and 90% of our clothes are meant for sweltering heat. Besides my skater dress, I also opted for a summery footwear featuring my blue and white stripey ballerina flats as not only were they cooling, I thought they were a really good example of summer to fall transit. They also balance the heavier crop sweater – if you’re wearing knee length socks or high boots, opt for cooler clothes to avoid overly perspiring.


 Coordinate of the day:
White crop sweater, Topshop
Maroon skater dress, Forever 21
Black & gold necklae, Forever 21
Tote bag, Charles and Keith
Flats, Rubi

Don’t forget to check this space for more upcoming fall looks!



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