Wine Red Christmas OOTD – Xmas Style Tips ❤


Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.


I’m finally back with an OOTD post, haven’t been able to wear anything nice this holiday because of my job, which means I’m in all black all day (almost). Had a day off and I went to town to run some necessary errands. In the spirit of Christmas I decided to dress up in Christmas colours! I’m super in love with my outfit – I got both the top and skirt from Taobao and they only cost $21 in total!


Since it’s Christmas and many of us are going to attend Christmas parties, I thought I’d share my tips on how to look perfect for the occasion:

1. Dress the colour (duh)

Red, white, black are pretty safe options when dressing for Christmas, and I picked these colours to form my outfit around. But don’t forget your golds and silvers! Oh, and glitter. Loads of glitter. And fret not, you can also keep them for NYE parties and keep it fresh by mixing different pieces together! If you’re not into these colours being the main theme, you can also opt to show them in finer details like your accessories.

2. Up the class

Dinner parties aren’t exactly appropriate occasions to be showing loads of skin, especially if you’re meeting the parents! So what can you do? Bring out that midi skirt! For me, a midi skirt is perfect to balance out the bralet I picked out – I think this outfit is great for a casual house Christmas party or a gathering at some restaurant! Not to mention, midi skirts are great for adding a hint of formal to your outfit. You can read more about how to style a  midi skirt here. If you’re in more conservative company you can always swap the bralet and go for a top with sleeves, I think mesh sleeves are super cute! You can also opt for opt for longer length in the form of a maxi skirt, or go all fancy and put on some stockings underneath your shift dress. Don’t forget to keep your shoes simple, especially if you’re going for a dramatic effect in the glitter department. I wore my wedge sandals mostly because I had to (my legs are sooo tired out from my job) but I think they totally match with my outfit!

3. Keep the visual imagery simple

To achieve a chic and subtle look, you want to keep look clean and effortless. Simple colour blocking like my black-red combination, keeping it to three colours maximum and toning down accessories can help you look effortlessly put together.

BUT most importantly, dress comfortably. Leave that pair of pants that’s too tight at home, so you can eat all the delicious food you want! Food is the main point of the party! I kid, it’s spending time with your loved ones that matter the most. (:


Have a wonderful holidays everyone!



24 Replies to “Wine Red Christmas OOTD – Xmas Style Tips ❤”

  1. That skirt is so beautiful and flattering! I love how you dressed for warmer weather too because that is something I could wear here in AZ!


  2. I agree that it’s so important to ensure you’ll be comfortable. It’s been hard for me to come to that conclusion, as fashion has always come first. Lol. You look beautiful as always, and I love the graffiti art behind you. It really makes your outfit pop!


    1. Thanks so much jacqueline! Yes, I always try to make comfort the same priority as style. I love pieces that are both comfy and trendy but sadly that’s rare… Thanks for stopping by, have a great day!! Xx

      Liked by 1 person

  3. The sunshine and the outfit look so gorgeous and warm! Can I come visit? Haha I always think about how I’ll look and not how I’ll feel, so I always end up sucking my tummy in after I eat too much food. Ha!


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