The Quincy Hotel Staycation ❤

So the nerd and I went for a little break during our recess week at The Quincy Hotel as his 21st birthday gift to me. I wanted a present that both of us could enjoy, so I suggested a staycation – we had both been really busy the past few weeks in school and could use the break. After looking at several boutique hotels, we settled for The Quincy’s Studio Deluxe Room.

Why Quincy?

Since prices were really competitive amongst the few choices we were looking at, what really sold me was the late check out/early check in option. I’m not a morning person and I have insomnia  (I have difficulty falling asleep due to breathing issues, low tolerance of noise etc) so I was super glad for the 4pm check out option. After all, I wanted to take my time and sleep in during our staycation – not rush and wake up early just to check out!

Besides, it’s five minutes away from Paragon so it was really convenient travelling out from the hotel! We wanted to visit a kitty cafe, do some shopping and eat at Wild Honey (not in that order) so we weren’t planning on staying in that much.

The day of our staycay I met the nerd and was so disappointed that the balloon I’ve been pestering him over since weeks ago wasn’t with him.


This was the face I pulled the entire train trip until we arrived at Wild Honey Scotts Square for brunch.


My Eggs Benedict


His English breakfast

I mean with food like this, how can one stay grumpy?! Was seriously damn full (I ate the tomato and beans from the carnivore’s plate as well), we walked it off and headed to the hotel to check in.

I sat at the pretty lobby area while the nerd talked to the counter staff. After the nerd got us checked in, we proceeded to our room. The lift was quite dark and we took a while to figure out how to use it. (Sua ku much)

I opened the door…


and the gorgeous bay window area greeted my sight.

I walked in further…


“Did you seriously think I would forget?”

(Ps I laid on the bed before taking this photo so the left side looks more unkempt)


The pretty Hello Kitty bouquet he made for me!


I really love this, I love you! ❤

(The nerd says the hotel staff was accommodating and efficient in helping him pull this surprise off!)


Best bf award belongs to the nerd ❤


The city view from our room.


Bathroom. The glass window comes with a curtain that you can let down for privacy. I LOVE THE BATHROOM IT’S SO CLEAN.


Molton Brown Bath products! I brought my own shampoo and conditioner but the Gingerfly Body Wash smelled really good!


Rain shower and bathtub. We had so many towels!


My Lush bath bomb in action that night. I went to specially buy a bath bomb just for this because I’ve been wanting to try out Lush bath bombs since forever but I don’t have a bath tub at home. I got the one called Twilight, and it felt so luxurious just lying there letting my skin soak up all the goodness!


Plus point for Quincy for the iron, the luggage stand and the laundry bags. There’s free dry cleaning as well I think!


Look at the well stocked COMPLIMENTARY mini bar and snacks!


We drank some hundred plus from here before this photo.

Wanted to nap for a while before going to the pool but the housekeeping on the floor kept us awake so we decided to head to the pool instead.



The quaint infinity pool on the 12th floor of the hotel! This is the facilities floor, with the pool, gym, and sauna. They also provide super thick and fluffy swim towels, coffee, water and refrigerated drinks as well!


Happy bunny in the water

Went out for dinner and kitty cafe in the evening!


The lobby terrace is really pretty with the waterfall!


I super love the terrace area because even though it’s outdoors, it’s really peaceful and tranquil! The Quincy is nestled atop Mt E and it’s really quiet as the area is mostly residential. Not to mention it’s really pretty.


Delicious Ben’s Cookies for our midnight snack. I had their triple chocolate cookie! Look at the chocolate oozing out, it’s making me so hungry while writing this.  WARNING: do not attempt to eat one whole biscuit by yourself unless you have some water nearby. BTW, the cable at Quincy is pretty good… I think we got to watch movies like mortal instruments!

Woke up just in time to catch some breakfast for our tummies.


The drinks and bread counter. The bread is supplied by Dean & Deluca!


The pretty table decor!


There were plenty of options to choose from – traditional breakfast choices like toast, cereals and “American” breakfast (above) and even fruits, salads etc. Opted for the usual breakfast option of eggs bacon ham and sausages. And tomatoes and mushrooms cause Imma bunny.


Looking at this now makes me so hungry!


“I’m happy as long as I have bacon”


Happy tired me with my yummy breakfast!  (This is the most sleep I had gotten during the past 7 weeks of the sem and I am still so tired)

Went back to sleep before going for a swim again. Somehow I think because the bed feels unfamiliar, I found it easier to fall asleep so how can I pass this chance up to catch up on my sleep debt. #insomniaissues


Goodbye Quincy Hotel. You were awesome.

I really loved staying at The Quincy! There were plenty of facilities and services, and the location is pretty convenient but yet shielded from the bustling streets so you get a little quiet haven for a short getaway. Thank you to the nerd for such a wonderful present. ❤



15 Replies to “The Quincy Hotel Staycation ❤”

  1. awww he’s so sweet!! i’m now longing for a staycay.. it’s funny how i happen to just write a post on it haha! thanks for sharing huimin! xx


  2. What a fun time you had! That was such a sweet surprise and you two are so cute! I love the hotel terrace!

    Now that I’ve read this I can see why you’d be interested in a small space ozone generator too – I can totally empathize with the issues not being able to breathe has.

    Liked by 1 person

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