Twoxies Laser Cut Bikini ❤




This is probably pretty irrelevant to my friends in temperate climates, but over here it is hot and wet all year round. Holidays just mean an excuse to bust out cute swimwear and hit the pool/beach. Went on a swim date at my BFF’s house at her awesome pool!


I’m super in love with this lasercut bikini set I got from Twoxies! I decided to try a high waist bikini instead of my usual low rise options and I’m obsessed over how flattering it looks! It not only hides your tummy but also enhances your curves – so glad  I decided to buy this. The gorgeous lasercut accents on the side are to die for! I got a M but I would say it just fits me so if you’re a full C, you might risk it being too small. I don’t feel secure enough with just the bikini top tied so I kept the halter string on, better to be safe than sorry. My only issue was that the backorder took FOREVER (a month) before it got shipped to Singapore.


I always felt ashamed of my stretch marks, even though they have been my friend since puberty (that’s almost ten years). I shied away from swimming since then, even when I had a beautiful pool downstairs. Never took my shorts off at the beach to hide the marks from sight, no matter how badly I wanted to swim. Until he told me “it doesn’t matter, I don’t care, just wear what you want” and gave me a kiss on my forehead.


Strip away the masquerade




  1. Mel · December 10, 2014

    Adorable swim suit! You look so cute!


  2. arielleberze · December 10, 2014

    Love the laser details! Haha, I have the same problem – I never trust a bathing suit to stay up without the halter strap, which kind of sucks, since I think on some styles, the halter can look a bit awkward. Glad it works so well with this one!

    Arielle from Tangled Musings


    • huiminxoxo · December 12, 2014

      Thank you! I dont trust swimsuits to stay up by themselves too!! Xx


  3. HC · December 12, 2014

    why is gabs so sweet! and the bikini damn pretty lah! ^^


  4. Kristina · December 13, 2014

    Love your bikini, it’s gorgeous! And you look amazing! 🙂
    Love your blog, hope to see you soon on my blog
    or Bloglovin
    or Facebook 🙂
    Kisses from Zurich,


  5. avibrantday · December 14, 2014

    Agreed! The high-waist is very flattering! :0)


    • huiminxoxo · December 14, 2014

      Thanks so much jacqueline! Congrats on your nursing ceremony once again! All the best! Xx

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Feline Creatures · December 15, 2014

    Oh darling you look so adorable in this bikini! This makes me want to take a staycation somewhere warm! Have a great one dear! 🙂 xo~ Lena


    • huiminxoxo · December 15, 2014

      Thanks so much Lena!! Have a great holiday this christmas! Xx


  7. kerstie ladd · December 20, 2014

    Love this! So classy!! xx


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