Room Tour + How to LOVE your room!


Since it’s the month of love, I thought I’d show you guys what I love about my room and give you some tips on how to create the perfect bedroom that you’ll love! So excited to be working with Parachute Home on this. If you’ve been reading my blog, you’d know that I currently stay in a rented apartment and that’s a big difference from my bedroom back home, which was designed by my parents 5 years ago (I love my room back home, but it doesn’t really represent me right now). Sweden has many lifestyle and decor shops scattered around, and I always loved shopping in these stores in Lund and Malmo so naturally I picked up some things for my room here along the way. I thought it’d be a fun thing to do, to start from scratch and create a room that I’d love for my stay in Lund!

Tip #1: Simplicity is key



Image Credit: Parachute Home

I like a room that isn’t too “noisy” or “distracting”, I think it’s really key to keep a balance between the blank spaces and the decorations to achieve a harmonious room atmosphere. I know most of us end up creating clutter around our room no matter how hard we try. At least I do. So I like to keep things simple, any clutter would stand out and be easy to clean up. Also, less to bring back home when it’s time to say goodbye!


But don’t forget to add some colours into your room! I love how these fairy lights from TGR brighten up my room immediately! They look gorgeous at night too (:

Tip #2: Relax, breathe, enjoy…



Image credit


I’ve ALWAYS wanted candles in my room but never really got the chance to purchase them (So glad Bath & Body Works came into SG!). I’ve got three candles in my room and my current favourite is the Vanilla one I got from Ahlens! It’s the one in the floral tin, it smells so good and you can still smell it half a day later (: I got the lilac candle from ICA because I love the intricate carving on it!


My “beauty dresser” that’s actually just a plain old IKEA shelf. I love the heart-shaped print tea towel I got from Ahlens! Another tip is to browse in other sections of the store, as you’ll never know what you’ll end up finding. Sometimes you can create another use for the same product, so get creative! (Btw, isn’t my poster from Lagerhaus the cutest? Perfect for a sloth like me!)


I also purchased some flowers to add some greenery into my room. Really love how it spruces up my room!

Tip #3: Aim to inspire


I think this is super important for any room, to be a reminder of your dreams, to be an inspiration to better yourself.


We got this sign from Oob and hung it opposite our bed, so we’d see it every time we wake up!


I chanced upon these cute postcards from Sostrene Greene in Triangeln and immediately snapped them up because they had phrases that captured what kind of person I inspire to be. Interestingly, the postcard in the middle says follow your heart… is this my subconscious speaking?


My favourite card of them all. Remember to always be grateful for what you have!

Tip #4: Be yourself


I know that sounds like a given, but your room should reflect your inner world and don’t feel pressured to have a certain theme if that’s not who you are! Or even, just don’t have a theme! I don’t have one, and I slowly went sifting through the shops to find whatever caught my fancy.


Being away from home, it was important for me to hang up pictures of my life back home. It sort of makes me miss home a little less! Put a little of your world into your room with some pictures!


If you don’t have enough pictures (or are too lazy to go to town to print some), just cut out some cute pictures from magazines and make a collage! A dreamy, romantic collage just the way I like it (;


Arranged some of my favourite bows I brought along with me from home!

If you want to see the video of my room tour click below! It’s my 2nd attempt at making a YouTube video and I’m still learning when it comes to video editing. I’d appreciate your support!

[Note:] This post is a collaboration with Parachute Home, thank you Parachute Home for such a fun opportunity (: Check them out here! Parachute Home focuses on creating affordable and premium bedding for the best night’s sleep. If you purchase their signature venice set, they donate anti-malaria nets to fight Malaria in Africa.  They also sell decor stuff like throws and candles so definitely visit their site!



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