EFFORTLESS! DIY – Cute Phone Cases ❤

diy phoneee

I’M BACK WITH ANOTHER DIY TUTORIAL! I have been wanting to do this DIY a loooong time and I finally got down to doing it! Super happy with the end results! These DIY phone cases are REALLY easy and inexpensive to make, and I’m going to show you how to make them!


I got these at $3 each from Beadstreet at White Sands! They also have plain coloured cases – I bought baby pink and lilac from them before too!

Set 1 – Glitter Party


I love this set because it’s so sparkly!!! I love glitter and sparkles! For this, you only need nail polishes! I used glitter nail polish because I wanted to be able to see the phone base still!


Here I’m using Three Beauties nail lacquer in Glitter Confetti and a white glitter Innisfree nail polish! I think the Three Beauties one cost me $3.50 and the Innisfree one cost about $3 + if I’m not wrong. Getting the most out of my polishes here!


I painted on the white nail polish first and then applied glitter confetti after letting the first layer dry. It dries pretty fast so this took me less than 10 minutes to do! I applied Glitter Confetti in a smaller quantity so as not to overpower the white glitter. TIP: if you’re unsure of how the colour combination will look, try it out on your nail first! I really like this one because usually the glitter phone cases you buy from shops only have one type of glitter and it’s really boring because there’s no dimension or colour but with this you can mix and match glitter however you like, not to mention it’s really easy to do! I love this glitter combination so much I’m currently having it on my nails. (: Remember to wait at least an hour before putting it on your phone.

Set 2 – Kimono Florals


I am in love with all the floral details here, it reminds me of the Japanese kimonos, especially the red layer! Here I just made use of some floral tapes I got from Daiso, they were in a set of 3 for only $2! I’ve been taping them around my room as well!


Basically I just measured the tape to the width of the case and cut it, alternating between the different tapes. What’s great about them is that you can easily take them off if you make a mistake in the first few seconds. After you press it down, they’re pretty solid!


Here is the close-up of the end product. I’ve deliberately chosen to keep the top part of the case tape free because I wanted to see the phone still but you can go ahead and tape it all the way if you want.


Hope this tutorial gave you some inspiration!



11 Replies to “EFFORTLESS! DIY – Cute Phone Cases ❤”

    1. Oh my! I haven’t cracked my screen so far, here’s hoping it stays that way! Well, you could use this idea for some handmade gifts if you don’t want to use them for your phone! (: Thanks for stopping by! X


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