Classy Cobalt OOTD: The Midi How-to ❤


Fashion is for the brave. 

The midi is a chic and classy addition to any girl’s wardrobe. A fashionable take on modern day demureness, it’s perfect for creating a hourglass silhouette in a subtle and stylish manner. With a midi, you can stand out – in a good way. However, because of their length, midis can have a swallowing effect if you aren’t careful, especially if you’re petite!

Tips for choosing the perfect midi:

1. Ensure the length matches your frame

This first tip is key to balancing your frame. If you’re petite, opt for a midi that ends higher than the mid way point of your calves to show more skin that will help add length.  If you’re taller, you can afford to go for a longer length that ends at the mid way point of your calves, or even a few inches below.

2. Focus on the top half of your body

Because the midi covers up most of your lower body, it’s essential to define the waist to avoid frumpiness. Always wear your midi at the waist. You can also add a belt to further define the waist if you want to, especially if your midi is of the flare variety. I made use of a v-neck thin-strap tank top to accentuate the decolletage and avoid being overwhelmed by the midi. You can also opt for crop tops or midriff baring tops to achieve harmony between the top and bottom halves of your body.

3. Wear footwear that elongate your legs

The right footwear will make ALL the difference. Trust me on this. AVOID CHUNKY FOOTWEAR AT ALL COST. I’m talking boots and wedges. Unless you have model body dimensions, you probably will end up looking chunky and shorter than you actually are. Nude or white heels are a great option to lengthen your legs. Thin straps and demi wedges are also viable options that will help accentuate the ankles and gives the illusion of longer legs.


I picked up this flattering bodycon midi skirt from TEMT. I find that figure hugging midis are best for the hourglass silhouette as they define the waist and follow your curves and taper off neatly. Gave myself some extra height with this gorgeous pair of demi wedges from Lowry Farm!

White tank top: Forever 21 | Midi skirt: TEMT | Demi Wedges: Lowry Farm | Tote: Charles and Keith | Floral necklace: Taobao


A sweet floral statement necklace is great for adding the finishing touch to this classy outfit. The colours of the necklace are soft and subtle to avoid disrupting the colour blocking effect of the outfit and the different sizes and patterns of the flower ornaments add an interesting detail to the outfit. I got mine from Taobao at a really inexpensive price.


Midi your way to style today.



20 Replies to “Classy Cobalt OOTD: The Midi How-to ❤”

  1. great ensemble especially for the weather in singapore. when I’m home, I don’t usually wear midi skirts but then I’m also on ‘vacation’ when I’m visiting 🙂 xo Syah


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