Style Bliss – The Genesis of Elegance ❤


The world is your runway.

So excited to show you the two dresses I got from Style Bliss! I was given the opportunity to pick two outfits from their site and immediately took it up after a quick perusal of their MIYOC site. They had many pretty dresses and I simply had to have them! Style Bliss is a blogshop promising trendy and quality fashion items, and they certainly didn’t let me down!

I am actually SUPER happy with my picks because they fit me so well! I am always wary of buying clothes online because of sizing. My shoulders are rather narrow/small and my chest isn’t exactly proportional so I find it hard to find clothes that fit my upper body nicely. I HATE dresses with zips going up the sides because the zip is ALWAYS stuck at my chest area. My friends say it’s a happy problem, but I say it’s a pain in the ass especially when the dress is super pretty!

To my surprise, both of the dresses I received had  zips running up their sides but they fit nicely for my UK8-10 frame. (: Not only so, they were, as Style Bliss promised, of great quality! Each dress came with an additional lining to eliminate potential see-through problems due to sheerness. The fabric also feels reasonably thick and durable!

The first dress I picked was this floral lace dress in green. The dress is so pretty, it’s a perfect fix for a girly girl like me!


Not only did I receive several compliments throughout the day, the nerd said I looked stunning at least five times that day. So ladies, if you want to stun (HAHA, geddit) your guy with your beauty, look for this dress! He said he was reminded of year 1 (before we started dating) when I would dress up in pretty dresses, put on makeup and wear high heels. What do you mean, I don’t dress up now?!


I LOVE the subtlety  of this dress – from the sweet lace details to the soft pastel colour, and even the gentle V neckline! It’s great for a casual day date and some tea time with your girlfriends!  (Psst… if you’re always running late, this dress is a good idea because you don’t need to iron it!)


Dress: Style Bliss | Belt: Taiwan | Heels: Lowry Farm |  Bag: Charles and Keith

The next dress that I chose is this monochrome bow dress!


Opted for a slightly dressier dress that is ever so versatile – you can wear it for work, dinner parties, wedding dinners and even school presentations!


I like how the bow cinches in to define your waistline! Plus point for the slimming top and dark structured bottom that helps create the hourglass silhouette. That’s partially why this dress caught my eye too!


Hairband: Bugis Street | Dress: Style Bliss | Bracelet: Cotton On |Bag: MIYOC | Shoes: Taiwan

Thank you Style Bliss for your wonderful dresses, they’ll definitely be in and out of my closet many times!

You can visit their store here and their Facebook here! They’re currently having a sale now – EVERYTHING is starting from $9.90, so be sure to check them out!



14 Replies to “Style Bliss – The Genesis of Elegance ❤”

  1. You look gorgeous! I particularly like the style of the second dress though I’d need it more knee length. Lol at his comments! You look stunning everytime you post and most probably all the time in real life too!

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